Google AdSense: Some Features that Publishers would love to have

There’s no doubt that Google AdSense is the unchallenged leader in PPC advertising and hence the default choice for any publisher/blogger to get started with blog monetization. When it comes to the publisher coverage, available distribution channels, ad design, ad serving, reporting capabilities, earning potential and overall simplicity, what have you; Google is the best and the biggest! However, there are a number of features and services that the publishers would love to see in AdSense which would make it the perfect PPC platform.

There are a few good things that some of the other PPC advertising services provide which I thought would be a good addition to AdSense’ feature list. The following are some of my thoughts along the possible AdSense feature enhancements:

Ad Design

Fonts support

Google recently introduced the selection of limited font types and sizes for their publishers. However, the rendering of the font size is not consistent. This is the first thing that they have to fix and probably provide font size selection as in pixels rather than small, medium and large. In addition, it would be great if they introduce a few more font types (e.g. Georgia, Helvetica) that are web designers’ favorites. At the moment they support only basics font types i.e. Arial, Times New Roman (do we need this?) and Verdana.

Custom ad sizes

This is one of the things that Bidvertiser supports whereby the publishers have the option of designing a custom ad block (you get to choose the width and height). When I was using Bidvertiser extensively, I found this feature to be very useful.

Number of ads

At the moment, the number of ads to be displayed in each block is automatically decided (except for linkads) by the ad serving logic. I must admit that, most of the time, Google is right about it. However, sometimes a 250×250 square ad block shows two ads while there’s enough space for a third one. This is one of the things that they could leave it to the publishers.

Ad Categories

Google recently introduced the Categories filter feature. But I thought, categories are something that the publisher should be able to select rather than omit out from a list. Of course, the context awareness is almost always guaranteed but selection would make ad designing (especially for multiple sites in a publisher account) easier. Another advantage here is the possibility to select best performing categories.

Pick and choose Advertisers

Just like the case of categories, many PPC advertising services (e.g. Adbrite, Pepperjam) give you the chance to choose your advertisers. Google, while trying their best to keep the advertisers and publishers interest, does not give the opportunity for publishers to decide their advertisers. Perhaps this can be a little expensive if you have to do it without affecting the performance


Category-wise reporting, is something that can be provided once category selection is in place. This is definitely something that will create a win-win situation for advertisers as well as publishers. Otherwise, the AdSense reporting is pretty good – thanks to channel-wise and adblock-wise reports.

AdSense APIs

AdSense APIs is something that is available only for big publishers (blogs/sites with more than 100,000 page views per day) at the moment. AdSense APIs provide excellent user experience via fully customizable Google ads. It would be great if Google can start providing AdSense APIs for mid-size publishers – perhaps those with 5000 page views per day – as well.

Custom channel usage by advertisers

I am not sure if the custom channel description and position information is really utilized by advertisers. When I tried to advertise via AdWords recently, I saw that there’s very limited possibility for advertisers to choose ad positions and there was no way one could get to see channel description. How’s Google planning to use this information effectively?

Google Analytics linking

Recently, Google provided an option to link Google Analytics and AdSense accounts. I am wondering whether this was done with any good intention because this exposes the publishers’ internal details such as pages per visit, bounce rate, time on site etc to the AdSense intelligence data. I get a feeling that it is being used only to identify click fraud and ban publishers. Instead, if the Analytics data is used to propose the best performing ad types and categories for the publishers, it would really be a great addition and a good reason for this linking.

Approval process

I feel that the publisher approval process needs to be a little bit relaxed like it used to be in the past. Of late, even some good blogs with great content but not older than four or five months, do not get approved.

Ban procedure

At the moment, the Google AdSense ban can come at anytime without citing a proper reason. Sometimes it could be due to real click fraud but manytimes it is caused due to click bombing or due to some undesirable content (by mistake as well) appearing on the pages. In either case, there has to be proper reason provided with sufficient proof before banning publishers.

Over to you

What I just mentioned some of the things that would make Google AdSense the greatest ad platform ever for the publishers. Have you thought about any shortcoming or nice-to-have feature of Google AdSense? If so, please share the same here.

