Feeder blogs to the rescue…

Blogging is more about researching and less about writing! I talked about this 80-20 principle in a recent post titled ‘advantages of blogging‘. However, from time to time most bloggers will face the writer’s block or inability to continue writing at the same pace and frequency as they used to do in the past.

There are a number of ways to deal with the writer’s block problem and one of them is to follow profound bloggers and their hugely popular blogs in order to draw inspiration to blog about. I would like to call such blogs feeder blogs and let us talk about them in this short post.

Follow the big bosses

The ideal way to find new topics to write on is via those newsletters, twitter updates, media news and alerts from vendors, service providers, leaders and marketers of your blog niche. However, sometimes it is virtually impossible to comprehend all those information quickly enough to pick the right topic. In this case, feeder blogs provide a very good platform for you to pick your topics and all that you need to do is to follow four or five such big blogs in your niche to keep going.

It is not necessarily bad to be the second level carriers of a fresh idea. Why? Because at the end the idea is to reach out to the maximum possible addressable readers and hence being carriers of not-so-fresh information is not always bad. However, you should try to add some fresh angle to what was already discussed and should not blindly copy-paste any content. It’s also a good thing to give the credit to the original post or blog or wherever it belongs.

How to find your feeder blogs?

It is a must for a technology blogger to follow feeder blogs like mashable, techcrunch or engadget. Similarly for someone writing about blogging might want to follow the pro himself.

You can arrive at a list of feeder blogs that you might want to follow by being active on blog directories, technorati and social media sites. You can also find them on twitter or similar social networks. Yet another way of finding the pro blog list is using Google sets which is an excellent tool to find similar or related items. For example, you enter ‘problogger’ and ‘enterpreuners journey’ as the first two inputs to Google sets and click the ‘Large Set’ button. You will be amazed to see the result set (I use Google sets on a regular basis to get related items – not just related blogs)


As we saw, feeder blogs provide a great way to find new topics to write and propagate on. They are a great means to improve your knowledge and great sources of inspiration – not just for blogging.

Now, the question to you (bloggers, especially) is how many such feeder blogs do you follow on a regular basis? Could you name them so that the newbies get some ideas on whom to follow?

Happy Blogging!


  1. Richael Neet :

    I use the Alert Services by the major search engines to draw up my next post for my blog, but I have to agree that these alerts are often too general to make any descriptive posts out of them.

    I do follow many feeder blogs in my niche, big names, such as DotSauce, etc. Not all people know of these big sites, so there is no harm in passing the information to the second tier in your own descriptive perspective.

  2. Is this not encouraging plagiarism and also in the creation of blogs that are solely for monetary and SEO benefits? Just my two cents.

    When I’m going through a dry spell personally I will take a break or maybe write a review of a movie or a music album.

    moserw´s last blog post… Are You A Slave To News?

  3. There is a very thin line between plagiarism and inspiration. For example, many time when I like a post from another blogger and if I agree with his views, I do not bother to write about it. But other times, when I do not like something or if I feel I have something additional to talk about I write about it. thanks Ajith for letting us know about Google sets

  4. I often use real life issues and happenings to decide on what to write. Example I happen to realise today that time is going fast so I will try to write on smthing not directly about it but which uses the concept.

    Luckily everyday something new happens 😛 Twitter is also a good inspiration by reading the THOUGHTS tweets of many at times I do get ideas to write.

    By the way Ajith I started my new blog for fun… You are invited 🙂 Still arranging things there and not yet completed…but its readable lol. I wont tell you all here as the about page says why I started it. Not yet announced it on my main blog..but will soon do it. 🙂

    Kurt Avish´s last blog post… What Is A Good Blog Ads Placement

  5. I agree with you Ajith. I personally tried to get feeder blogs from the “Top 100 Make Money Online Blogs” list, or any other Top blog lists on the internet, DeanHunt had a list of this as well. It’s a plus if we have a few feeder blogs in our own list, we could really get inspiration for new post idea. This is one of the technique I use to get my writing inspiration.

    Anyway, Ajith you have a nice article!


  6. Thanks for the tip Ajith. Really helpful post especially since I am fighting against writer’s block myself.

    Thanks for the tip about site flipping as well. Will try it out. New ideas get me charged up at least 🙂

    binaryday´s last blog post… Google news is broken : try kidd kraddick divorced

  7. @Richael, even I use alerts but found that they are sending around way too many emails 🙁 for me to comprehend. Yep, being second tier carriers is not necessarily bad as long as it is no copy-paste

    @Rajiv, it can be plagiarism if it’s just copy paste. However, in the technology/Internet fields one can have his own value addition to any topic by adding some more technical value. It is possible in other niches such as marketing, accounting etc as well. However, when you write about generic topics from your view point, it may be difficult to actually get that feed and use it with a different angle. Rajiv, I get your point – it’s true that sometimes making money online and SEO drive topics than quality of fresh topics and content driving into the money aspects.

    @Raju, I agree. Inspired topics are okay as long as you can add value.

    @Kurt, for your topics, you don’t necessarily need to have feeder blogs 🙂 It’s mainly a news driven blog right? I am sure, you will never dry out of ideas 😛

    Congratulations on the new blog, I shall take a look at it ASAP

    @Lee, I am glad that you agree with my view point. Just like you, even I have several of those big blogs in my reader but don’t ask me if I really follow their content on a regular basis 😆

    @SK, I hope you get out of the block soon…

  8. I agree with raju.

    Nice post. I sometimes write the post after reading in some other blog.

    Nihar´s last blog post… June 2009 Blog Traffic & Income statistics

  9. Tech @ InkAPoint :

    Seems like a good discussion. We can just show our views rather than copying it from others. Grab the title of their ideas and make your own.

  10. I agree that inspiration is good as long as your post is adding some more value to it. Writing your own experience is always good.All we need is the topic to write

  11. @Nihar, inspired topics are not necessarily bad for sure.

    @Tech, right. Adding your version of the story around somebody’s title summarizes my thoughts as well 🙂

    @Ricky, exactly (read the above two comments)

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