Facebook fan page: Create one for your brand or business today

Exactly two years ago, I had maintained that facebook is going to witness explosive growth over its competition. Today it has actually done so and well beyond expectations at that. It’s no more a mere social networking platform but also a place where people market their products and promote their brands.

Facebook fan pages have become one of the bare minimum ingredients for any company in order to successfully build its brand and online campaigns (even for offline success). Last night, I spend some time to build a small fan page for DollarShower and I strongly recommend that you build one for your business today! Creating a fan page is as simple as 1-2-3 as explained in this post.

Why do you need a fan page?

As I mentioned in a recent post, facebook is THE Internet Marketing platform for 2010. Online marketing in this context may not be direct marketing or banner advertising alone. The modern day marketing revolves a lot around networking and indirect discussions whereby at some point the customers will find you and your services/products based on their past engagements, tweets or chats with you. Excuse my ignorance if it’s not the case – I am not a marketing guru.

A facebook fan page is an excellent mechanism to find new people who are interested in your brand and retain your existing fans mainly because it adds the social networking angle to it. And that part is more powerful than any offline campaigns, telephone calls, surveys etc. The SocNet’s viral networking nature and facebook’s market leadership on that makes it the ideal online place to build your brand as compared to a twitter homepage or a Squido lens. Moreover, there’s no limit to what you can do on a facebook fan page.

[A facebook fan page is not the same as your facebook profile. The facebook profiles are mainly for individuals where as for you build a fan page for your business or brand. The other important aspect is that a facebook profile maintains (administrates) one or more fan pages as there is no concept called fan page account.]

Do blogs require fan pages?

My logical answer would be ‘NO’ and why? Blogs themselves are mini SocNets and you can do all your link sharing, collaboration, discussions etc on your blog itself and hence why do you need networking related brand building outside that? The reason is that you may not be able to penetrate into masses so easily unless you tap into something facebook’s popularity. Hence it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a fan page for your blog. However, if you maintain a page only to syndicate your blog posts, it is not going to yield any results. To get the best out of your facebook fan page, you need to be more active (much more than your blog itself) on your page, encourage discussions, post useful links and threads and keep helping your fans with their queries. You have to basically keep their interests high around what you have to offer!

How to create a facebook fan page?

It is so easy to build a fan page on facebook and perhaps you already read it on 100 other blogs. However, since I went through this process only yesterday, let me jot down the steps involved in building a facebook fan page once again here.

  • Go to the facebook fan page create link to create a new fan page. You have to have a facebook account to create one.
  • Select the category of your business, give the new fan page a name (usually your brand name) and keep it invisible till a time when you are ready to publish it
  • Provide your company details (founded year/date, mission description) in the info area
  • To create a profile picture, just upload your brand logo (or any alternative to the same) and remember to create a thumb image of the same that helps to track your own threads. Please remember to keep the profile picture of width 200px for best results. You may add additional photos related to your business to the fan page album, at this point.
  • If you have a blog or website, you may import the blog’s content (RSS) at this point, using the Notes button at the top
  • At this point, your basic fan page is ready and you may publish it.

You may still not have a good looking and friendly URL (something like facebook.com/mypage). For this, you have to wait till you get a good number of fans (25 for now) on board.

You can use the Facebook Markup Language (FBML) to build cool custom fan pages but that topic is not in the scope of this little post. Perhaps, I can write about it some other day. In the mean time, please join my fan page though there’s nothing much there yet (I will be adding a fan page widget on this blog soon)

Please feel free to share your facebook fan page links in your comments as well.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Ha ha.. 😀

    I have a fan page for my blog and I’m crazy about increasing the fans.. ! 😀

  2. True…Fan Page is a great promotional strategy

  3. Secret tip – you can create vanity urls for your fan pages once you have more than 50 fans. Just go here:


    Arun 😉

  4. I think you make a great point here, the most effective internet marketing is where you find people who enjoy your product and they drum up publicity for you. Facebook is one of the best places for that right now.

