How to find Blog Post Ideas that people actually search for?

I have written quite a couple of posts in the past explaining how you can derive great blog post ideas while fighting writer’s block or have no idea as to what topic to write about. Most of the time, the blog post topics need to be identified out of your own thinking and imagination. However, at times simple technologies can be handy to suggest you some popular topics that people may be really interested to read.

Yes, I am talking mainly about Google search here and in addition some of the free keyword research tools such as keyword discovery which together can help you find topics that people are really searching for.

What people are actually searching for?

Sustainable organic traffic (traffic via search visits) is the key to success for any blog. And to be successful at that you need to write about what people are ‘naturally’ searching for. Most people on the web do their searches in plain natural language rather than hyped phrases such as ‘Make Money Online‘ (on which Google and several products thrived).

The below given list contains some of the examples of typical search phrases and you may pay attention to those highlighted special words that are part and parcel of most Internet queries. Let me call these words search qualifiers for the the time being! (Well, I had to call them something)

How twitter can help your business
How to build a blog
Tips to save money
What is my ip address
How to configure Linksys router
Setup facebook fan page
Top 10 hip hop songs
Coupon for best buy

How to write about what people are searching for?

To identify a topic that people actually search for, first you have to figure out the subject of interest. I am referring to just a ‘noun’ here – something like twitter, Easter, justin bieber, blog, money, Facebook etc. Typically one could pick a noun based on the season (e.g. Easter), news item, certain events, hot technologies etc.

Next you have to apply a search qualifier (such as how to) around this noun and type in the resultant phrase on Google to figure out something that people are searching for. Please note that we are using the auto complete feature of Google Search here and not actually hitting the Search button. Needless to say, you have to experiment with various combinations before arriving at one final search topic(s) as the following screen shot shows.

Google Search for blog post ideas

[By the way, if you are going to write about current hot topics that have a short lifespan – but potentially high instant traffic – you can as well try twitter search or Google trends for such hot search items]

Once you have figured out a search phrase, you can actually search for the same in the free keyword discovery search tool to check the potential daily traffic that the particular search phrase might bring in. Of course, this will be split across various pages that already talks about the same topic.

Keyword discovery keyword traffic search


Some of the blog posts that I wrote recently were driven by the technique mentioned above and in fact, I have seen search traffic improvements of late. In addition to picking the topic, it is important that you form a very good post title derived out of this natural search phrase and also add relevant tags and meta keywords.

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Happy Blogging!


  1. Is this necessary to put how to… i use how just like other search queries..

  2. It will work for me thanks for your sharing, I am happy to get some helping words for my blogging improvement and sure I will apply all the suggestion from now only.

  3. Great tip man, I have found this tip working for my local blog with great success. Well with my techno blog I am quite reluctant to it..

    By the way I would like to know more about the keywords and meta keywords. Should we use All in One SEO for keywords and meta keywords or the usual tags feature of WP.

  4. Great post Ajith.

    Thanks for the link. will check this out.

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