FREE WordPress Installation & Blog Setup Service

If you are one of those individuals who wants Create a Blog Website and do not know how to go about it, then our Free Blog Installation service is just for you.

We will help you Own a Blog for yourself without you having to worry about all those technical details involved in the installation and setting up of a WordPress Blog.

Yes, we will do it for you absolutely FREE of cost!

How to Get your Blog Setup for Free?

It’s super easy! Just follow the three steps explained below.

Step 1: Choose a Hosting Service & Domain Name

Decide on a domain name for your blog (Something like and Sign Up with one of Hosting services by clicking one of the images below. Please note that in order to have a self hosted blog, you must have a domain name and a hosting partner such as the brands given below.

Please choose one of the Hosting Partners now! (We recommend HostGator)

For HostGator: If you are choosing HostGator, you may use the coupon code DOLLARSHOWER25 during checkout to receive flat 25% OFF on your hosting bill (If you have one of OUR Special Higher Value Coupons or promo offers, you may choose that for maximum benefit)

For DreamHost: If you are choosing DreamHost as your Partner, you may use the coupon code DOLLARSHOWER50 during checkout to receive $50 OFF on your hosting bill.

dreamhost host gator

(If you need help in deciding on a domain name and a hosting partner that fits your budget, you may contact us via the contact form on this page prior to completing Step 1)

Step 2: Send Us with Your Blog Requirements

After you complete Step 1, please fill in and submit the following contact form.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Blog Domain Name (if available)

Hosting Partner (required)

Subject (required)

Your Blog Requirements (required)

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Step 3: Provide Hosting Details on Request

Within a day of completion of Step 2, we will be in touch with you for some more information required to complete your blog setup on your preferred Hosting partner. Upon hearing from you, we will complete the installation and setup of your blog. It usually takes a couple of business days for your blog setup to be done and tested.

Important Information regarding Free Blog Setup

So, do we have a disclaimer? Of course, we do.

  • The free blog installation is only available to those who signed up with one of our hosting partners by clicking the banner links above
  • This free service is available only for new customers. That means, if you are already a HostGator customer and you signup for another domain name, such a blog won’t qualify for free installation
  • For some reason, if you aren’t recorded as a valid referral (it sometimes happens) under our Hosting Partner system, we cannot create your blog for free. in such cases, you could still use one of our paid WordPress blog services. Also, if you use the wrong coupons than provided by us, it may lapse your chances of getting a free installation and setup
  • Your Free blog will contain optimum features and plugins that help you get started with your blogging smoothly. We will also optimize your blog for search visibility and help you with the basics of WordPress blogging. It will be a fully functional blog! (Read details below)
  • Is there anything fishy? Any strings attached? Absolutely nothing! In fact, by choosing a Hosting Partner above, we receive a small commission and we use that to provide this Free Blog Setup service to you. That’s why it’s important to choose our partners by clicking the banners above.
What will the FREE Blog’s features?

The blog that we install for you free of cost will be a completely functional blog with the following features:

  • It will feature a free widgetized theme of your choice
  • It will contain all basic pages such as about page, contact blogger page & form, privacy policy, archives etc
  • It will have a couple of place holder posts (that you can edit or remove later)
  • It will have a few sample categories and tags defined
  • We will do search engine optimization so that Google search visitors can find your blog contents later
  • We will help integrate Google analytics and Webmaster tools
  • A short help file to get you started with the HowTo’s of WordPress blogging
  • Any other queries related to WordPress blogging will be answered via mail

It’s time to Become a Proud Blog Owner today with our Free Blog Installation service!