How do I put ads on my blog or site?

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Having a blog or website is a great thing as you can freely voice your opinions and thoughts. But how about earning some money by displaying some advertisements on your blog? Let us talk about the same in this blog post (Also read one of the previous posts on Different ways of making money). Again, my knowledgeable readers may please excuse as I am with beginners here in this series.


What are online ads?

Online advertisements are a piece of marketing or commercial information that appears on a web page. It can be in the form of a simple text link, an image (animated or otherwise) link, a pop-up/pop-under, an audio clip, video clip etc. Clicking an ad redirects the user to a website which stands for a commercial purpose.

Publisher, Advertiser, Ad Network…

A ‘publisher’ is a person who owns a web page, site or blog on which (s)he allows ads to be displayed. An ‘advertiser’ is the entity whose ads appear on that page. The ‘ad network’ is the intermediate person who has linked pacts with both publishers and advertisers and facilitate the creation, feeding, monitoring and payments of ads. Basically ad networks manage both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers pay ad networks for displaying their ads, ad networks use their publisher network to display these ads and pays publishers part of the money that they got from advertisers. This triangular love story works great for all involved parties!

So, How to post adv on my blog?

It is so easy! The following are the steps involved in almost all cases:-

1. Sign up with an ad network as a ‘Publisher’: Signing up as publisher is a FREE thing with all networks. Provide your details such as email, address and payment mechanism (check, PayPal, wire transfer etc)
2. Once your account is approved you can log on to the network site and design your ads for its look, feel, size, content etc.
3. Once the ads are designed the network site will provide you a piece of code or script. All that you need to do is to copy and paste it onto your web pages or blog. In a few minutes time, ads start appearing.
4. Keep monitoring the account once in a while to track your earnings.

Ads on blogs

Displaying ads on your blogs is a relatively easier thing than displaying them on webpages managed by you. Most of the blogging sites provide plugins or widgets that can display google adsense service. Other ad services can be pasted on to widgets or script boxes.

The following are some of the popular ad-networks. We will provide detail reviews on each of them and a lot more in our ‘D$ Reviews’ section.

Text Link Ads
Google Adsense
Adbrite (Closed since)

Compensation methods

There are a number of ways in which the ad network calculates how much to pay the publisher or how much to charge the advertisers. This and various topics such as compensation models will be discussed here in the near future…


  1. please tell about how t o add ads in my bogs site

    • Noufal,
      Before you can put the ad scripts on your blog, you have to sign up with those ad services such as AdSense or Bidvertiser or other. Many times they may not accept newer blogs or blogs with less content. You need to first build some content and apply for these ad services.

  2. Hi,

    I am still in the process of building my blog and I not planning to use Google’s adsense. I am using blogger beta version with an enhanced template, which I got from the Internet. Please post some trick with which we can post different banner ads on each post. I don’t want to have different banners rotating on all pages of my blog. The banners ads should be with in the post content and each banner should be different. Please help.


  3. I would like know where to put those promotional code supplied by ads network on my wordpress blog? I need to know which tools to use and this has really hinder my progress as a new affiliate.

  4. thank i like it and very help full

  5. I need to insert one Popunder Advertising in my word press blogs between . I search to find the above tags in the WP editor but can’t find the same. Can someone help me ……….Thanks

  6. hello, my name is inzamam and my question is that my blog is getting more than 350 views per day and is being more popular in google.i wanna earn money b putting ads on my blog .But my age is just 15
    and dont even have any bank accounts .so how can i receive money from the advitisings on my blog…
    please reply ..i wanna know this ….

  7. Please Help to find out the real way to get google adsense approved iam using clicksor

    • If you are using Clicksor contenxt sensitive ads, you will mostly never get approved by AdSense. Remove that (all scripts related to clicksor), wait for a month or so and resubmit your AdSense application.

  8. HI, can u say why i am not getting ad for my blog. My blog is Is it necessary to buy a domain like .in,.com …. Please reply.

    • Most important thing is to have good content. You have to first write 50 or 100 posts before putting in ads. Well, it’s good to have own domain name which will definitely attract more advertisers BUT need to have a lot of content before that.

  9. HI, can u say why i am not getting ad for my blog. My blog is Is it necessary to buy a domain like .in,.com …. Please reply.

  10. Hi.., Am karthik.. I have a blog where i post kannada lyrics… I am getting more than hundred hits a day.. still google rejected to give ads.. Is it better to wait for 2 more months and apply or to go for other ad supplies.. pls help me..
    Thank you

  11. hi sir am subrahmanyam..i requested google adsense to get adds on blog but rejected twice my request.sir please check my blog and give some suggestion to get adds. my blog is

  12. Please let me which are the different add networks are thr, and which one is best out of that. Thanks in advance.

  13. sir once again review my blog and give ur valuable suggestions

  14. Ajith,
    First of all I like to thank you for your valuable blog posts, awesome!
    Have couple of ques here…
    1. Apart from system oriented SEO evaluation by Google, does any dedicated team would be involved to literally read the contents to approve for AdSense?
    2. How would Google identify if a blog owner himself click on the Ads in his blog, sitting at different locations (say, @home / @ diff internet centers, /…)

  15. Dear Author i have few question, please reply me.
    is it our wish to unsubscribe from above add service after signup?
    is there any problem in changing add services?
    how many add services we can use for my blog?

    • You can discontinue from any ad service at any point of time. As for the number of ad services, there may not be any restriction like that. However, if you put AdSense then you cannot use other context based services. Also, AdSense restricts the number of ad blocks (from them) that you can use on a page but you can use other non-contextual ads (any number of them)

  16. hi!
    i have not any pay pal account so i have given my email adress to all places where paypal account was required.will it create any problem?
    please help me by answering my question ?

  17. How can i add clicksor Alternative Ads to ma blogger???

  18. Hello Mr. Ajith,

    Nice article. It’s really timely and helpful. Thanks. My question is, how do I get those ads on my blog. Like you said, I have registered on some of the Ad networks but I can’t use Adsense cus I’m still using the WordPress hosting service. I tried getting a domain but all efforts to do so have proven futile as my Country is not accepted. I literally don’t know why. Well, I’m not so fazed with that though. All I need to know now is how to get those ads on my blog. Thanks once again and thanks be to God that people like you exist.


    • Why can’t you get a domain name and hosted it with US providers like HostGator? Having a domain name would help with a lot of private ads as well. And if you are particular about AdSense and don’t want a domain name, then probably a Blogspot blog would make sense.

  19. Can u give us step by step info in getting ad in my blog?


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