  5. Yeah..fan page is very useful..You can post your updates their…! 😉

  6. Hi Ajith,

    Great information. Please clear my doubt about fan page.

    Is the page -http://www.facebook.com/localjobsindia a facebook fan page. or

    http://www.facebook.com/localjobsindia#!/pages/local-jobs-india/107530625933395 a fan page.

    If it’s the later, how can i change the username of the later page.

    • James,
      The first one is your profile. Under that profile you can have a number of fan pages if you wish to (like the one you just created).

      To change your longer unfriendly page name to a shorter one you can use the following link.
      http://www.facebook.com/username and click ‘Set a username for your Pages’ link. However, you need to have at least 25 fans to create a page user name.

  7. as discussed, vanity URLs are avail once you hit 25 fans. be careful, once you set it there’s no changing back unless you recreate your page.

    also take care to choose the right category/business type, etc. those are set in stone once chosed!

    fbml is also a great tool.

  8. Thank you very much. I had created a fan page, but when i saw i didn’t get NiharsWorld as the fanbook url. I dropped it there.

    But, as you mentioned that after 25 fans. we get the URL we want. Let me do it.

    • @Nihar, unless you are really active on these social networking mechanisms, it wouldn’t work for you. It’s the same case as twitter though FB pages give a better allround possibility to collaborate.

  9. Hi Ajith… Actually I would like to differ with you on your statement about blogs not requiring fan pages on facebook. I run a top political blog in South Africa (Wonkie CartOOns) and have a facebook fan page that generates significant traffic from people that otherwise would not be reading the blog at all.

    It took a while to grow the fan page but it’s current sitting at over 4,250 with regular interaction. It’s also easier to email them all through facebook when I make updates on the Wonkie site itself

    • @Sizwe, glad to know that you found it useful to have a page for your blog. When there’s a lot of interaction on the fan page, won’t that make the blog comments redundant? I agree on the mass mailing opportunity.

  10. I have a question regarding a fan page that I recently set up since there doesn’t appear to be an option for people to become a fan. I have 20 people who “like” the page, but how do you add an option for someone to become a fan? Is there a way to convert “likes” to “fans”? Thanks

  11. Hi and thanks a lot for posting this information. FB is not the most intuitive tool out there and I’m not a big fan but I *had* to create a business page for an organization and they wanted a FB .
    Now, I just found your info but I had already created an account and I have a problem. I went to FB and signed up as a person and then created a “page”. I wanted the url to go to the org’s page but instead it goes to my account. The org’s page now has a url (/orgofficial) but in google everything still directs to my user account. I’m kind of frustrated at this point so if you’d help me I’d be very thankful!

    • @Sonia, you have to create a vanity URL (i.e. facebook.com/orgofficial). This is possible only after you acquire certain number of fans to your page. I have mentioned this above.

      • Thanks for replying. Apparently my problem was that I gave the vanity url to my personal page and the fan page can’t have it now so I gave an alternate url to the fan page. I wanted to change or delete it but it’s impossible. I hope this helps someone.

  12. hi..

    As mentioned above, I want to do two things for my facebook fan page.

    1) link my blog, website and twitter to Facebook
    2) link facebook, twitter and blog to website

    Please advice me on the steps.

    Thanks alot

    • I found a way to link my blog to my personal page by pasting the rss feed at facebook.com/notes.php. However, it requires me to remove and relink the rss feed every time I update the blog. So, if anyone knows a better way to do this – especially a way to actually get the updates to post on the fan page as opposed to the personal page – that would be great.

      Also, if anyone knows why this requires removing and resetting, that would be helpful too. It says it will check every 10 minutes for updates. I only update my blog about 4 times/month – is that the problem?

    • 1) Use notes feature as mentioned by Karla below
      2) If you want to do the other way, you have to use some WordPress plugins, I haven’t used any such plugins yet and hence can’t recommend. But there are plenty out there.

  13. private like the way big brand do for their pages

    the person running the page is private. how is this done?

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