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On June 7, 2011
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Google Sniper 2.0 explains a methodology to create Highly converting medium traffic websites quickly from ground up - Keyword selection to Domain name decision to choosing the theme to building the content. Works best with themes like ClickBump.

So you want to make $5,000 per month online out of some web content. Let us list your online content-based money making options.

  1. Build an authority blog or website that is updated regularly and monetized via Google AdSense, private ad sales and affiliate links – Traffic requirement will be in the range of one or two hundred thousand uniques per month if not more
  2. Build several niche blogs with lesser authority but converting content and monetized via affiliate marketing
  3. Don’t write any content yourself but take the autoblogging route (e.g. wp robot) – Well not always an ethical route
  4. …or just build a few Google Sniper sites, each of which can be built under couple of hours!

What is Google Sniper?

Perhaps, a better question would be what is a sniper site?. I am not sure what other Google sniper review sites say, but the following is my definition based on building a couple of such websites under a month now (Yes, I purchased Google Sniper recently):

A Gsniper site or Google sniper site is nothing but a website that…

– has only 3 to 5 pages in it

– has an actual search phrase domain name (e.g.

targets exactly one keyword that is in the domain name itself

– typically targets low-competition keywords with only a couple of thousand searches per month

– is monetized via affiliate links and boasts crazy conversion ratios – even as high as 20% at times

– typically yields income in the range of 300-400 dollars per month per site.

– highly targeted on very specific affiliate product in that niche (more likely that affiliate products are used than Google AdSense when it comes to sniper sites)

The returns can be even a couple of thousands from such a site based on the keyword domain name. But typically it’s in the range of 300-400 dollars. Hence, if you have 5 or 10 sniper sites, you are talking about a handsome online income per month without having to update the content on regular basis.

gsniper 2.0Now, Google Sniper 2.0 package is a a bunch of videos and tutorials that helps you to pick such a keyword (and hence a suitable domain name) and teaches you how exactly to build a sniper blog pretty quickly around that topic. Moreover, it teaches you a lot of pre-selling strategies and what kind of content should go on to your simple pages, what kind of settings should be applied and how to one-time promote it so that it goes up the first page of Google pretty fast.

Now, many of us know how to build WordPress based blogs pretty easily and even how to pick the right product to market. What many experienced bloggers and affiliate marketers probably don’t know is what kind of keyword to pick. In my opinion, that is the real value add I personally found useful from the whole system that costs $47 and hence Google sniper is not scam. However, you need to do the keyword research part right and pick a sensible domain name as per the video instructions to make the whole thing work in tandem.

If that makes you excited you may try out this product using the banner link below. Probably people who are already making good money out of their websites may not find it interesting but it will definitely help a person who is clueless on how to build a profitable website with minimal content.

google sniper

Updated July 2013
Since this post, I built 5 such websites. Two are doing well and yield 200 to 300 dollars per month. Mind you, I am not even updating these sites. Off the rest, I have discontinued with two others which didn’t rank well on Google despite having a decent keyword and domain name. The other one was mishit because of wrong keyword. Hence I am not sold on their Zero to Six-figure claim but definitely there’s some money coming through this route. 2 out of 5 sites is not really bad because the investment was hardly $100 for all sites together.

Check out Google Sniper 2.0!

Happy money making!

PS: All my Google Sniper sites are using ClickBump themes as both can work hand in glove

Google Sniper 2.0 explains a methodology to create Highly converting medium traffic websites quickly from ground up - Keyword selection to Domain name decision to choosing the theme to building the content. Works best with themes like ClickBump.


  1. Great find Ajith. I will check this out.

    One question: Can you share those two domains that you have already started using?

  2. No doubt google has alreay purchased this program is is reverse engineering it right now, these made for adsense sites are not the way to long term growth. take the same amount of time it will take to use this and the ten other programs and create a great site, people will send you traffic… just a thought.

    • @david, authority sites are definitely the long term path. Anything else – i.e. shortcut routes – will be chopped off by Google at some point. But it’s amazing how some of those silly sites are converting.

  3. I read completely the Gsniper. The most important aspect of finding the right keyword is not fully explained by George Brown.

  4. @Prasad,
    Do you really recommend this program? did you create 5 more sites? I want to confirm if it is genuine program.

    • @Amit, this is not exactly a program or a software that will kickstart and start driving traffic. It’s more like a set of guidelines (like picking the domain name, what kind of keyword to target etc). As for me, I have 6 sites like that by now off which 2 are doing good. I had given one such site as an example in another post about Clickbump engine review.

  5. Hi Ajith,
    Thanks for sharing it. Will call you soon.
    Jai Prakash Nethala

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