Earn money by participating in surveys

The latest trend, and an extension to making money by reading emails, is money via participating in online surveys. In both cases the alert to complete the money making action appears in your mailbox almost every day or at a particular frequency. The difference is that surveys pays you better (half a dollar to even $5 or $10 per survey) and in fact it’s a major cash cow if you get some good referrals.

How does legitimate surveys that pay work?

Again it’s yet another mechanism by marketing agencies or survey companies to help sell their merchants’ products better by understanding customers and their needs. Constant surveys will dig out more information about their customers and prospects such as location, status, education, purchasing capacity what have you. By getting us to participate in these online surveys the agencies fulfill their customer’s or merchant’s needs for which they get paid. And obviously they will part a portion of that money with participants like us. Sometimes online surveys will comprise of actual product usage and then subsequent survey based review on the same. In this case the payment is usually very high.

What does it take?

1. Email account to sign up as well as to receive daily survey details
2. Internet connection
3. A free-to-open PayPal if you wish to receive your payments faster. Without a paypal account you could still receive your earnings by check if the survey company supports it.
4. Ten minutes to half an hour per day to complete one or two surveys (usually easy to click-answer questions over three or four pages)

Survey Tips

  • Do not block your survey notification emails. If your spam protection is on, check your bulk mail folder as well. Usually the survey mail sender address will be communicated while you sign up (and hence you can allow mails from those addresses)
  • Go with well known survey programs only. If you search on Google, you could find hundreds of them but many of them are scams
  • To make money better, refer as many people as you can and make sure that they actually do participate than just sign up
  • Take part in related activities such as product reviews, voluntary use of products etc wherever applicable to make more money. Usually survey programs are accompanied by such schemes
  • Pick only those online survey jobs without investment from your end. Do not ever signup with someone who asks for money
  • Longer surveys get paid more and hence if you are not regular, go for time consuming surveys whenever you can

Recommended survey programs

The following are some of the online survey programs that pay and found to be genuine as per multiple feedbacks. Please note that the rules of these programs keep changing (for example, a few products turned from free to paid products recently) and hence check out the details before purchasing any paid product. If you find any paid product scam, make sure that you claim refund immediately and probably even leave a comment here that might help other readers.

Surveys Paid (Paid product)
Survey Scout (Paid product)
Global Test Market (Free product)
Opinion Outpost (Free product – Canada/US)

Happy money-making with your surveys!


  1. Update: Paid survey schemes are always suspected for scams and hence we are not really recommending products that we don’t know. If you find any of the recommended products here as scams, please leave a note here so that it helps other readers as well.

  2. its been 3 days i have joined survey4checks as promised i m not getting any survey as promised min will be of $5, i got only one that to also for cents.I belong to asia and most of the offer goes to US nd Europe majorities of highest paying companies i cannot even join.I can’t join to most of the focus groups i guess i tried everyone under international column and got only one that too i m not getting any responses It yuk and feels like I have wasted my $49 dollars.Or is there any way if anyone can help me out plz suggest me who has been into my shoes and overcome

    • @biplab, As mentioned in the first comment to this post, we have stopped recommending survyes. Many surveys work well for US, Canada, UK citizens alone. If you are in Asia and purchased a survey package, it could be a scam. By the way, if things don’t work in your favor, immediately claim your refund from where you bought this survey product.

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