Internet Marketing for 2010 – Just focus on Facebook

If you want to do successful Internet marketing for the next one year (2010), I have a small advice for you. Just concentrate on Facebook alone! I am more than 100% convinced that 2010 will be the year of Social Networking Marketing and facebook will lead the pack.

Earlier this month, I had written a post about top internet marketing strategies for 2010 that covered points from research. In that list, social network based Internet marketing was a major bullet point and today I am saying that it will be the strategy to concentrate on for the coming year. To be more precise just move your pieces around facebook and here are my reasons for the same.

What follows SEO?

Before even talking about facebook, it is my assumption that your online content (e.g. blog) already has a good amount of SEO done. This means that for the search & discovery model, Google is still the king. Once you have your SEO goals achieved, the one and only thing to concentrate on is your social network presence and the campaigns there in – Forget about all those RSS feeders, Twitter, Blog directories and email marketing. It is just not going to work except for the number games (# of readers via feedburner, # of twitter follows blah blah).

Why facebook?

SocNet Marketshare

Let me start with a nice picture that depicts the latest social network marketshare for November 2009.
social networking websites market share
This picture shows that the facebook is already having more than 46% marketshare among the US bound SocNet traffic. Since majority of the Internet marketing at the moment focus around the North America, this is a big number. Exactly an year ago, facebook’s marketshare was less than 20% and MySpace was a biggie then. In a years’ time the scene has totally changed.

Innovation kills competition

Facebook just beat its competition by providing a simpler unified user interface for all those features that others had in bits and pieces. They managed to do all these in a short timespan and hence ate into others’ marketshare. In other words what MyBlogLog, Twitter, Picasa etc could do separately now can be done with facebook. The relevance of blog directories and blog search engines are reducing now as facebook streams in that information as well. The result is that not much traffic to technorati, blog catalog etc and MyBlogLog is closing down next month.

SocNet Advertising will boom

I must say that, initially nobody really cared about the social advertising but things are changing fast since last five or six months. As people are spending more and more time online (and that too mainly on SocNets) the purchasing decisions in the future will be revolving around what they see and hear on SocNets and friends’ circle. In short, more than search engines, review sites and forums, SocNets will soon become the main base for online sales success.

Geo-targeting is already outdated?

PPC Advertising can deliver ads over geographies and pre-defined channels. But what a SocNet biggie like facebook can offer is to place the ads not only based on geography but based on other important parameters like their sex, individual tastes, types of friends and community they belong to, what they are talking about and looking for etc. because they have all this information in the profile data of the member. This simply means that real context aware ads will soon be a reality in the case of facebook advertising.

Fan pages will rock!

Facebook fan pages will soon do wonders by driving convertible traffic to your online content. If you do not have a facebook fan page yet, you might want to build one now because these will totally replace blog directories soon as I mentioned in the second point.


In my opinion, facebook’s marketshare may become something like 65-70% by the end of 2010 and hence you have every reason to be active on facebook for your internet marketing needs. I also believe that facebook advertising will grow by two or three times in the coming year and hence this is one place where you may want to concentrate on instead of running after less significant blog stats and numbers.

Happy Internet Marketing!

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  1. Good prediction on basis of data available. Now I think Facebook fan page will be another must to have element on all blogs.

  2. Ajith,

    I do have a facebook page, where my RSS feeds get posted automatically. I don’t use it intensively for any other purpose. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Good predictions. I also believe that facebook is going to take em all.

  4. Bang on (as always)! You just convinced my belief. Facebook insisting on Real name, verification via phone etc and still succeeding to attract so many users and traffic is surely a big plus for them. I still believe Google will continue to dominate (cos of personalized search etc) but Facebook will be a trend changer in 2010

  5. I have no doubt that Facebook will be a common household name on the Internet!

  6. Nice post and points well made – although it fills me with fear!

    I really must start to understand Facebook and how to give and get value out of the medium.


  7. Thanks for this info. I have facebook account but never used it. I will start using it from now.

  8. Orkut is using normal people, most of the bloggers are using facebook.

  9. Hi Ajith – I agree with you about Facebook. A number of clients have found me through my fan page.

    Also, I recently went through my top posts by pageview for 2009. 4 of the 5 articles are about facebook – it’s also a topic that people are really searching for information about.

  10. @Shibu, thanks for your comment. Yes, facebook fanbook may stay here unlike some of those things like MyBlogLog or BlogCatalog communities. Having said that, I need to build mine 😆

    @Ramesh, passing the feed to the fan page is definitely the first step. Then it has to evolve based on what people expect there.

    @Raju, thanks for agreeing to my views. I firmly believe that facebook ads will rock because it can have a natural way of finding and suggesting what people are looking for. Of course, Google will still rule search marketing.

    @Jeremy, thanks for your comment and yes, FB will be ‘the online socializing platform’ to go for sooner or later.

    @Mike, We all need to dig more into facebook 😉 I am not particularly good at getting mileage out of my SocNet accounts…but I have no doubt on FB’s capabilities. I only hope that it does not get acquired by a big fish.

    @Anish, even normal people will stop using Orkut as it’s value addition is getting outdated. After all only people from the sub-continent use it (plus may be developing nations like Brazil or South Africa)

    @Kim, I know… services like yours will receive greater mileage from Twitter and Facebook. And thanks for the heads up. I need to write more about FB now using some search phrases 🙂

  11. Good points! Facebook is going to be more powerful this year, if it can stay independent.I would also concentrate my marketing efforts on video marketing like YouTube and Revver.

  12. That’s an unique post, I really think that social platformsnetworking type of sites are going to be taking a huge gain in 2010. I really think that we are only in the beginning stages of social networking and we can see that with applications like Gowalla, it’s only a matter of time until all things are communicating together at an even better level. I’m can’t wait and am excited for this year, it’s gonna be a big year in social networking. What are your thoughts?

  13. I do agree that facebook will help us propogate our products.. acebook ad is a good propogators equally powerful as adwords


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