Facebook Insights for Your Domain

With a lot of blogs and websites integrating Facebook social plugin for comments, like and send buttons, it is important that you get an overview of how many people like, visit, comment or share your pages. To get all those social analytics details Facebook Insights is what you need which can provide deeper insights on all pages of your domain(s).

Facebook insights are automatically available when you create a facebook fanpage. However, what we are talking here is facebook insights for any number of domains that you own which probably do not have a fanpage per domain. You can still get social insights on those domains with a single facebook account.

How to setup Facebook Insights for websites?

It is as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow the steps below:


1. Go to facebook insights by visiting http://www.facebook.com/insights and click on the ‘Insights for your Website’ button.

2. Enter your domain and the facebook profile that you want link with this domain insights.

3. The meta tag provided there in now should be pasted on this website’s homepage header (within the HTML head tag). Click on ‘Get Insights’ button now and you are good to go.

Next time you visit your facebook insights, you will be ready with your social insights data. If you have installed social comments plugin, you will get the extended comments analytics as well.

Facebook insights is still not bug free though. For higher range of dates, the insights sometimes takes forever before some data comes on the screen (or it never displays). However, for typical daily, weekly, monthly view, it works just fine.

So why don’t you get your facebook insights for all your domains today, just in case you haven’t done so yet?

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