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Of late, I have been receiving a few queries from some of my readers on how and when to start monetizing their blogs or how to optimize the earnings etc. I had touched upon this topic in the recent past but then I had not specifically mentioned which all money making options were used by this blog.

Dollar$hower is not really an old blog, nor am I the perfect authority to talk all about online moneymaking. However, I managed to generate three-figure income out of this blog for a couple of months already. So today I thought of writing a post on making money online with or without a blog but on second thoughts I converted it into a page (See above: Make Money) so that everyone can access it easily. Also, I would want to keep it updated as and when my monetization strategy or blog status changes.

A few queries from some of you were already answered via email and a few others will be taken care of by the page mentioned above. If you still have any specific question, that I can answer with my limited experience in the blogosphere, please shoot the same as a comment here. Short answers will be provided here as comment replies and more detailed answers over the email (provided in your comment) or even as a separate post altogether.

In the meantime, I would be grateful if some more experienced bloggers answer the following queries:

1) When did you start monetizing your blog?
2) How long did it take to hit $100/month from your blog?
3) Any special tips or strategies that worked for you to maximize the earnings

Happy Money Making!


  1. 1 ) You start monetizing the blog the day it goes live…
    2) It could take 3 months to 6 months to make $100 depenidng on your site niche , content and traffic
    3) Use the power of social media to get traffic

    ZK@WebTrafficROI’s last blog post…7 Effective PPC Ad Copy Tips to Boost Conversions

  2. Lack of experience in the blogging world has not stopped me from answering your questions. πŸ™‚

    1. I put the ads from day one.

    2. I’m Still not there for $100/month. But getting closer to it on my 3rd month.

    3. I agree with ZK on this. For me, stumble upon had generated decent traffic.

    You would’ve heard this cliche million times — “Content is King”. If the primary focus is to generate excellent content, money will follow automatically. If the primary focus is money, everything will fall apart from there.

    Ramesh @ The Geek Stuff’s last blog post…How To Install Perl Modules Manually and Using CPAN command

  3. For me, I get exactly what I put into it. The more effort the more I make. I do not think there is a blogger (serious) out there that can generate 1k or more by not putting effort into their blog.

    I find the best challenge it to keep up with the socail network and market yoursef at not cost.
    No doubt, you will reach your goals. πŸ™‚

  4. Ajith,

    Thank you so much for the Make Money article. It is an invaluable resource.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post…Social Media Marketing Best Practice: Reflect

  5. I started putting ads up on my first day, and hit $100+ on my 3rd month!

    Tom – StandOutBlogger.com’s last blog post…A Guy Can Dream….

  6. @ZK, thank you very much for your views. Your timeframe to hit $100 seems to be like mine as well, though I am not consistently above that figure every month. And definitely, social media & social bookmarking sites are among the top market drivers.

    @Ramesh, you will soon get there and there’s no looking back then. And there’s no doubt that the king (content) will rule. As for the stumble thing, you are very right. If I take a look at the traffic for the last month, I see three towering spikes which was caused by three separate stumbles…

    @Laura, definitely you have to put in effort to make each buck…and yous seem to be with all of us on the social media/social networking route.

    @Kim, you are welcome…and thanks a lot for the stumble. 100+ people hit the make-money page yesterday πŸ˜€

    @Tom, 3-6 months is the timeframe projected by most and I am glad that you are one of the first to get there…

    @Hussein, thanks for linking back and good to see that you created a post out of it πŸ™‚

    Thank you all for your views…


  7. Thanks for sharing Ajith. Will check out the make money section.

  8. John Chow is a true money blogger.
    But Google hate such people, last time google bring him down !!
    Even he was not on top pn his own name [Keyword]

    Chetan’s last blog post…Send E-mails with others E-mail IDs.[Fake Mail]

  9. Yes Chetan, in fact his blog was brought down a couple of times in terms of PR. What is not very good though is that Google seems to have even controlled internally even beyond PR to get him no visibility on the front page.

  10. Google PR is not important when you have loads and loads of traffic like JohnChow…. He earns a decent $40k every month ..LOL!!.. really very decent amount…

    Now coming the point of monetization… My idea is like wait for atleast 3-4 months and then put up some ads when you have a decent PR and good traffic. I’m planning to monetize my Blog after 5-6 months….. πŸ™‚

  11. Technosamrat, thanks for your views on when to monetize. In your case once you get a lot of readers you could monetize regardless of the timeframe (as you already have a good PR)… May be you need more feed and direct readers.

    Forget 40K, If I get to make $4000 a month consistently, I would stop working πŸ™‚

  12. 1) I monetized my history site when it hit 1000 uniques per day?
    2) 8 days?
    3) Multiple streams of income – adsense, chitika, adbrite, tla and affiliate sales all working together on the same site as the different types of ad appeal to different visitors.

    PR has no direct relationship to either earnings or traffic… dont obsess over it guys!!

  13. @Lee, thanks for sharing the info. AdBrite and Chitika didn’t quite work for me.., There was some success with AdBrite but I discontinued before the first payment. Chitika, probably I tried, when I didn;t have much traffic.

    1000 uniques a day would have given you a jump start for sure πŸ™‚

  14. Don’t get me wrong – Chitika and Adbrite don’t pay as much as some other ppc programs but they certainly do add to the bottom line.

    Obviously the 8 days to reach $100 was AFTER I had got up to 1000 uniques per day. Getting that number of visitors for that particular site took quite some time!

    Lee’s last blog post… 5 Types Of Social Networking Scam – #3 Profile Hacking

  15. @Lee, I understand your point. The bottomline is that if you start with that kind of visitor base any monetization instrument could work for you πŸ™‚

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