Hot Search Topics – ‘Google Trends vs Twitter Search’

It seems Grey’s Anatomy – a popular TV show – has completed 100 episodes as of today. Well, you must be wondering what has a TV medical drama or soap has to do with this blog. Nothing much, but I see that it is the most searched term on Google for the past few hours as per Google Trends. This search term is on fire on social networks like Twitter as well making ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ the real hot search term on multiple channels!

In February, I had written a post about how short term trend keywords can be used to boost traffic to your blog. I was mainly talking about Google Trends then. However, now I see that twitter (live) search has more potential to identify the hot topics that can be used for short term traffic boost.

Google Trends v/s Twitter Search

The main advantage of twitter search is that it is real time as compared to the 20-30 minutes delay before which Google Trends aggregates the search data. Of course, the data volume is huge for Google as compared to Twitter and hence this delay is reasonable. Also, Google Trends shows many search terms categorized based on the current search volume trend, peak time etc. However, twitter is a social medium where any hot news has viral effect and spreads like wildfire and it is highly likely that one of the top 5 twitter search terms (if it also appear on Google Trends) would make a real hot topic for you to post on.

In addition, further tweeting and re-tweeting about your post (which is already on top search) would result in instant search visibility on Google as well. Basically if you go for twitter search for finding hot terms, you end up receiving traffic from search engines as well as twitter (social network)!

Other sources for hot search terms

Dogpile has a real time SearchSpy that shows what the world is searching for at any moment. However, there is no aggregation of search data here and hence it is not easy to track this ticker. Most other search engines (e.g. AOL) have hot search pages linked from their main search pages where you can find top 5 or 10 searched terms.

Have you ever used Twitter Search for blogging about those hot search topics? If so, have you found it effective in driving traffic?


  1. Twitter is exactly what I use 🙂 I use a combination of gtrend and twitter search to gather data for my posts when I am doing one for the trend traffic.

    Didnt know about searchspy. Gonna check this.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Mauritius Horse Racing Tips Duchesse of York Day – Week 7

  2. Ajith , there is always some new things that we can learn from here, Using google’s trend to boost traffic from google is a wonderful idea. I would definitely give it a try some day. Thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge.

  3. I haven’t really used twitter search. need to check that out.

    I have seen Grey’s anatomy. need to download the latest season.

    Nihar’s last blog post… Friday Night Links Party – 15 May 2009

  4. @Kurt, man… so you are already there 🙂 I thought I was being innovative here. Twitter search is really a good place to find hot things to write about. As for dogpile search spy, it doesn’t list the volume of search or trend. It just shows live feed of search terms.

    @Shanker, Google trend along with Twitter search is the combo that I am talking about… Just check the trends and see if the top five are also with Twitter hot topics…and you write about it. Of course, it’s not for all kinds of blogs.

    @Nihar, twitter search is decent, though it’s hard to actually go through the threaded contents. As for Grey’s anatomy, I have never watched it nor do I know much about it. I was referring to a hot topic 😉

  5. Frankly, not many times the trending topics on twitter and Google match. But Twitter has an advantage over here since you get to know the trending topics (rather than already hot topics). Someone who is active on twitter most of the time can make use of it really well!

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  6. @Raju, you are right about twitter 🙂


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