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The OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is the first plugin investment that I ever made and it never disappointed me. You can do your Ad management, Pay & download offers, Paid reviews etc via this plugin and the code behind is clean and robust...

Update April 01, 2017:
Use OIO Publisher Coupon code ‘SPR17-FIFTY‘ ($22 or 55% OFF)
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Original post on the OIO Publisher Plugin review continues below…

OIO Publisher Coupon Code

OIO Publisher is the defacto standard ad management system for selling private ads on professional blogs. I recently purchased my OIO Publisher copy for $47 and once I incorporated their powerful plugin into this blog and started seeing results, I was really wondering why it took me so long to buy this piece of wonderful software.

I thought of writing this little review and offer post to talk about OIO Publisher as well as to sell my referral link. The current offer for the month of December from the house of OIO Publisher is that they have a discount of $17 off its original price tag. This means that it’s available for the next two days for a price of $30. But hold on, you will get an even better bargain as I am going to offer you a copy of OIO Publisher for just $20!

Why OIO Publisher?

When you want to enter the private ad sales arena, you need to take care of the following scenarios.

  • Pricing your ad slots
  • Designing and setting up ad slots (banners, text link ads etc)
  • Sales and approval of ads and payment processing and related workflow
  • Ad rotation
  • Tracking the ad performance and reporting the same to the advertisers
  • Automatically alerting advertisers of their campaign expiry
  • Managing paid review sales
  • Sale & distribution of custom products such as your own software, eBook etc
  • Collecting feedbacks from advertisers

What OIO Publisher does is to automate all the above steps and a lot more via an easy installation of their cool WordPress plugin (It works on a few other major platforms as well). The basic setup such as your contact details, ad pricing and ad slot configurations does not take more than a few minutes and you are all set to go online on the day of purchase itself.

In addition to the ad management platform, when you purchase this software, they provide you the opportunity to list your blog and its ad services at the OIO Publisher Marketplace where you can easily find your advertisers. In short, the money you spend on the software will be bringing in multi-fold returns in a few days’ time. And to make this software purchase even more wonderful, once you purchase your copy of OIO Publisher, the license and upgrades are free for life. No more future payments for upgrades, that is!

Grab your copy for $20 and How?

As I mentioned in the beginning, the vendors are now offering a $17 discount that’s valid only for the next two days!. To avail this offer, you need to use the coupon code ‘Dec17’ while checking out. In addition, if you use my OIO Publisher referral link (and if your purchase is reflected in my affiliate report), I will be giving you an additional a rebate of $10! Just contact me via the contact form with your OIO Publisher purchase details to avail your rebate.

Your take on OIO Publisher

And now, let me request all of you who are already on OIO Publisher to share your experiences with the software as well as their Market place. You could even pass on tips, if any, to attract more advertisers.

The OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is the first plugin investment that I ever made and it never disappointed me. You can do your Ad management, Pay & download offers, Paid reviews etc via this plugin and the code behind is clean and robust...


  1. Blog for Bloggers :

    Its no secret that OIO Publisher is something good. I see alot of the bigger blogs using it, I mean you pretty much told us why to get it. Anyway, I think im gonna take advantage of this deal tomorrow.

    Blog for Bloggers’s last blog post… How To Set Goals For 2009, Plus My Goals For Blogict

  2. I hear alot of positive feedback about OIO and it looks tempting to get one after your rebate. I might just decide to get one copy during these 2 days. Thanks for the share buddy.

    Wei Liang

  3. Wow, something else I haven’t heard about. I’ll check it out… My goal is to discover ad-space in the new year. lol.

    Shirley’s last blog post… What’s Up With The Wikipedia Plea for Donations?

  4. Thanks for reminding me, I still need to install mine! It’s ver.1 also.

  5. I got to think about about this offer….. If it will be a suitable investment for me. 😛

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… That’s 3 Questions I Want To Ask You About A Blog

  6. @Everyone, thanks for your feedbacks… $20 is better than the best offer so far because even on the best coupon code (like JohnChow) offers it never comes below $25 😆 If you have any plan to monetize via private ad sales, that is…

  7. New Year Offer from Ajith !!!

    Abhishek’s last blog post… Technorati With own Advertising Network

  8. @Abhishek, the new year offer is on its way and it’s a mega one 🙂 stay tuned…

  9. Happy New year Ajith!!!

    Have a great 2009 on and off computer……….Good luck!!!

  10. @Nagraj, Happy New Year to you too… Just came after the new year party and could not release the new post 😆 under the influence of some fluids lighter in density than water. Had checked out your blog today but your topics were too technical for me to comment on 😆

  11. Thanks for the wishes ajith………….so u had a blast for the new year…………DOnt worry about commenting……………..I know its far too technical…………..but thanks for visiting it often………..
    Have a great year……………

  12. Domain Marvelous :

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that this deal is repeated later in the year, around middle of the year preferably. My blog is quite new to become an advertising magnet, but I am confident it will be within a few months. OIO Publisher is something that will definitely help me in controlling my adspace when I start getting offers. Hopefully, Ajith is there to give me another discount :p

  13. @Forsaken, the affiliate commission from OIO Publisher this month is a whopping 90% and I am giving away a discount of $20 now 😀

    Yup, it may be too early for you to put private ads.

  14. is the price applied yearly? or not? isn’t too early for me to use oio?

  15. @qarla, it’s a one time payment and upgrades free for life… If you have very low traffic (say less than 50 visits per day or so) there’s no point in investing in it right now…

  16. my average unique visitor is 500+, is it advisable for me to use Oio? My blog is an entertainment blog for Philippines.

    Here is my stat, please help me. 🙁

  17. @qarla, that’s an excellent traffic figures (I do not have even half of that). However, since the blog in a local language and the niche is something that I do not know, I may not be able to judge how much private ads you can sell.

    Along with private ads, try putting a lot of affiliate links related to the entertainment industry. That can really fetch you some money.

  18. thanks for your suggestions. Even i were surprised about my traffic lately, 🙂 annyway, i’m so happy i found your site, it really helped me gain my current page rank and my traffic, and maybe someday my bank account! 🙂 kudos dollarshower!

  19. You are welcome qarla… The more my readers are benefited, the happier I am.

  20. do you have any coupons available now for oio? i want to purchase, can i have a discount?

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