Happy Birthday!

Today D$ completed one year in the blogosphere! It’s, incidentally, the 200th post as well. If you browse through the archives you will see that though the blog was launched and made public on April 14th last year, I had backdated some content to have some base posts while launching exactly an year ago.

It’s been a tremendous journey, I can’t believe that I actually did write 200 posts with all that work pressure around and family responsibilities going up further. All these have caused my blood pressure to increase to dangerous levels but the excitement prevails 🙂 I hope to gradually build it to a much better professional blog this year though I had gone down a bit on my ambitious goals.

Recent Changes

I have done the following changes to the blog recently :

  • Reduced the number of AdSense blocks and most ads now appear only for search visitors (experimenting to see if that increases the eCPM as Luis mentioned a while ago)
  • I now six 6 125×125 banner ad slots now as there was some sudden interest in the last one month, probably due to the lower rates
  • Took out all advertising options except reviews and 125×125 banners (I had 468×60, Leaderboards, links etc) to simplify the offering
  • Post frequency will be mostly one per three days going forward

What am I doing now?

Well, I am taking a week long vacation in my remote village town in Kerala (southern most coastal state in India). My family is visiting my mother after a gap of 2 years and it’s the festive time right now (The Vishu festival of Kerala). I am having a very good time with absolutely no Internet connectivity nearby (this post is being written from the only Internet cafe in town centre) and pampering myself with some good home cooked food. Yesterday I went fishing the way I used to do in my childhood days – with a handmade fishing rod and stuff. Believe me, I managed to catch 8 small and medium sized fishes and had them for dinner last night. And on 13th we had a the best possible goat meat as one domestic goat was slaughtered and shared by four families. Some more interesting things are yet to come like the famous pearl spot fish curry that you can find only in this part of the world and in the backwaters of Kerala.

Happy Vishu for people from my state and I will be back to blogging next Monday!

(PS:- Please expect delays in comment moderation and replying)


  1. Ajith, Congrats. Belated B’day wishes to DS. 200 posts in one year is a good achievement. Keep up the good work.

    Prasanna’s last blog post… How to download videos from Youtube and Metacafe

  2. @Nihar, @Madhur, @Pras, thanks pals 🙂 I shall try to bring in more on SEO and blogging. As for the contests, well… I do not want to overdo it – perhaps once a year…

  3. Congrats Ajith. You’ve done a wonderful job on your blog. I’ve learned a lot about blogging from your articles. You’ve always pointed me in right direction when I reached out to you for any clarifications/questions. I sincerely appreciate all your help.

    I wish you all the best in reaching all your 2nd year blogging goals.

    Managing Full-time Job, personal life and blogging is not not a easy thing. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Ramesh Natarajan’s last blog post… 7 Examples to Manage Linux Password Expiration and Aging Using chage

  4. @Ramesh, thanks 🙂 I am glad that some of the posts here were useful to you. I see that The Geek Stuff is on the way to become a leading blog in the Linux-DB niche…

    As I mentioned sometime back, the second year goals were reduced mainly due to the other aspects in life but I will continue to blog 🙂

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