Interesting facts about Internet Usage, Search and related Businesses

It is not a surprising fact that majority of the online income generation mechanisms are revolving around search engines and search users. And when it comes to Google‘s services, I doubt if anybody can live without them at all – be it the search engine itself, Search Engine Marketing, Google AdSense or various businesses around SEO, Page ranks, what have you.

If the current trends are any indication, it’s predicted that by 2013, the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) spending will hit $26 billion in North America by growing steadily from the 2008 figures of $13.5 billion. This is a good news for online entrepreneurs as they can build their businesses around companies like Google at least for the next five years.

More interesting facts about Internet, Google and Search

  • An average American browses 115 domains per month
  • Google continues to enjoy 72% of the search engine marketshare
  • In a month, more than 140 million users utilize at least one Google service or site
  • Even though we are in recession, the only thing that shows tremendous progress is internet search – high growth search terms being related to ‘coupons’, ‘unemployment’, ‘bankruptcy’ etc
  • There are about 13 billion core searches per month made by all internet users

All these points suggest that, it is bright green once we get to the other side of recession. However, there are bad trends as well – some of them being short term issues (such as lower ad spending). Yet another climbing issue is the click fraud rate which is at all time high right now according to a ClickForensics report.

Overall, there’s enough business and money awaiting those who have long term plans. And one can safely build a business around Google and its echo system, for at least next five years!

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  1. Richael Neet :

    This is what I exactly portrayed in one of my posts “Explosive Domain Name registrations in times of Economic Crisis”. And Google is certainly in the center of all this. Just last week, I was going through a very interesting thread on Digital Point Forums. the original poster mentioned that although he is placed number 4 for a “moderately competitive keyphrase” in MSN Live Search, the is getting almost 4 fold traffic for the same keyphrase in Google, despite being placed 15th (that is page 2 of the SERP). This small example goes to show how Google is taking over; or in other words, how people are abandoning other services and migrating to Google.

    In my estimation, SEM is going to stay as long as the internet stays (at least in this form).

  2. Good observation Ajit.It is natural that a lot of fired or yet to be fired persons turning to internet(read Google) in search of money.By the way recession and decrease in ad spending makes many blogs adsense block being blank.

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  3. Awesome Facts. I have never known that google enjoys these many. Where did you get these Ajit?

  4. You have shared a good lot of useful information. Can you please cite the references?

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  5. @Richael, that’s right… Google is synonymous to SEM now and this trend may not easily change for now. In fact, it’s amazing to see the ecosystem (and billions of dollars of business) that they have built around something as simple as ‘web search’. Good for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    @George, thanks… Ad spending has definitely come down and hence the eCPM rates. Recently I read about UK ad spending on Marketing charts and that showed some way negative numbers. Even private ad sales and rate per reviews etc are slowly coming down.

    @Harish, John, I updated the post with reference source ๐Ÿ™‚ I had forgotten to do that while I posted. All these information is available at

  6. Google is till reigning supreme, that is for sure. Here in South Africa our analytics generally reflect up to 98% of search queries coming from them. 5 Years is a long time in the world of the internet though, maybe we’ll see some meaningful competition earlier, in the form of twitter?

  7. Nice stats dude.

    I don’t know which other search engines use remaining 28%. I never use any other search engine..

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  8. Cool Facts Thanks for sharing and letting us know, Wow Google Rocks!

  9. That is really interesting. My view points are kind of similar but not exactly the same. I do believe that google is pretty much the king of search engines. I enjoyed your point about it being good news for online businesses. I’m glad i’m getting into the online business thing now instead of later!

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  10. Interesting news and notes … if the numbers are somewhat of a gauge then web design/development should be a steady field for some time to come … good news for us techies!

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  11. Google is going to be around for a while, by the looks of it. Their offerings are just becoming more and more diverse, and it is difficult to accomplish most anything on the internet without using ant Google products or services (albeit not necessarily badged Google) along the way.

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