Google Monitor: Track your search engine ranking for FREE

Recently, I stumbled upon this little free tool to monitor your keywords, search phrases ranks in Google search results. It is called Google Monitor and it is developed by the same company (CleverStat) that developed PaRaMeter. I had reviewed PaRaMeter in one of my older posts that talked about free tools to check internal page ranks of your domain.

Google Monitor is a pretty simple tool and it is so easy to use. All that you need to do is to add your domain URLs into the tool, its keywords (search phrases as well), set the number of search result pages to search and you are ready to go.

google monitor free web ranking software

Merrits of Google Monitor

  • You can enter any number of keywords and search phrases to monitor their search positions
  • It shows you the historic search ranking (i.e. Best position ever, current position)
  • You can set the number of search results to check via preferences
  • Can be used to play around with competitors’ keywords
  • Can import/export keywords

A short coming would be that it has support only for Google (CleverStat also sells an advanced tool that has support for major search engines as well as features to drive your keyword campaigns etc. But that will cost you $99 per license). If you want to do free single keyword queries for other search engines you should use something like the Search engine genie tools.

You can download Google Monitor for free via this download page. Let me know if you found it useful.


  1. Nice tool Ajith…

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  2. Nice find Ajith – I am going to have to try this out. Thanks!

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  4. Who said that you can’t get anything of value for free? This particular find looks very interesting., and bears looking into. Thanks Ajith.

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  5. Thanks for the find man, I’ll check it out. 🙂

  6. Just curious…how is this different than google webmaster tools?

  7. Great tool. Gonna try this. Thank for sharing 🙂

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  8. @Leo, webmaster tools do not provide your blog’s search positions in SERPs.

  9. I have used this tool before which was not working well, it searches but gives no report , after reading your post I reinstalled a new copy and it is working perfectly now, I do not know the copy I had before is corrupted one or they have improved it? anyway it is working perfect now, thanks for your post which has reminded me to get the working one.

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  10. A huge THANKS for creating Rank Tracker you guys. We all know rankings can and will go through ups and downs, and I have over 200 long-tail phrases to monitor… which used to be a nightmare before I stumbled upon your product!

    Finally I can get productive with checking the rankings of my 4 sites in Google and Yahoo! 🙂

  11. M sure the tool might be very useful. But this can also be tracked with the help of Google Analytics..

  12. @Chinese Girl, good to know that the recent version worked better for you.

    @KM, it doesn’t work for Yahoo..

  13. Hi Ajit,

    I am not getting desired traffic from search engines.What could be the issue?Can you guide me how to select and use proper key words?

  14. Hi,
    Surely ill check out this. I have also tried AirCheese.
    Its a good one for ORM and monitoring search engines. Its beta version is available for free download. Also check it out.

  15. Is the free G-monitoring tool still working? I can’t get it to work and when I click on the FAQ link I get an error page.

  16. I have been searching for a tool like this for quite some time. I look forward to using it to reduce time!

  17. Hey Ajith,

    Hpe you are doing well! It’s been a long time..

    Nice tool you’ve receommended to actually track the status of your posts in Google SE…checking it out right now and it looks good…

    Thanks for the good resource

    Take Care

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