Global Recession and Current State of the Make Money Online (MMO) Blogosphere

Recession affecting make money online blogs and bloggersMajor financial and investment institutions declaring bankruptcy, Honda’s plan to exit Formula 1 racing and General Motors withdrawing Tiger Woods’ sponsorship are some of the sensational news about the ongoing global recession. It is not any smart guess that the recession has to affect the Make Money Online business as well and if you look around there are already several visible signs of the same.

In one of earlier posts I talked about a few tips to weather through the current recession situation. Some of the things that we predicted then are already happening.

Visible Impacts so far…

The following are some of the signs of slow-down that you can notice if you look around in the MMO world!

  • Several Get-Paid-To (GPT) and make money online services have closed down in the past one month – SWATcash and are examples
  • Some of the affiliate schemes have ‘streamlined’ their commission rules and some are doing away with the flat sign on bonus e.g. PerformancingAds
  • Blog Income Report for most MMO bloggers for the month of November shows a negative trend. Private ad sales are going slow and so is the case with paid reviews, PPC ads etc
  • Many mid and small scale MMO bloggers want to sell off their blogs citing various reasons
  • Blog flipping is spreading like a virus though most blogs being flipped are MMO blogs and not many are really making any good money out of it
  • Email spam in general has reduced in the past couple of months and specifically not many mails from GPT and make-money-overnight schemes. It is good and bad!
  • The share of Internet ad spending reduced considerably in the past four month. Compare the picture below to what I had written about the social network ad model in May this year. There is a clear mid-term downtrend, primarily affected by lowered spending in the financial ad sector, though long term prospect of Internet ad spending looks brighter

US ad spending by medium - August 2008

More strategies

In the past, we had talked about a number of strategies to keep the negative impacts of the recession minimal. Here are some more tips:

#1 Do not sell your blog right now: If you had built your blog over the years by putting a lot of hardwork into it, this may not be the right time to sell it because you end up getting nothing much. The true value of your blog and its IP (intellectual property) may not be considered for sale purposes. Moreover, the dipping income charts will not do justice to its actual potential.

#2 Re-brand and diversify: This slow period is probably the best time for you to diversify your blog that is probably established as yet another Make-Money-Online place. You could consider writing about all those great topics in life that you always wanted to address in your blog, but felt off topic till now. This has to be a gradual process whereby you keep adding more cateogories, change your writing style a bit and even re-brand (tag lines, advertisement, keywords, description, theme etc). Overnight switch over can hurt you but not a gradual one.

#3 New monetization strategies: Your income from many known ad instruments may come down during the next few months. To tackle this issue you need to shift your focus on certain instruments and try to take a look at some of those moneymakers those were not your priorities till now. For example, instead of a one time referral commission via PPA or PPS you might want to go for affiliate schemes that offer lifetime commission (like 5% for life etc)

#4 Avoid fresh investments: It is always better to spend less online in terms of buying new software, buying an established blog etc. Also cut your online PPC advertising expenses and look for the right advertisement channels when you want to advertise. As for blog purchasing, I personally believe that a blog is good enough only until its original author is writing. Moreover blog domain names registered afer own names will be always hard to sell.

#5 Sell your page rank: There are still a number of people out there who are after your PR and hence selling text links at this time may not be a bad idea. But be aware that it has the potential of getting degraded by Google in terms of PR. You need to have a strategy to sell text link ads whereby you could restrict it to a month or so per quarter and concentrate on link building and improving the PR for the rest of the year. This, if done, carefully can work out very well for you.

#6 Increase your traffic than your ad rates: The focus on building traffic (Via SEO, PPC advertising, promotions, contests, regular posting etc) should be even more during times like this because, going forward, to make the same income as you used to make a few months back, you may need much more traffic. If the number of readers increases dramatically, there’s a good chance of the blog income not deteriorating, if not improving.

That much for now… Happy Money Making!


  1. You have some great information here Ajith. I think diversification is going to be key – don’t count on a single stream of revenue.

    I have to admit I am clueless about economic matters – is this already a global recession? Does the US effect the rest of the world that much or are there other forces at work here?

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… (Anti) Social-Lists 12/7/08

  2. @Kim, thanks… Global economy is not doing all that great. Though the credit issues in the US apparently triggered a global melt down, the problem is deeper. (Issues in the US was probably related to too much of war spending and the tendency to live on bad credit by people/banks that promote the same)

    As far as I know only the US, UK, Germany and Singapore have declared recession. I believe that countries like India and China have enough internal spending – due to huge population 😆 – and growth to overcome any recession worries. Moreover, the markets and banking systems here are orthodox and well controlled.

    I feel that onlnie spending – just like any other cut down in budget by individuals as well as organizations – will come down in the next few months.

  3. Hi Ajith – What a great list. I especially like the part about using the slow time to rebrand, diversify and and posting regularly. With everything being cyclical, it’s always great when we have a good “product” to fall back on. .

    Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blog’s last blog post… NBOTW – I Think I Can, I Think I Can

  4. Thanks Barbara… Yes, rebranding and diversifying is the key if the current niche is no more attractive or makes less money 🙂

  5. You mean I’m one of the few people whose blog income actually went up in November? I’m the man! LOL Actually, I think many of these companies are doing the wrong thing. For instance, if Performancing is killing the sign on bonus, which people can’t collect until they make a certain amount in sales anyway, then that takes away the number of people who might sign up to help promote their advertisers, and that’s a bad thing. The bonus costs them nothing, really.

    Mitch’s last blog post… Two Software Issues

  6. @Mitch, ha 😆 not just you, but many of the MMO blogs that I visit had a bad November… Even my revenues were going down drastically and that’s why I recently started the private ad sales and even that AdSense trick that none of you liked 🙂

    I agree with you on the PerformancingAds. This is not the first time they are doing it…I think it’s their business model – a number of times in the past three years they have started ad services and wound up. And simply taking away the referral credit was ridiculous.

  7. Maybe I should be the premier making money blog, eh? lol Then again, I’m certainly not living off my blog, so I’ll defer to the guys who are for now.

    Mitch’s last blog post… Two Software Issues

  8. I just wanted to say that, this is a great blog and to keep up the good work!


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