Heads Up – DollarShower Blog Competition 2009 – Need Sponsors!

blog competition 2009We have been planning for a blog competition for a while now and we thought there’s no better time than this New Year. Wait! Not everything is fine with our plans yet because of a small issue. We need to find a few more sponsors and that’s why this post.

Sponsor this event and how?

Here we are talking about a blog competition whereby we would like to set the prizes (cash and/or equivalent services) at a minimum of $500, $300 and $200 respectively for the winner, 1st and 2nd runner-ups respectively. Of course it can go further up. So far, we have managed to find a couple of sponsors for roughly $400 worth services and hence all of you sponsors out there have a great chance to contribute and help us here.

Your sponsorships towards the prizes can be one or more of the following:

  • Cash prizes amounting to $100 or more
  • Services such as Hosting, Site-Blog Upgrades, Themes sponsoring/improving, Graphics/Logo/Banner Design, Consulting, Search Engine Submission, SEO services, Affiliate Marketing etc worth $100 or more
  • Products such as Gismos, Software, Gift Certificates, Coupons, Themes etc worth $50 or more

In addition, we would need a designer to sponsor a couple of banners and a logo for this blog competition campaign. The banner designer will get similar exposure like other sponsors.

Please note that every prize sponsored should be of a minimum value of $50 and no banner, text link ads, review posts as prizes please.

Those who wish to sponsor the event may please contact us via the Contact Form on this blog before 30th December ’08.

How does it benefit the sponsors?

As a sponsor, your logo and links will be appearing in all our campaigns and competition weekly updates. In addition, any relevant posts/services on your blogs/sites will be linked wherever applicable. This can definitely be a great campaign for your brands and services.

When will the blog competition start?

If everything goes well, we plan to send around the first communication by this month end and the competition will be starting in the first or second week of January 2009. Mostly it will run for about 4-6 weeks time before winners are picked.

Competition v/s Contest: Well, this is not a blog contest whereby winners will be picked at random but a competition whereby you have to compete against the other participants to achieve a certain goal (something like DBT’s Blogging Idol competition, perhaps at a lower profile than that). The norms and rules will be there and this will be monitored by our elite panel of judges. We hope to get between 75 to 100 competitors for this event.

It’s over to you sponsors and my readers may recommend some sponsor names as well if you already know some of them.

Stay tuned for the next update!


  1. There’s a very good program based on the marketing products and services on craigslist. It’s pretty detailed because it’s in video form. I bought it about a month ago and I have made pretty good money so far.

    Email me if you want more information on these guys.


  2. What a great idea! I wish I had a prize to give but I did my own contest and am going to be swamped by the first of the year.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… 5 Unpopular (Anti) Social Articles

  3. Great idea! Did you do a contest like this last year?

    Shirley’s last blog post… Help! I Messed Up My WordPress URL Settings

  4. I am highly interested in sponsoring this competition, but the problem is that, i can sponsor the things you have in exclude list. 🙂 Though i am contacting you for further details.

    Chetan’s last blog post… Hit George Bush with shoe – The Flash Game

  5. @Mark, will they be able to be a sponsor? If so I am very much interested. I will surely contact you.

    @Kim, thanks but you could support by other means such as helping me out with analyzing and cross-checking the competitor data etc.

    @Shirley, this blog is only 9 months old. I added the year to the competition campaign hoping that I can do it next year as well. Think positive 😆 (As such I am not even sure if I get sponsors on time for this year hahaha)

    @Chetan, if things go like this I would definitely need all possible small helps. Btw, do you know anybody who could sponsor this event?

  6. For a contest of this calibre, you need to contact high-profile sponsors but the questions will remain, “what’s in it for me?’.

    To give you an idea, check out Men with Pens’ latest article and how they secured $20K worth of sponsorship. Good luck, pal.


    Blog Tips for Beginners’s last blog post… 101 Blogging Tips I’ve Learned in 2008

  7. Cool. Waiting for the competition then. 😀

    Even I am doing a small competition about the Mauritius Best Blog of the Year 2008 but without any sponsor or gift to be won lol. I started that just for fun but seeing that bloggers there are participating very actively and even the voters are much for a first time. I guess I’ll look for some sponsors for the next competition.

    By the way, you can try contacting Bidvertiser.com and Sponsored Review. They will most probably agree for the sponsorship. Also try to see with small web companies… and web hostings etc.

    Good luck.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Vote for the Mauritius Blog of the Year 2008!

  8. Great idea, I look forward to seeing how this competition turns out.

  9. @Yan, I know that most of the high profile sponsors will be unwilling. I got a couple of them though. However, if things don’t work out as planned, I would rather postpone this plan for a future date than somehow conducting it… Thanks for the refered post.

    @Kurt, everything depends on the sponsorship (have approached some of the names you mentioned as well). I have a very good competition idea with me and to put that into practice I even almost prepared the rating system etc. But nothing is possible without money 😆

    I saw your Mauritian blog of the year post and will come back and vote 🙂

    @Natasha, thanks… let’s see how the plans work out 🙂

  10. As chetan mentioned. I would like to be a sponsor but the above list doesn’t have the one that i would like to offer.

    Nihar’s last blog post… Bangladesh v Sri Lanka 2008-09 – Live Cricket Streaming links – Sopcast links – TVU links – TVAnts Links – Flash Links

  11. Ajith,

    You’ve a very elaborate plan for your competition. I wish you all the best in getting excellent sponsorship.

    Also, who are the “elite panel of judges”, who will be choosing the winners? 🙂

    Ramesh @ The Geek Stuff’s last blog post… Holiday Giveaway Winners for Learning Nagios 3.0 Book

  12. @Nihar, you will be definitely given a chance some other time 🙂 This time I wanted it to be a competition. If it was a contest I would have definitely asked for your help.

    @Ramesh, thanks 🙂 Yep, sponsors are slowing getting in. Managed to raise around $700 worth stuff already. I will talk about the judges soon in the kick off post… Need to get one more 🙂

  13. Hi Ajith,

    Great thought you made here…

    I can introduce you the guy who can design banners and logos for your contest promotion.

    If you found someone else already thats fine! If not contact me for further details.

    Best of luck! Hope you will get sponsors soon!

    TechZoomIn’s last blog post… Biruality:Simple & Clean WordPress Theme for Free

  14. @Lax, thanks buddy… I will send a separate mail to you on this 🙂


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