Google Reconsideration Request: How and When?

As I had mentioned in a post a month and half ago, I had lost my page rank on the homepage of this blog. Though losing PR is not a big disaster, it can have certain impacts on your blogging life. For example, you might have noticed two empty ad slots on the sidebar. Since small time ad networks and advertisers there in are paranoid about the PR factor, I ended up losing some ad income – though very trivial. During the initial stages of this low PR state, there was also a bit of reduction in search traffic as well though not significant.

Well, the good thing is that Google has actually ‘reconsidered’ my blog’s search rankings and they have come up with some ‘help’ based on my Google reconsideration request. The toolbar PR is back now at 3 and more interestingly I have an increased number of indexed pages on Google.

What is Google reconsideration request?

google-page-rank-up-restoredGoogle reconsideration request is a mechanism to contact Google via your verified Webmaster Tools account if you encounter one of the following issues:

  1. You noticed that your website is not at all appearing in Google search, but in the past it used to
  2. Your site’s search ranking on Google has degraded as compared to the past
  3. A ‘site:‘ query on Google lists none of your pages
  4. You purchased a domain that you think may have violated Google webmaster guidelines before you owned it and you want to get it corrected by Google

The above are the ‘official’ reasons to contact Google for reconsideration. However, as it looks, even (5) for ‘visible’ toolbar PR drop or even (6) to get your site listed on Google you may contact Google. i.e after having submitted to Google search long back and after uploading sitemap etc.

How to contact Google for reconsideration?

It is very easy. First of all you need to have an account with Google Webmaster Tools and you must have the website under consideration verified there in by one of the site verification mechanisms available.

Once you have a verified site, you can click the ‘Site reconsideration’ link on the Webmaster Tools to submit your request to Google. Please note that it takes three or four weeks for Google to respond but that’s how life is. While contacting Google, please do the following.

  • Describe the problem in a crisp and short manner
  • If you have committed a mistake that probably violated the Google webmaster guidelines, please admit it. In my case, I had written about a traffic generation tool and I mentioned that. I also admitted changing the blog to a DoFollow blog
  • Explain what corrective actions you have taken after you noticed poor search rankings e.g. Removed a controversial post, reverted some blackhat SEO stuff you did etc.
  • Provide data points as to why you feel the ranking is poorer now
  • Highlight the importance of visibility of your business on Google
  • Once again make sure that you are adhering to the webmaster guidelines before submitting the site reconsideration request

You have to make one and only one request till you hear. In about 20 or 30 days you will receive a mail from Google that your site has been reconsidered. If you hear so, if you do a recheck of indexed pages, you would have had more of them now. In my case, it increased significantly and so is the search traffic for the past two weeks or so.

The toolbar PR, though a trivial thing, may also be back in a few days.


As a matter of fact, most of the bloggers and Internet marketers survive based on the traffic originated via Google search. Due to the same reason, it is very important to have your site reconsidered if you notice significant dip in your search traffic or your search positions are degraded.

Hope this little post will be useful to you at some point.


  1. Great news dude.

    Congrats on getting back the PR!

  2. Congrats to you, Ajith. For me, they never responded at all, so I guess I’m not close to worthy of consideration. However, I also have to say that if it has to do with one post, that’s not fair, especially with all the other stuff that’s out there getting PR, and I wouldn’t do it. But I applaud your being treated fairly now.

    • @Mitch, I got a long detailed (standard) reply from Google and when I actually checked I found more indexed links and better ranking. However, another person who submitted along with me hadn’t seen any result yet. Anyhow, home PR may not take a big part in the search I believe. Your individual post search ranks matter more for hits and conversions.

      • Did they say you had one offending post, or was it something else they were irked at you for? Just seems tough to have to figure things out when they won’t generally talk to you or tell you what the issue is they have with you.

  3. Ajith,

    Very valuable info, last week i have losted my 3 sites Page rank from 3 to 0. i don’t know what happened. last week i noticed that website verification failed, its corrected. my links appearing at google. no problem, even i am getting the site links also. i have requested for a Reconsideration.

    Thanks once again for this valuable info.

    • @Anish, you are welcome. PR dropping to zero, as I mentioned, is not a disaster as long as you see no issue with search positioning. But it will definitely help impressing the advertisers.

  4. It can be a big problem for a lot of website owners when their site is penalized or completely drops out of google rankings which usually means a loss in income.
    I wish the google reconsideration request could give some basic and even generic hints as to why the page has been penalized, as sometimes a clear reason can not be found.

    • @Andreas, that’s a very valid expectation. Generally while penalizing they will make you point to the humangous list of webmaster guidelines and you never know which one of those 100 bullet points you violated.

  5. hmm makes me thign I Should have done that a little while ago when mine dropped from 5 to 3! as cest la vie!

    congrats on yours though!

    • @Donace, in your case it happened due to the long breaks you took I though. Anyhow, happy that you are back to blogging on a regular basis. Saw your little mailer the other day.

  6. Nick Rodriquez :

    If I can learn something from all this….PR has and will always be valuable!

    • @Nick, I know you have been an advocate of home PR importance 🙂 For me, it’s been an issue mainly with the BuySellAds ad spot sales alone and a small dip in traffic.

  7. Interesting reading, hope I never have to use it for my website 🙂

  8. For almost a year, the PR of my tech blog has gone down from PR 4 to PR 3 and then PR NA, and now since a year it is stuck at PR 0. I am not sure why this happened. Also I am not sure if I am eligible to apply for site reconsideration as my site does not meet the reconsideration request criteria.

  9. Congrats Ajith
    I also violated Google policy once and submitted my site for reconsideration.
    But till now havent got any mail from Google.
    Around 40 days have passed

    Can u pls tell when can I expect a mail from google?


  10. The same thing happened to me two years ago. I submitted the request, the rank was reinstated but I never received a response from google – I thought that they didn’t usually respond.

    • @Kim: They reply . Actually instead of mail, they reply as a message directly in Webmaster Tools. I too noticed in my webmaster tools and didn’t get a mail from them.

      You also please check your messages in GWT

      Hope it Helps


  11. You should read this thread at google webmaster forum on getting your site reconsidered. Its really amazing. Just read through the full text.


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