(Even if there are some shortcomings, let us not forget that Google AdSense has really provided an easy and effective mechanism for thousands of bloggers and publishers to earn money online)

Happy Money-making!


  1. I don’t much about API. I hope some day i will be using API. Also, i agree Google should relax its punishment and approval policies.

  2. I love to see, if they provide 125 X 125 image banners.

  3. Hey Ajith, You really come up with some important points which would definitely help publishers to make money online with some ease. I think some of the features related to look and feel are available for premium publishers having monthly page views above 5,00,000 but of course there are other things as well which would help them too.

    Nice post, bookmarked and will wait for google to response on them.:)

  4. Carl Coddington :

    Great post. Google has been too good to me. I would feel guilty trying to tell them how to do their job.

  5. hiiii
    ajith sorry for diverting from topic but i need some help, how can i increase back links for my sites ?, do i need some plugins like do follow?
    last one. Few days back i leave a comment on your post on page rank but when i am searching my site links ( on google shows no
    incoming link found for your site why it is?

    • @bhanu, In order to increase backlinks you could do the following:

      Link from your friends’ blogrolls
      Be active on forums and use forum signatures
      Comment on dofollow blogs
      Do guest posting on other blogs
      Do article submissions to article directories
      Use dofollow social bookmarks
      Purchase links

      My blog is not do follow and hence the comment you posted here will be a nofollow link to your blog.

      Good luck!

      • Hi, ajith few blogs get higher pr soon. but few are not. i saw many blogs have higher pr in 500 backlinks but many of them on pr 0 thousands of backlinks. why so?

        Do you know good way to increase pr.

        • PR depends not only on count but also on who in linking to you. For example if 10 PR 7 blog links to your homepage and you have another friend which has 1000 links from all PR 1 blogs, chance is that you will have a higher PR.

          Its a bit like Obama tell everyone on TV to look at your blog and then 1000 of your school friends tell their friends to look at your blog…which one will bring in more value? The Obama recommendation 🙂

          To make things easy for you, then here are a few examples: One or two links only from a PR 4 blog can take your blog to a PR 2 directly …and if you wanna reach a pr4 directly..then get one or two link from a pr 6 or 7 and this should do the job 😀

          Note however that if a site homepage is pr7 it does not necessarily mean that all pages of the site are pr7.

  6. I agree, google adsense is the best in PPC advertising

  7. @Rahul, the Google AdSense APIs are meant for sites that have huge traffic. I hope we all get there some day 🙂

    @Lax, excellent point. The 125×125 banner will be a killer addition for blogs

    @Sanjeev, You are right about the APIs and other privileges available for the premium publishers. I guess, Google has to come down a little further to relax the norms for AdSense APIs.

    @Carl, Google has been good but these are just suggestions and not exactly instructing them how to go about 😉

    @Rahul, so many other parameters influence the PR as well. Content relevancy, update frequency, authority from sites that are in Google’s good books…etc. It’s just not about the number of backlinks

    @Hakeem, thanks for your visit and comment.

  8. Let adsense team read this post and improvise the things. Especially with approval – I often see good and dedicated bloggers without an adsense account which virtually pushes them away from creating good content.

    Also, most important I would like to add is if they find any click fraud / invalid click, they should devaluate the click instead of banning a publisher. As everyone know adsense is a lifetime opportunity and may be newbies try gaming before knowing things and once they lost the account, they can never get it back. Google should send serious warnings before banning.

  9. Also the idea of hibernation / suspension for a week /15 days in case of suspicious activities on account would be a nice idea.

  10. You have covered most of the points. nothing to add.

    But, need to emphasize on your point regard ban and approval process.

    I have seen a trend lot of indian publishers get banned compared to other country publishers.

    Regd approval process. It is very difficult to get Adsense account compared to 2 years ago.

  11. @Pavan, I highlighted your point. A very good suggestion to have the account frozen or something like that in case of any suspicious account access, click bombing etc.

    @Nihar, you are right! But also, the click fraud is at its highest in this part of the world…

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