eTutors – An emerging work from home option

It’s been a while since I last talked about a work from home opportunity. Today, while Googling through related topics, I stumbled upon this relatively new concept called eTutors.

Well, online trainers, coaches and tutors are not anything new. But of late, there seems to be a lot of buzz around eTutors and it was claimed to be a $8 billion market last year, in the US alone. And this is one of the most sought after outsourced jobs and Asian countries like India play a bigger role here due to the availability of skilled, English speaking teachers that come at one tenth (or even lesser) of the cost of similar tutors in the US.

Who exactly is an eTutor?

In simple words, an eTutor is a human trainer or tuition teacher who connects to his/her students or protégées over the Internet and teaches, coaches and mentors them or solves problems for them. Both the student and the eTutor use well equipped (Pen-mouse tablet, Headphone-Speaker and DSL/Broadband connected) PCs to interact with each other. The online sessions will be pre-scheduled for one or two hours per week. Due to the seamlessly connected nature of the Internet a student has the possibility to pick eTutors of his choice from different parts of the world. eTutor facilities work out to be a lot cheaper than the local face-to-face tutors and the expertise can be availed a lot faster.

How much does it cost and how much eTutors make?

In the US, the rates are in the range of $100-$150 per subject for one or two hours of online tuition for kindergarten and grade school students. But eTutors from countries like India will be available for $10 to $15 per hour, I hear. I also read somewhere that there’re tutors available even for unlimited number of hours for as low as $100 to $150 per month!

So if you are in India (or similar countries) and you would like to be an eTutor, chances are you make only $4 or $5 an hour if you work for an eTutor agency (some websites listed below). But if you work as a freelancer and find opportunities on your own you could make five or six times as much. I have seen online resumes and websites of many eTutors seeking good contracts.

Where to find more information?

Within few minutes into my search, I found the following websites offering eTutor services for distant learners and job opportunities for eTutors. For sure, I have not validated all of them for the genuineness of their services…

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If any of you have experienced hiring or being an eTutor, please share your experiences!


  1. I have also heard of this before. But, not sure about its working in India. Do you think it will really work out in India ?

    • Pras, in fact I was talking about the Indian eTutors providing their services to their protegees abroad. For Indian students, having direct tutors here itself would make more sense 🙂


  2. Pavankumar.B.M. :


    Please let me know about more opportunities of online jobs as e-tutor for the language English, if possible.
    Thank you for providing me this much of knowledge.

    Thanks again!!

  3. I have just launched a consultancy service – or may be you will call me as an e-tutor. The service is for aspiring or beginner freelance writers and those who have concerns about starting a home business. I have over 6 years of freelance writing, writing for Indian and foreign publications. Since I am imparting my knowledge, I have acquired over the years to a newbie; who if has skills, can make ten thousands (Indian Rupees) or hundred / thousand dollars per month; I have set the fees high. ie; I charge $80 – $200 for 90-120 minutes of consultation on home business, freelance writing or online marketing for home business. Compared to what they could make in a month, this is only a small fee, even for Indians – ofcourse, if they are serious on making this their career!

    warm regards,
    Resmi Jaimon

    • @Resmi, thanks for the info…it will definitely help some of my readers who want to take up work-from-home writing assignments.

    • Narayan Harne :

      Hi im narayan harne tutor/academician Bhopal working since from last 10 years. i’ve my academy also named avm academy for home tutors available on Face Book also, I want to provide my best services as a Tutor/eTutor with you. Thank you.

      Narayan Harne


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