Google Page Rank update – is PR2 now!

We are three months live in the blogosphere now and I am glad to share with you all that we have been assigned a Google Page Rank (PR) of 2. Well, it may not be the greatest achievement yet but something really good to begin with. With some good marketing and link building, we should have done better.

Probably, we might consider changing this blog to DoFollow as this would help a lot of budding bloggers and our readers, who comment here, to achieve better page ranks.

How did other blogs fare?

The following are the latest Google page ranks of some of the blogs that are owned by our regular readers. Some of them are yet to get a PR greater than zero and hence they are not mentioned here though they are all great bloggers:-

TheRatingBlog : PR5
4All2All: PR4
Hoxful Monsters: PR4
Rajiv’s Blog: PR3
Vagmi’s Musings: PR3
TechSagar: PR3
Vidhya Iyer’s Recipes: PR3
Arbitrary Thoughts: PR2
Pebble In The Sky: PR2
Get Paid To Fa*t: PR2
RetailSpice: PR1
New Entrepreneur’s Blog: PR1
(Please let me know if we have missed out anybody)

Biggies are right up there, well not all!

Prolific bloggers like Darren Rowse and blogs like Mashable have maintained their high PR status while John Chow seems to be loosing out on his battle with Google as his blog has been degraded to a PR3 from PR4. Earlier this year, he was degraded to PR4 when he initiated his online fist-fighting with Google. Despite this, John continues to impress all of us in terms of his money making ways.

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Please comment about your blog’s latest PR and let us engage in a healthy discussion on how to consistently improve our Google page ranks.

Thank you all for your support and readership!


  1. Congratulations on getting a page rank of 2. I was not regular with my blogging, so I must consider myself fortunate to get PR1 at least.


  2. Congrats to all! You too Ajith though I am sure your PR will increase a lot more in the days to come. To be truthful I never did anything about my Google PR. I have learnt Google brings in 85% of my traffic and that’s based on content so I have only concentrated on writing consistently and regularly. Guess content is king works with Google.

  3. congrats ajith for a nice start…….i am sure u will make fast progress……..for my blog i was pleasantly surprised the moment i saw PR4………i tht there could be some mistake….

  4. @Nagraj, you got what you deserved, you have a great blog that is well focused on the subject.
    @Rajiv, @Vijay congratulations on your feat as well.

  5. Congrats Ajith & Vidya – this is certainly a great achievement in such a short time frame. Be patient and stay focussed. There is lot more in store for you. Best wishes! SK

  6. Thanks SK for your encouraging comments. Yes, patience is the key!


  7. Hi Ajith, Congrats for getting PR2 in just about 3 months. I had PR 3 in the last update itself. So, there is no change this time. I am happy with 3 for the time being.

    • Oh, I did not know that you were already PR3… Congrats anyway for retaining that and let us all work towards a better PR next time!


  8. Hi this is really great. I also want pr of my blogs. I am searching for some good techniques for my blogs. I want suggestions if you can. Please

  9. This is gonna be my best source for collect information, I’ll surely bookmark this page,thx!

  10. I have 1 pr 2 blog, but i cant use that for earning money. have any suggestion plz!!!

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