FrameBreaker Javascript to Deframe Your Site

Recently a blog reader of mine notified me about a Make money site ( that is embedding 1000s of blogs and high traffic blog posts using frames. Basically, they claim to provide a search site but all that they do is to store a lot of good quality pages using tags and allow a tag search in their directory.

Well, getting your blog or site listed on a directory is not a bad idea. However, what they do is to put your site in frame tags and load it within that frame. Even worse, they used wrong site names and tags to represent your site and your pages title, description etc are getting indexed for their framed pages as well. For example, one of my articles was listed as till I put a FrameBreaker Javascript recently (You can see it still redirecting to my post, basically anything put after ‘7911/’ will still redirect)

What’s wrong in Being Framed?

Putting your blog or individual posts under other website’s frames may sound harmless but it’s not too good for your blog.

1) Basically, they are making a lot of money using other’s content. It’s not exactly scrapping or copying but something very close to it. For example, the above mentioned site is more like a one page search directory with a lot of Google AdSense blocks and they seem to be making good money out of that just pointing people to your content. Well, search engines do pretty much the same but they don’t frame you.

2) It may be bad for your page’s rankingqooooo content thieves alexa I would think. For example, when I did a allinurl: fayezspa search in Google, it listed my framed content with exactly the same Title as my post has. I am sure, this may have some impact on the search ranks of my pages. Even worse, as per Alexa, one of their search queries is already having my blog name there in and that’s money making search phrase (See the image)!

3) What these people have done is selective listing of high traffic, keyword relevant pages that gives them very good EPC for their own ads. Very smart indeed, but shameless content thieves!

4) I am not sure if they are even stealing the affiliate commissions of framed pages using some cookie dropping techniques.

In short, framing someone else’ content without their consent is just plain theft.

FrameBreaker Javascript

If you do not want sites like to frame your website, all that you need to do is to put this Framekiller or Framebreaker script in your header.php or even in some sitewide widgets.

<script type="text/javascript">
if (parent.frames.length > 0) top.location.replace(document.location);

Another working framebreaker code is:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (top != self) top.location.replace(location);

Next Steps

Probably it’s about time we took on sites like Qooooo who mint money using others content. You may want to check whether your articles are already framed by them. Even if that’s not the case, it’s not a bad idea to put the FrameBreaker script to stop others from framing you! By the way, I really like that term ‘framing’!


  1. Hi there Ajith! Long time.

    For this frame breaker script, I wanted to clarify one point, has it reduced your google image traffic? I tried using this some weeks ago. As you know this script can also bring on the visitors from google image to the actual page instead of displaying only the image in google image. But when I installed this I noticed a giant decrease in google image traffic hours after adding it. And when I removed it, the google image traffic was back to normal again. I’m unsure if Google has set some sort of auto penalization from google image for this. Can you confirm?

    • @Kurt, long time buddy. So you have set up another high traffic blog? (I tried to use the contact form of your new blog, somehow the mail didn’t go through)

      You are right about Google images. However, the Google image traffic is only good to show off your page views. Usually Google image traffic do not covert nor do they even read your content so I wouldn’t really mind losing that part of traffic.

    • the positives and negatives do exist from the use of scripts “frame breaker” like this can especially affect the search engine.

      the downside: it may be influential to the search results on google images. plus: you’ll save on bandwidth, because the google frame obviously spent quite a lot of bandwidth. so here’s a choice ..

  2. Hello friends and the web admin, I’m looking for a way to link a frame breaker with time to execute the closing of my blog, an example, I need a html or javascript or whatever anyone else that is in html, to insert into my blogspot on what would be the breaker frame with a timer so that when the counter is reached zero, the frame breaker breaks the frame, and this counter needs to be together with the frame breaker for the two to work together, counter reaching zero and frame breaker breaks the frame. This counter needs to be editable, in which I may be putting the time because I wish the frame breake break the frame.

    I await response from someone who can help me.

  3. Your Java did not work, but do not worry, because I already managed to get one that worked, anyway, thank you very much for your reply.

    Now let me know something I’m very interested to know, do you understand PHP Programming in PHP to create a script that contains “pre-loader (loader)”, timer (javascript) or refresh the page, where I can insert banners in HTML and JavaScript and I can insert them anytime I want in a specific location of the script, how many pages I want and that contains spaces in at least two pages for me to write things in my local language and also in English. This script is to be used in a PTC website in which I am the Owner. For Members of my PTC is Forced to click on banners, banners because this is part of an affiliate system I participate in where I can be doing income by affiliate system because they pay me for (CPC, Cost per Click).

    I await your response.

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