Foolish ways to go about Blog Promotion & Marketing

This post is not about blog marketing mistakes as such but on some of those silly blog promotion methods that an inexperienced blogger would go about in the beginning. To be frank, I would have done a couple of these tricks in the past when I didn’t have any clue on promoting my content and the priority was somehow improving the visibility and blog statistics.

Well, visibility and statistics still play a big role even when your blog is established, but it wouldn’t be huge task as it was in the beginning. So what are these silly things that people still keep doing?

Silly blog promotion strategies

Begging for social bookmarking – digg, stumble etc. Well, I haven’t begged anyone for stumble however, when somebody did so, I have asked them whether they expected return favors

– You comment, I comment back or vice versa.

Over-networking at blog directories and aggregation services – I realized that most of them are useless. How many visitors do you get from MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog or Technorati after all?

Over communication on SocNets and blog itself on how many comments are received, sitelinks, PR, Alexa rank and what have you?

Displaying useless banners on numbers that don’t count (e.g. This blog is worth $49,273, XYZ blogger of the year where XYZ is some site with no credibility)

Link exchange with unknown bloggers and still calling it my blogger buddies

– Involving in traffic exchange programs such as Entrecard

Well, as I mentioned, I might have involved in one or two of the above stupidities, but fortunately got rid of them early enough.

And what are some of those good blog promotion ideas that I didn’t quite tap into? Here are some of them:

Guest posting – awesome promotion and link building mechanism if done in moderation

Professional blog design and branding – Very important to establish as a brand

– Marketing well via good social channels (e.g. Facebook fan page)

Networking with similar sites and blogs instead of running after all possible links and commenting opportunities

Building an email list using non-spammy approaches and less intrusive sign up screens

That much for today. I shall talk about more innovative blog promotion methods sometime soon. Having said that, if you write good content, the blog will promote itself. Just like the German auto and mechanical companies say “The products will sell themselves“.

Happy blogging!


  1. I was also been into such activities before, but now I have parted from them.
    Also, can you please suggest that should we create a niche blog or general. My blog currently covers blogging tips, tech tips and earning money online tips and it is getting constant traffic too. Is it OK to keep 3 categories for my blog or should I stick to only one niche (say blogging tips). However I have interest in writing on all of the 3 topics, so a bit confused.
    Hope you will suggest something good to me.

    • @Garish, your blog’s content sounds like mine 🙂 That model can work if you get reasonable traffic and find ways to convert that traffic via right products and promotions. Try to pick your top ten posts and plug affiliate content there.

      Niche blogs are too good. With minimal traffic, you can get more conversions as compared to generic blogs. However, to establish one takes time – especially to position it high up the search results.

      • Yours is a purely Blogging niche blog. Dollarshower doesn’t deal with tech tips, does it ?
        I have seen less blogs which are popular and have multiple niches (like Amit Aggarwal’s Most of the quite famous blogs are niche blogs. So, I am really puzzled.
        Will you suggest, buying another domain for the tech tips section and converting my current blog to niche blog.
        Moreover, one more problem is, when I am submitting my blog to certain directories or social sites, I am confused which category to choose in the category field as there are multiple categories relating to my blog.

  2. I use this type of blog promoting tactics when i was newbie but now i use article marketing and squidoo lens and hubpages creation technique and believe me it works a lot i use to create relevant article on topic my blog is all about and promote it using social networking sites.

  3. Hahah, those are the things that I did like 4 years ago when I was just getting started with my basketball blog.

    Commenting is generally good and usually its automatically implied that when someone comments, he’s expecting something in return. What’s wrong is when its said publicly that it becomes annoying.

    Traffic exchange programs are just stupid. Its like incentivizing someone to come without any chance of him/her reading your blog in the longer term. Doesn’t make any conversions either

    • @Melvin, I am not totally against commenting 🙂 Valuable comments on the blogs that you regularly follow (or an accident hit and whereby you got benefited by a huge tip or so) are always good.

      As for the traffic exchange programs, I get to hear now that Google is taking on such blogs and suspending their AdSense accounts as well.

  4. I work for a living and trade when I get time, its the easiest form of working from home you will ever encounter, no sales pitch,customers, mailing, nothing, its between you and the market, no disappointing anyone and letting them down, just you, in your own home or office, yes the traffic may make a purchase, click a few ads but that’s my small reward for taking the time to put my findings and experience down in text, wouldn’t you agree?

    Anyhow posters, its nothing personal but my own opinion as yours are, making money sites are always an interest of mine, gees, you never know when you gonna find a good tip, knowledge is power but “applied” knowledge is king, keep up the good work and if you do pop to my site, leave a comment, good or bad, it will be posted.

  5. Ajith, what’s funny is that I never fully embraced any of the bad things you mentioned above. Actually, the only one I had even considered was the “I comment you comment” thing, and what I found was that I’d go to blogs where I not only couldn’t find anything to say but they had set up things that I hated to deal with such as captcha and the like.

    • @Mitch, what you and I do with respect to commenting is probably doing it based on the merrit of posts or interesting content rather than as an obligatory gesture right? What I meant in the post is more like an exchange deal which is pre-established and I thought that’s funny.

  6. You are spot on.

    I did few mistakes one of it was entrecard used for long long time.

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