Increase AdSense Earnings with Google AdSense Category Filter

Google AdSense has recently introduced the category filter feature for publishers. The category filter, along with other ad optimization features such as competitive ad filter can be used to effectively increase your Google AdSense income.

The category filter (accessed via AdSense Setup -> Ad Review Center) allows you to select up to five ad categories that you want to filter out so that these category ads will not appear on your AdSense blocks. This gives you an opportunity to filter out ad categories with very low earnings. The following picture gives you an idea on how low earnings, but high impressions ad categories can be filtered.


In addition to filtering low-earnings categories, you can use this feature to filter out rated (Sexually suggestive, for example) ad groups as well. Also, categories that are not relevant to your sites can be blocked, though Google would have already done a good job of serving context specific ads.

Disadvantages of using Category filtering

Though, it might sound like a killer feature, there is a catch here. The filtering happens on the entire AdSense account and not per site/blog where the same AdSense publisher account is used. Hence, if you use the Category filter those categories will stop appearing on all your sites. If you have blogs on multiple niches it may not be really effective always.

Competitive Ad Filter

The competitive ad filter, is yet another AdSense optimization feature that was introduced a while ago. You can use this feature to prevent up to 500 low earning ads (i.e. low EPS) from appearing on your site. Blocking an ad essentially means blocking the target URL where the click on the ad takes you. In order to find the target URL you may use the AdSense Preview Tool that works only on Internet Explorer.

As in the case of category filter, the competitive ad filter works at an account level and not at a domain level.

Hope Google remove these limitations soon enough so that our AdSense income can be further improved.

Happy Money Making!


  1. You are bang on target here Ajith! I implemented this a couple of weeks back and now I can see a definite increase in eCPM. I had not realized this until I read your post!

  2. Tried it, will check it out in a week or so and comment back.

  3. i have implemented this in my blog few weeks ago but honestly speaking, there has been no change in my Adsense earnings…They are still LOW

  4. That is a really useful information Ajith. Thanks. I will check

  5. wow!, Thanks to admin, these really helps me , this for ever post

  6. Really important and useful tip for new blogger who wants to earn thru their blog. I tried such optimization and getting benefited as well. Nice info Ajith.

  7. Yes, i like this but not yet started using it. because i don’t wanna loose any of my earnings.

  8. It’s always great when you find a post that actually shows you how to do it. I’ve read many posts about the new policies at Google, but this is the first to finally show me how to make these changes. Time to beef of the content everybody.

  9. @Raju, I have implemented adsense categories since a week now. Will see how it improves the situation.

    @Anwin, please do comment back on the results.

    @Tushar, it also depends a great deal on where the traffic is generating from. If you have a lot of US traffic, this should help, I think. For Indian traffic, eCPM is anyhow too low regardless of the categories.

    @Sita, @Teratips, @Sanjeev, thank you very much for the compliments.

    @Rahul, Why would you loose your earnings? You are just restricting certain categories and not blocking ads.

    @ms.keasley, thanks for your visit and compliments 🙂

    Cheers to all for your participation!

  10. I don’t know about the new feature. I will try this and see the results.

    Thanks for the info.

  11. I saw this new addition recently but was wondering if it will not result in PSA if there are too less ads?

  12. i never use this filter, may be later. thanks

  13. I will try the filters. You convinced me, seems quite a good idea to filter out the content not relevant for my subscribers.

  14. @Jage, @Radu, Good luck with the filter experiments. I am using it for the past few weeks. Will provide the feedback after a month’s usage along this settings.

  15. thank you for sharing this, im really looking for tips on how to increase my adsense earning. I’ve been blogging for almost one year and my current adsense earning is only $26.Thank you again and hope to see you on my blog too.

  16. Many thanks for putting this up. My adsense %recent earnings column is still showing all as zeros even though the % recent ad impressions has some data populated (like a 40% and a 7%); did it take a while for your data to be fully populated as I don’t think it’s possible for us to have 40% of impressions and 0.0% of earnings.

    Thanks in advance.


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