1. Email marketing is a good way for a business and for getting genuine traffic. thank u for posting such an article Ajith.

  2. Hey Ajith,

    You offered some awesome insights about the structure of the ‘perfect’ e mail. There were lots of new information for me in store!

    The advantages of e mail marketing- sustaining loyalty, increasing leads and sales- you described it all man! And you said it right, to grab the reader’s attention and to make him read the mail, it needs to have some traits.

    There is no doubt that following these tips and implementing them will have a telling impact on the increase in sales/reader base.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post 🙂


  3. Hi Ajith,
    Nowadays I am also doing email marketing for my company and at this point of time I got many valuable knowledge from your blog which will be very beneficial for me while doing e mail marketing.Thanks for sharing this article.Impatiently looking forward to your next post.

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