Got a whack from Google! Page Rank down to 0

google-page-rank-downThis year doesn’t seem to be very good for me and DollarShower. After facing suspension (which got corrected recently but with huge losses) from some affiliate programs, mini slaps from Google AdWords now this blog’s home page page rank has been reduced to zero from 3. I am not sure when exactly this happened but I noticed it today morning and verified the same with multiple page rank checker services. The inner pages still enjoy good search ranking and PR.

The only reason I could think of behind this demotion is my recent review on a traffic tool (which was on the homepage). Or could it be the recent announcement to switch DollarShower to a do follow blog?

Anyhow, I am not too paranoid about the PR downgrade as long as the traffic to the blog doesn’t reduce. So far, I haven’t seen any impact of this on my traffic (of the past two days, that is). Probably, I would even contact Google to understand what triggered the downgrade decision.

Why has my page rank gone down?

As per various online forums, the following are some of the reasons why Google page rank of a page goes down.

  1. Text link ads or placing of out-of-context links to other websites
  2. Linking in and out to unrelated websites, rated or prohibited content
  3. Purchasing inbound links to your pages to sabotage Google’s attempt to assign you the right PR
  4. Pages that deal with traffic generation tools, tips, explaining black-hat techniques or similar stuff
  5. Use of black hat techniques like overstuffed keywords, hidden text etc
  6. Too many paid plugs, sponsored reviews etc.
  7. Paid link or paid-plug related bad plugin/script detection
  8. If it is a AdWords landing page, somebody manually raised a complaint
  9. Google bashing

Obviously I have been booked and punished under more than one of those GPCs (Google Penal Code 19XX-20XX) – especially GPC 4 and GPC 9. I haven’t been writing any paid reviews of late nor have I involved selling text links.

Next steps

Probably I would contact Google (yet to figure out how) for a reconsideration. This is not going to immediately impact me in a big way – probably except for some banner ad sales. However, a lot of young and upcoming bloggers who read my blog may consider the PR as a major authority factor (which to some extent is true) and hence it would be great to retain it for more credibility and authority.

Have any of you faced this kind of a slap from Google? And what did you do about the same??

Happy blogging!


  1. You know I did, Ajith, and I know it was because of the text link ads I had at the time. But I don’t see Google giving it back to me; the only person I know they did it for is John Chow, and that was only after he talked to Matt Cutts directly so we don’t have a chance.

    I’d never heard of the Google Bashing thing, but that seems fairly petty since I see so many people bashing Google and yet still have their PR. And at least you still have internet pages with PR; they took that away from me as well.

    And I just don’t care! lol

    • @Mitch, yeah – They really hate text link sales. Since, the PR plays a role in selling ad blocks, I would like to get it back, though it contributes to a very small part of what I am doing online.

  2. Just love reading your 9 points and lots of things I learned from it.

  3. Ajith, bad news again. are you using text ads ?.

    i checked my domains PR, no changes to any.

  4. is that possible.
    sorry 4 U dude. it will go up soon

  5. Nick Rodriquez :

    Ajith, you should contact Google to have that PR reinstated. No matter what people think of PR, I consider PR to be one of the major factors in determining your SERP. Just track your position for a week or two on Google for your keywords and see if the rank of your main domain + inner pages undergo any drastic changes.

    • I have done so man. PR determines the SERP but only for the homepage right? Anyhow, majority of the hits that matter were to the inner pages 🙂 Definitely, the homepage plays more of a branding role and for that it might help.

  6. This is not good, Google is behaving like an insane dude.

  7. That’s too bad. It’s really a downgrade to your site but i guess you can confront google for that. I do also believe that Google don’t bash without basis, so let them know your side.

  8. Omigosh , thats really horrible dude
    But how can that be possible ? Because i see no news about google PR being updated in blogosphere ?
    Looks strange , check your pagerank again the time everyone’s PR changes 🙂

  9. From my point of view your home page is almost similar to your inner pages when it comes to page ranking. So do not worry much as you inner pages has got good PR they enjoy good SERP’s.

    BTW you can link to your home page from every page and that might help you to get a good pagerank.

  10. I have the same problem. I had PR 3 site and submitted it to a free directory witch requires a backlink from your site. I placed few text links in my site back to a open dir and in few days my PR droped down to 0.

  11. hey ajith, in my opinion, PR is nothing but a virtual concept…i have never seen any blog getting benefited from PR in terms of traffic

  12. It is a very sad news. Hope google responds and gives back the PR.

    I think the reason might be the traffic anarchy that you wrote.

  13. hey…….tushar,,,wat u told about PR is exactly correct..even lot of my friends blog have high PR but they get very little traffic.But this is not the case for me,i am having zero PR but i use to get heavy traffic to my blog because of my unique content and some search engine optimization

  14. good one…my blog rank is zero what can i do..plz help me to improve my rank..


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