He who is an ‘MMO blogger’…

The MMO (Make Money Online) blogging trend has slowed down a lot owing to the ongoing economic recession. In fact, many of the MMO bloggers have stopped updating their blogs or already flipped them while some others are venturing into other niches. If you look around for reasons why many of them failed, you will probably find the main reason as stereotyped content and lack of innovation.

dreams of an mmo blogger

Traits of an MMO blogger

Some of the traits of a typical MMO blogger that brought in success to the pioneers in this niche became too boring when the protégées imitated them blindly. He who is an MMO blogger has the following common traits.

#1 He was inspired into MMO blogging by his guru John Chow

#2 His blog launch was powered by a blog contest for which subscribing to the blog’s RSS feed was the minimum entry requirement

#3 He calls himself to be an online entrepreneur whatever that means to him and others

#4 He is willing to spend 12 hrs online to make $1 in ad clicks but wouldn’t do a regular job that fetches 50 times that money

#5 For him, blog statistics are more important than content

#6 On his blog, 75% of the posts, if not more, are related to link love, question & answer, blog income, blog statistics, updates on blog changes, WordPress upgrades, totally unrelated paid reviews, top commenters of the month etc

#7 He has a stumble and link exchange gang around him to help with the traffic and other statistics

#8 He mistakes all other blogs for MMO blogs or in other words a blog = MMO blog for him

#9 Quality of the written language usually is not a concern for him

#10 Entrecard and similar mechanisms are key traffic drivers for him

#11 Adding more to the point #6, one genuine article that appears once in a while is a luxury

#12 If he doesn’t write about his blog earnings once a month, he cannot sell his ideas and the blog

#13 He tries to stretch the lifespan of his blog by conducting periodic contests or by paying to be top commentator

#14 Slowly the reality bites! 1000 RSS readers and 2000 twitter followers no more result in conversions. And 16 hours being online gets him nothing…and hence…

#15 …He flips or sells his blog citing either flipping as a major strategy (For sure it is, as 1000 dollar worth online effort would have resulted in a $200 sale after several months) or personal reasons and studies (Really? I thought young online entrepreneurs don’t need to study for a degree as they can earn heavily and even retire at 21)


Please note that I wasn’t taking on anybody in particular here. But when I did a basic analysis on the time and effort that I spend online, related to blogging and marketing the blog, I found that if I do not earn at least $50 per day online, it is not worth the 4 hrs (or more) that I spend per day. Otherwise, I could as well do $8 an hour unskilled job or even work in McDonalds, right?

You could also call it frustration or over expectations 🙂

Do you have any thoughts on the investment, risk, effort v/s rewards from your experience as a blogger so far?

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  1. When I had a blog, it was for me just a place for discussion. I’ve never before heard about MMO (yes, it may seems strange, but it’s true). But if there are people who are reading MMO blogs – I don’t see a problem. If you want to earn money, do it.

  2. Donace | The Nexus :

    LOL brilliant man…! feel free to share you $12 an hour plan in more detail 😉

  3. LOL – “#4 He is willing to spend 12 hrs online to make $1 in ad clicks but wouldn’t do a regular job that fetches 50 times that money”

    People are so funny that way. They don’t want to do something that they consider to be “beneath” them even if they will earn a lot more money doing it.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… WordPress Plugin: Insights – For Images, Video and More

  4. Great post Ajit. I enjoyed reading it. Probably after seeing Retire @ 21 I believe people will stop their studies and start MMO.

  5. Ajith,

    Blogging is long term, we can’t expect lots of money at this moment. But this should go along with the day job until you make at least double digit per day.

    you may earn twice to your day job, but this takes time and people how bare this can earn in future 🙂

  6. Ajith,

    I am not a MMO blogger. But what you say holds true for all bloggers. People who blog about a topic because they love it succeed while people who do it for the sake of money alone end up getting frustrated.

    I am afraid, you may be missing the long term value of a blog. I have been unable to blog for last 10-12 days due to an issue with my internet connection at home. However when I checked my stats from an internet cafe yesterday, I was surprised to see that binaryday has made more than 100$ in the last 10 days. 100$ for doing nothing is not that bad.

    $8 an hour??????? which country are you talking about. In India we get paid 30k per month for working 60 hours a week. And I am talking about engineers from bluechip colleges

    Btw I have updated my post about backlink building. Will you please go through it and let me know your suggestions to improve it? Especially some images to convey the ideas will help me greatly.

    Binaryday’s last blog post… be aware of gmail phishing scam through Viddyho tinyurl

  7. I think Binary Day said it all

    “”People who blog about a topic because they love it succeed while people who do it for the sake of money alone end up getting frustrated.””

    Thats it. People who have been reading my blog since I started must have notice how I keep changing the articles… well when I blog I blog upon my taste…even if am writing smthing for google trend,..it must be something that I feel pleasure to write about it…

    MMO… i dnt trust that word much now lol.. Infact I think we can earn with a blog but working to be an mmo wont earn us so much..instead blogging with a real taste about topics that you like is what can actually bring some incomes. 🙂

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… The Great Bloggers Interview of Mauritius 2009

  8. This post amuses me. I am sure many people can relate to it even if they can’t admit it. I specifically like the #4 line. Another great post Ajith.

