InLinks – Get $100 worth back links for just $1!

InLinks from Text Link AdsText Link Ads had recently launched ‘InLinks‘ – their new content link advertising product. Unlike Kontera ContentLink or similar products, the InLinks gives you actual ‘dofollow’ back links from the publishers’ post content to advertisers’ page and hence these are counted for page ranking purposes. And thereโ€™s no ugly popup or anything like that but just normal URLs (scroll down to see how InLinks appear on the page)

As part of their public launch this week, InLinks is offering $100 worth backlinks for just $1, for a limited time. With another Google PR update expected soon, this may be a killer deal for all. The steps to purchase InLinks (ranging from PR0 to PR5, they have 1000s of indexed links in their inventory) are as follows:

If you are already have a Text-Link-Ads account then :-

  • Log on to your Text Link Ads account
  • Click Buy Links option and select InLinks
  • Search for your keywords ie. The actual URL link text that you want to be linked to your blog (e.g. ‘blogging tips’, ‘make money online‘ etc)
  • From the lists provided choose the ones with high PRs. Please note that instead of looking at the homepage PR, you should look at the page PR where your link will appear. You can sort the links available for various parameters and search for various keywords as well
  • Pick as many links as you want so that the total adds up to $100.00. Usually PR4 links come at $25 apiece, PR3 at $20, PR2 at $15 and PR1 at $12.50
  • Go to Cart to check out. Before checking out put the coupon code 100free and click ‘Update’. You will be charged only $1.00 now :). Make your dollar one shopping payment and enjoy!

If you are new to either InLinks or Text-Link-Ads, then I would suggest that you create an account with InLinks and use the Advertiser -> InLinks option to benefit from this offer.

The purchased links will be active for 1 month. Once the purchase is completed, you can actually see the page URLs where your links will appear. This will eventually increase your Technorati authority as well if the links you purchased are appearing on posts that are not older than six months.

InLinks from Text Link AdsPlease note that when you buy back links from older pages, the idea is not to receive any traffic (you may get an odd visitor!) to your site but to improve your page ranking. I spent my $1 effectively today!

InLinks for Publishers

Using the same account that you just created, you can sell links from your pages that are indexed by Google and have a PR assigned. The best thing to do is to sell links from your old pages so that your home page PR will not be affected in the next updates. InLinks has greater potential and more value than Text Link Ads at a lower risk.

I am not sure for how long this offer will be running and hence go for it today itself using the sign up link below! Good luck and I hope that you get a better page rank in the next PR update with this $1 investment!

InLinks from Text Link Ads

Happy Link Building!

Update on 03 Dec ’08: I noticed that the Text-Link-Ads payment that I made towards the $1 discounted purchase is a recurring one. This recurring invoice has to be canceled otherwise they will charge for the whole sale amount next month onwards – that is $100 or your original invoice value without any discount or offer. So please cancel the recurring order in your PayPal account via the Payments sent option! InLinks works just great, otherwise!!


  1. Hmm.. I guess how well Google goes after these InLinks.. So those who are planning to take it should be very careful.. Even recently I read some controversial news about InLinks.

    TechnoSamrat’s last blog post… Block Ads on Your MAC Safari Browser With GlimmerBlocker

  2. @Samrat, Here I am talking about purchasing links from blog posts and not selling links on your post :) Selling paid links on your site would definitely affect you much more than receiving link love.

  3. Lee :

    Are you sure you won’t get penalised for buying links too??

    Lee’s last blog post… 5 Types Of Social Networking Scam – #3 Profile Hacking

  4. Wow, thanks for the information. This is really great offer to prepare for the nesxt Google PR update.

    The Kode’s last blog post… Life Cover Insurance – Early Protection

  5. Hi Ajith – I’m wondering the same thing as Lee. It sounds like one of those too good to be true type things.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… Psychic Search WordPress Plugin – There Must Be a Better Way to Track Site Searches

  6. @TheKode, it definitely is a killer deal to prepare for the PR update :)

    @Kim, the deal is for sure because I am already on it. As for the penalizing, it is absolutely impossible to even find out whether it is a paid backlink. It appears like just any other link on your post content.

  7. this may be a great problem if google finds out buying links

    computer problems’s last blog post… Eset Smart Security NOD32 v4 beta download

  8. moserw :

    Thanks for sharing. Used them a long while ago, but not of late. This is a great offer and shall look into it.

  9. @Bishwajeet, this is no different than you giving link love to your friends’ blogs from a technical point of view. And automated tools cannot figure it out unless somebody manually reports to Google.

    @Rajiv, the offer is for sure great and I utilized it…

    There’s a lot of apprehension among readers regarding a possible punishement from Google. I still believe that it cannot hurt the buyer and that is why I personally went for it ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Lee :

    How are the links organised? If a plugin or script is used to place the links then surely it will leave a traceable footprint?

    Lee’s last blog post… 5 Types Of Social Networking Scam – #3 Profile Hacking

  11. @Lee, absolutely no trace of any code or even a comment. I verified it myself :)

  12. Chetan :

    Great man, Do they accept PAYPAL ?
    and for how much time the links are ?

    Chetan’s last blog post… Got my Creative Commons stickers set

  13. @Chetan, yes… I paid via PayPal.

  14. Lee :

    Well in that case I might but some at the offer price for a not so important site. Still not too sure about selling any though.

  15. Ganesh :

    I think this offer is true. But I want to know whether there is any risk associated with doing this, like Google de-indexing you for purchasing sponsored links. Is there any risk like that?

    Ganesh’s last blog post… Subscribe to Online Bull and Get a Chance to Win $10 Cash

  16. @Ganesh, I doubt whether they have the same problem as the actual text link ads sidebar links… Let’s wait and see, if at all there are any issues, I will be one of the first to suffer :)

  17. Imporant Update on InLinks: It works just great, but do not forget to Cancel your Text-Link-Ads recurring PayPal payment. Otherwise they will charge you for the entire purchase ($100 or whatever it may be) next month! The discount is only for one month!!

  18. The discount was closed.. โ“

    tetetzet’s last blog post… Bayaran Pertama dari inLinks

  19. @tettzet, Not sure. Why don’t you give it a try? There’s nothing wrong in trying right? While checking out If you see that the coupon code does not work, just cancel the order ๐Ÿ˜€


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