Google Page Rank update – is PR3 now!

Yet another Google page rank update is underway as it seems. My Google toolbar is showing a rank of 3 now for D$ which is not a bad news for a six months old blog. However, to be frank, I was expecting a PR4 (greed!) this time as my link building habit has been pretty much consistent.

Google Page RankSomething seems to have gone wrong with my backlinks recently. A few others also have reported this problem. For the past week or so there has been a drop of up to 25-30% in my backlinks. Perhaps, Google was busy cleaning up some of them before the new PRs are publicized. Anyway, 3 is better than 2 and I wouldn’t mind taking it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my regular readers by giving them some love.

What PR are they?

The following are the latest Google page ranks of the blogs that are owned by our regular readers. Though I don’t remember the previous ranks of many of them, I feel that there are no significant changes in the ratings.

Barbara’s BWAB: PR4
Syed’s Balkhis: PR4
Kim’s (Anti) Social Development: PR3
Rajiv’s Blog: PR3
Ari’s Our Best Version: PR3
Geek-Speak: PR3
Rajaie Talks: PR3
Ramesh’s The Geek Stuff: PR3
Nagraj’s Hoxful Monsters: PR2
Prasanna’s TechSagar: PR2
My old portal: PR1
Hussein’s Blog: PR0
The Melvin Blog : PR0
My Cricket Blog: PR0

How do we make it better next time?

For those who aspire to improve their PRs next time, the following post may be of use. It basically explains how many backlinks (and with what kind of PRs on them) will it take to obtain a desired PR for your blog.
Formula to obtain a high Google PR

Please note that having a great PR on the homepage alone may not be sufficient in the long run. For better search visibility of your content and monetization, you need to get good page ranks for many of your posts and articles.

Over to you

My list above may be incomplete and hence why not discuss about your latest PR here? Also please let me know if you are happy with this particular round of PR update from Google based on your personal experience.

Thank you all for your support and readership!


  1. Nice blog and design. Congrats on your PR3. Ironically my site which is a PR checker is still at a hypocrite I am..:p

  2. Thanks bud… Would be great if you could provide suggestions/feedback to improve the blog


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