    Frenchy’s last blog post… DOs and DON’Ts in Freelancing Competition For Jobs

  9. Excellent post Ajith. In my view, it may not be possible to keep the blog alive for a long time, If one concentrates only on making money without even having proper road map. I don’t think it is possible to become rich by blogging in a short span of time. At least two to three years may be required to build a solid foundation for a blog. Basic groundwork & forethought while selecting the domain name & niche plays a vital role in the long run apart from the quality of the content.

  10. LOL!! really funny post but mostly true! Many people use words like “Online entrepreneur”, “SEO expert”, “Internet Marketer” just like that. And yeah, I feel really bad when I see young students talking about becoming a “pro blogger” without even realizing what it means to their future 🙁

    Raju’s last blog post… Avira Premium Security Suite – Free License Code

  11. Dennis Edell :

    Contests are not special to MMO, all bloggers do it to raise subscriber numbers. I agree with most though and thank you for the chuckle. 😉

  12. @old domains, thanks for your comment. By no means, I was hinting that earning money is bad.

    @Donace, haha… what I meant is that, for the kind of effort involved, one needs to earn at least that much to compensate for the hardwork.

    @Kim, 😆 the reason for that comment is that, I know a couple of people who are skilled at writing. They could do freelancing or do a technical writer job but they decide to run MMO blogs, spend a lot of time online to make nothing much..

    @Harish, I am glad you realize the importance of studies. At your age, that is the most important thing! Retire @ 21 is not for everyone… probably one outta 10000 would have made it and he made it out of that 9999 who bought into his idea.

    @Lax, at my age and experience level, the supplimentary income from my blog makes sense only if it’s something really good (As I mentioned, say a minimum $10 an hour for a 3-4 hours a day). Hopefully, the long term aspects are brighter.

    @BinaryDay, well, $100 for 10 days of inactivity is not at all bad… I am not that lucky all the time… I make only $150 to $250 per month from this blog but probably it’s not that bad compared to its traffic figures. And that’s why I said, putting on a lot of online time is not worth for the kind of returns (I am forcibly reducing my online commitments these days)

    And in my particular case, my regular job fetches me more than the kind of hourly rate I mentioned. God alone knows for how long! 😆

    I shall check out your article once again…

    @Kurt, Writing what you like is the most important thing. And you are right. To earn, you don’t need to have an MMO blog 🙂 though MMO blogs will fetch you money via additional channels.

    @frenchy, thanks for yuor support 🙂 I guess, I was trying to reflect myself and read others’ minds.

    @Pras, absolutely! You are right, you need a roadmap and give it a long term outlook. Even people like problogger or john chow started monetizing after building the foundation.

    @Raju, right. A lot of them feel that writing a few posts a week is like a major career by itself. Studies! aahh, god save the younger generation who are always online!

    @Dennis, you are right buddy. Blog contests are there everywhere…but I have seen that most MMO blogs kick off with a contest 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your views. As usual, the idea was not to pick on anybody but being satirical on the current state of affairs…

  13. You are absolutely right! Would like to add a few more traits :-

    #16 Goes on commenting on “n” no.of blogs – “Great Post. Visit my blog at http………….”

    #17 Quite often plagiarises the content & presents it almost exactly but with headings like “10 ways ……..” , “5 smart tips….”.

  14. @Pushkar, thanks for the additional points. Yes, that comment template is quite popular and so is the punchlines 🙂

  15. Great post. I was smiling and laughing in between when i was reading the post. Lot of truth in it.

    I sometimes at office work on blog and don’t work the official work. But if i properly calculate per hour earnings. Job work fetches a lot compared to what blog fetches. Yet i am more interested in Blog 🙂

    I think most of them are like me only. Is that so?

    Nihar’s last blog post… How to set CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock Keys On/Off using Windows Registry Tweak

  16. @Nihar, right… the point here is that most of us underestimate the effort involved in blogging (actual writing plus marketing, commenting, technical work etc) and believe that five or six dollars coming out of ad clicks per day is great.

  17. Richael Neet :

    I absolutely hate MMO who present their latest paycheck screenshots as a new post on its own. Did we readers ask for it? I guess no! But what readers will appreciate more if the screenshot comes with a detailed post on the exact steps the blogger took to earn that amount….

    But wait, there will be an ebook released shortly that will contain this exact information. And as usual, it will cost me a weeks pay to read a few traffic building tips already available on various blogs on the internet.

    And this, my friends, sums up a blog readers experience with an MMO blogger (of course, generally speaking) 😉

  18. @Richael, I hate those paycheck displays too. Equally disgusting are those landing pages with a barechested blogger or affiliate marketer using his laptop from one of those beach resorts ROFLMAO.

    As for the real tricks and steps involved in making that kind of money, I doubt if they disclose any. All that they make people do is to sign up and be their readers forever.

  19. I couldn’t agree more. This perfectly describes all those people trying to make a living from blogging while they could easily make a lot more money by flipping burgers or something like that.

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