How much money do you make online?

This is a little survey post! Since majority of my readers are those who are already making money online (or those who want to do so) from blogging or otherwise I thought of asking you this question. In fact this helps me to assess myself as to where I stand as an MMO blogger and helps all my wonderful readers out here as well.

There are two parts to this survey and I request you to participate in both polls listed below. The first part is about how much you make and the second part is about the methods or instruments that you use to make that kind of online income.

Poll 1: How much money do you make online?

To make things simple, let us take the month of October 2009 for earnings calculation. Please select the appropriate range from the following:

Poll 2: What methods did you use to make the above income?

Please select your top three monetization methods that you use to make money online in October 2009.

Thank you for your participation and keep watching the results. I will keep the poll open till the end of this month.

Happy Money Making!


  1. More than 15 votes and no one has commented yet?! or is it under moderation?
    Anyway interesting question and seeing the trend as of now, am not too surprised. Let’s see once 25-30 votes come by.

  2. For me, now i am living with Adsense+Infolinks. Nice to share the same with dollorshower.

  3. well for me it fluctuates badly each month especially with nevertheless the blog income is consistent..

  4. I have seen some of them are earning in 5000$. Great to see. Hope i can get to 1000$ some day…

  5. I would like to be in 1000$ bracket than slowly improve.

  6. Why specially October Ajith? 😀

  7. Kindly include demography also…Making $100 in USA is easier than making $50 in India

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