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On December 30, 2008
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The OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is the first plugin investment that I ever made and it never disappointed me. You can do your Ad management, Pay & download offers, Paid reviews etc via this plugin and the code behind is clean and robust...

Update April 01, 2017:
Use OIO Publisher Coupon code ‘SPR17-FIFTY‘ ($22 or 55% OFF)
during April 2017. Details of the offer: $10 OFF on purchase and additional $15 as PayPal rebate when you contact me via the contact form. Please provide your OIO Publisher user name and PayPal email address for rebate while contacting. Rebates processed on the same day. Offer valid Till April 30, 2017. Get your OIOPublisher Copy for just $22 during this month

Original post on the OIO Publisher Plugin review continues below…

OIO Publisher Coupon Code

OIO Publisher is the defacto standard ad management system for selling private ads on professional blogs. I recently purchased my OIO Publisher copy for $47 and once I incorporated their powerful plugin into this blog and started seeing results, I was really wondering why it took me so long to buy this piece of wonderful software.

I thought of writing this little review and offer post to talk about OIO Publisher as well as to sell my referral link. The current offer for the month of December from the house of OIO Publisher is that they have a discount of $17 off its original price tag. This means that it’s available for the next two days for a price of $30. But hold on, you will get an even better bargain as I am going to offer you a copy of OIO Publisher for just $20!

Why OIO Publisher?

When you want to enter the private ad sales arena, you need to take care of the following scenarios.

  • Pricing your ad slots
  • Designing and setting up ad slots (banners, text link ads etc)
  • Sales and approval of ads and payment processing and related workflow
  • Ad rotation
  • Tracking the ad performance and reporting the same to the advertisers
  • Automatically alerting advertisers of their campaign expiry
  • Managing paid review sales
  • Sale & distribution of custom products such as your own software, eBook etc
  • Collecting feedbacks from advertisers

What OIO Publisher does is to automate all the above steps and a lot more via an easy installation of their cool WordPress plugin (It works on a few other major platforms as well). The basic setup such as your contact details, ad pricing and ad slot configurations does not take more than a few minutes and you are all set to go online on the day of purchase itself.

In addition to the ad management platform, when you purchase this software, they provide you the opportunity to list your blog and its ad services at the OIO Publisher Marketplace where you can easily find your advertisers. In short, the money you spend on the software will be bringing in multi-fold returns in a few days’ time. And to make this software purchase even more wonderful, once you purchase your copy of OIO Publisher, the license and upgrades are free for life. No more future payments for upgrades, that is!

Grab your copy for $20 and How?

As I mentioned in the beginning, the vendors are now offering a $17 discount that’s valid only for the next two days!. To avail this offer, you need to use the coupon code ‘Dec17’ while checking out. In addition, if you use my OIO Publisher referral link (and if your purchase is reflected in my affiliate report), I will be giving you an additional a rebate of $10! Just contact me via the contact form with your OIO Publisher purchase details to avail your rebate.

Your take on OIO Publisher

And now, let me request all of you who are already on OIO Publisher to share your experiences with the software as well as their Market place. You could even pass on tips, if any, to attract more advertisers.

The OIOPublisher WordPress plugin is the first plugin investment that I ever made and it never disappointed me. You can do your Ad management, Pay & download offers, Paid reviews etc via this plugin and the code behind is clean and robust...


  1. @qarla, yep… $20 off this month if purchased via my referral link…

  2. So I purchase and you give me the 20 bucks?

  3. @Germz, I will pay you $20 IF purchased via my referral link and the referral information is reflected in my affiliate account. Sometimes it doesn’t get reflected for some reason…and in that case I can’t help

    You can try with any other affiliate persons as well. OIO is giving 90% affiliate commission this month i.e. 42 dollars per license. If one of your friends put an affiliate link and you purchase through him, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t give you half of that (just like I am offering here)

  4. Ajith, What’s your opinion about Pubmatic (its from komli media)

  5. @Anish,
    I had written about ad optimization services such as pubmatic in a post sometime ago. Please read it here:

    In principle, I did not like the steep learning curve their system had before ads are optimized. Also they were using some stupid color combination to decorate ad blocks. Not sure if they improved at all by now.

  6. It’s too bad Ajith. I’ve bought it at $37 2 months ago, it’s too late for me to find your offer. Anyway, I admit that OIO is a great WordPress plugin for those who want to make money by selling their ad spot, a very useful tool. 🙂


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  7. oh.,. this a great info for alternate for adsense

    uki´s last blog post… SEO Strategies On Page Optimization

  8. Why I didn’t find this page last night? I bought OIOPublisher last night and used coupon code from other blog to got $8 discount, if only I found this page I would have your code, sigh I should be more active in searching next time, but it’s ok considering OIOPublisher I don’t feel sorry although I had to bought it in full price, thanks anyway.

    Abi´s last blog post… Get Maximum Income From Sell Private Ad With OIOPublisher

  9. I’ve had my eye on OIO for a few months now, glad I googled for a coupon before I purchased today. Thanks very much for the rebate Ajith!

  10. What an incredible plugin. I wish someone had told me about this sooner!

    Cheers for the rebate Ajith

  11. Thanks for the rebate, and awesome plugin!

  12. I was on the ordering link on OIO site when I just seen the coupon code box. Well I thought .if there is a coupon code box then there should be a discount coupon code so I searched the web for it. Thats how I’ve arrived on this site.

    Ordered the script using Ajith’s affiliate link got $10 discount from OIO and another $10 rebate from Ajith. This way I only paid $27 for a $47 software. This is a great deal indeed.

    Thank you Ajith for the coupon and the rebate. Best of luck,

  13. I read some information about OIO Publisher and did a search for more information and found Ajith’s coupon. I ordered the OIO Publisher and as promised I got the initial discount of $10 and Ajith sent his rebate offer to me. Thank-you Ajith!

    OIO Publisher is just what I was looking for. I have almost 30 blog sites and I wanted something where I could manage my ads from one location. Now I can change an ad on my OIO Publisher and all my blog sites are updated immediately.


  14. I spent some time doing some research about OIO Publisher and decided to look for a coupon right before purchasing to see if I could get a couple dollars off. Ajith’s site was the first to pop up and the article really help to solidify my decision to purchase the program!

    Instant $10 rebate and a refund of $13.50 on the same day for this program- not to mention I was able to get it all set up and running on my site- it’s been a good day!!

    Thanks sooo much for the details and fast rebate! 🙂

  15. Thanks Ajith for the fast rebate and the offer as well.

    This OIO Publisher Coupon deal was almost most to good to be true but, the coupon worked as you described and then a day later you sent me my money through Paypal as well.

    And thanks to OIO Publisher too for the great plugin. I allready made the purchase page look like my blog.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. @Jessie, Natetronn, you are welcome folks. OIO Publisher is like a plug and play software. Pretty easy to get started and customize 🙂

  17. Ajith, I am buying a copy of OIO. I’ll get back to you via the contact form.

  18. I would like to say that this is a great offer by Ajith and that I have received my rebate. Thanks a lot and hope to see a few more of these great offers around 🙂

  19. Rebate received within a few hours (on a Friday!!!) 🙂

    Thanks. And the plugin is excellent. I already have my ads published on my website.


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