Google bashing and Screw Google mentality!

There is an old story in the blogosphere of John Chow’s battle against Google. Having made majority of his fortunes out of blogging, John Chow decided to take on Google! The story was serialized on blogosphere over several episodes. The end result was that his blog went down from 5 to 4 to 3 in terms of page ranking! As a consequence if you search for something related to John Chow on Google, the SERPs will present his clones and clowns!

Earlier this week Shoemoney clarified on his controversial statement in one of the recent speeches. Though he tried to pacify both Google and his readers in the post the undertone was ‘Err, I don’t want the same fate as John Chow’! I would like to ask these two gentlemen how they reached where they are today and who gave them the push?

At this point of their blogging careers, it is very easy to state that Google does not have any more roles to play in their success – now that they have several thousand readers and followers. And they are asking the budding bloggers to think about a life beyond Google and how?

How does a blog get visitors?

For any blog, the following are the typical modes through which, readers and visitors come in:

  • Reference visits (Could be social media – social networking sites, linked sites, directories etc)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Organic visits or Search visits via Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Feed readers or aggregators
  • Email marketing, other media advertisements etc

Now apart from the first and last methods listed above, Google and its other channels have significant roles to play to get you live visitors! You could have your friends as your initial visitors. But there is a limit to which they or their blogs or word of mouth can support your cause. You then need a little bit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where Google is the leader! You may need to optimize (SEO) your blog to get more search visitors. Again 90% or more hits come from Google. If you decide to syndicate your feed, as of today, Feedburner is the main choice and again that is another Google service!

How does a blogger start making money?

Majority of the bloggers that I have known, start monetizing their blogs via Google AdSense! This is a fact that both Shoe and Chow admit as both are great affiliate Gurus who made it big via AdSense affiliate income. Recently John Chow also has started writing good things about Google AdSense for feed etc while still trying to find what better he can do without Google!

The moral of the story

According to me, at least in the current scenario, there is no easy way of marketing your blog without taking some help from Google. After all, it was Google who made the lives of many bloggers big via practical usage of SEO, SEM and monetization instruments.

So the moral of the David vs Goliath story (with a twist) is that ‘staying away from the Google bashing might help to retain your web presence‘!

Let me know if you defer in your opinion πŸ™‚


  1. I myself tend not to like big bullies (Microsoft, for example), but I can’t help but like Google. Backlash is to be expected for top dogs, but really, they were underdogs first — who knew that they’d surpass Yahoo and Alta Vista and like and become the search engine king?

    Certainly not by being anything less than brilliant.


    Ari Koinuma’s last blog post…The Only One Who Can Teach

  2. I am all for Google. At one time nearly 85% of my traffic came from Google Search. Now that has settled to about 50%, but not because Google has been sending less traffic my way, but rather that other sources like Yahoo Search/MSN Search, direct bookmarks/repeat visitors, referring blogs, etc. have kicked in and are sending even more traffic my way. There is no way I would have reached this stage without Google helping me out when I was just beginning. Now of course even Twitter helps me with traffic, but it all started with Google and boils down to Google Search.

    What I really like/admire about Google is their business model of making great products and services and then giving it away for free and looking to advertising as their source of income. This free giving is really useful and helpful to everyone on the internet and not just us bloggers.

  3. I give Google the all thumbs up! Most wannabe online enterpreneurs use a lot of unethical methods, spamming is the obvious one. Is it not great that Google bashes them. Very sorry if you disagree, but VIVA Google might!! You are at the top because of your excellence.

  4. @Ari, as you said taking on big dogs seems to be the ‘in thing’ πŸ™‚ But every single blogger should remember the fact that it was Google all the way that brought in visibility and fame to him/her.

    @Rajiv, I absolutely agree… Google really dug out a hugely successful business model out of something that was just ‘find stuff on web or search’ and even became synonymous to SEM… Nobody has made it big on the web in such a short time span

    @sharon, you said it. In the mad run for money some top bloggers end up doing a lot of unethical things…and it is good that somebody like Google controls it.

    Thank you all for expressing your thoughts

  5. I like Google myself, but I can’t believe that they would be petty enough to intentionally skew numbers of any website, let alone John Chow’s. Now, what’s possible is that John’s site went down because he accepts some of the paid links that Google doesn’t usually like, but its algorithm can’t totally discount his site because of the number of visits his site gets. That, plus his having a nofollow blog, which probably keeps a lot of people from linking to him, might have brought his rank down some.

    Still, he posted his $38,000 month on Wednesday, so I’m sure he’s not sitting around thinking all that much about it. lol

  6. google really digged many successful bloggers only because of Page rank. Hell !!

    Abhishek’s last blog post…NO Comment in Akismit Spam Queue

  7. I didn’t know about other side of google. But, it is truth that you can’t go against big guys be it in any field.

    If you want to stay on top you have to leave with them happily

    Nihar’s last blog post…Friday Night Links Party – 03 October 2008

  8. @Mitch, thanks for your views on this… In John Chows’ case it’s not just about paid links and paid reviews but he also his thoughts on about Google that was intimidating πŸ™‚ Now that part is funny where a giant like Google went on to street fight with a blogger… Don’t know if they can individually control the PR of websites beyond their algorithm but they managed to reduce his search visibility somehow. Regardless of that he’s undoubtedly a major online moneymaker!

    @Nihar, yes…you should not go against big guys especially when they are bringing in visibility to you

  9. I better watch my mouth on forums then – Google might start having a grudge against me

    I never realised that the battle escalated so big

    Simon from Otooo’s last blog post…It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

  10. Simon, If you are a prolific public figure in the blogosphere, definitely you need to control your emotions on forums etc πŸ™‚

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