Know when to stop blogging

Last week, Alan Johnson of The Rating Blog closed down his popular blog! From an outsider’s perspective his was a reasonably successful blog and really had all the essential marketing ingredients in it. The blog’s health index (Google: PR5, Alexa: around 100,000 at its peak, RSS Subscriptions: 12K plus) was not bad either and he had quite some followers, including yours truly.

Since Friday, I was pondering why would one stop blogging if it is passion for him/her or even career by choice? Well, I am not particularly talking about Alan and his blog here, but about the possible reasons that could persuade some one to call it quits, in the general context. I could already think of some valid reasons.

Top five reasons to stop blogging

Reason #1: Lack of motivation and/or creativity or writer’s block can be one of the major reasons behind the decision to stop a blog. Laziness and inability to read and research on a regular basis could be related arguments here.

Reason #2: The purpose and objective of the blog not met – Every blog, according to me, is started with a particular objective or many. Sorry, we are closedThe purpose could be fame, goodwill, eagerness to educate the mass, regular income and so on. But if the blogger feels that the time and energy spent on the blog is not yielding enough return on the investment (ROI), he/she could think of discontinuing. Sometimes it is just that the message, that the blogger is trying to convey, is not spreading the way he/she wants. In some other cases, the topic itself can become extinct or outdated that the blogger decides to take a break to set something else up.

Reason #3: The purpose of the blog already met: There could be genuine scenarios where the objective behind the blog is already met. Again, these goals could be the subject, money etc which when logically met, as per the targets set in the beginning; the blogger could think of taking a break.

Reason #4: Lack of time – This is the case with many bloggers who retire early. Due to other high priority commitments such as family, career, many would think of taking a break. Change in family status and change of job are definitely valid reasons and foremost at that. In some cases, it is even due to the fact that, the technical upgrades, book keeping and marketing efforts of the blog takes way too much time than the actual time spent on blogging alone.

Reason #5: Forced exits – This is the most uncommon reasons as the concept of blogging is not too old yet. Unfortunate situations such as physical or mental disabilities or even sudden death could bring a blog to an end. You must have read about the Olive Riley, the oldest blogger ever, who passed away last month. Such unexpected exits, if due to natural causes, can be graceful sometimes but there are also cases where people are forced to stop for writing about illegal or banned content as well.

What is your opinion?

Stopping a venture is not exactly my favorite topic to write about. But I thought of doing so after seeing the goodbye message from Alan Johnson and I hope that he will get back to the blogosphere soon!

Now over to you – Have you ever got bored with blogging and even thought of quitting? If the answer is ‘yes’, do you have a valid reason to think so? Please voice your thoughts here.

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  1. It’s weird I didn’t hear about Alan’s blog closing down, you’re the only blog that talked about it. Although there were some rumors and opinions going around about his blog statistics being faked, anyway, great post 🙂

  2. Not sure if all his statistics were faked. But when I was posting the feed comparison tools writeup, I took a look at the feed trends of all blogs that I know. His was a perfect straight line which was rather intriguing!

    What I thought was, he got used to a writing style that was applauded and accepted well in the beginning, but then could not cash in that much after a few months. Genuine readership was drastically reducing…

  3. It’s weird to see businesses becoming more short trended instead of long trended. Before people were so caught up in creating a business for the long run, but when blogging hit the market, businesses became more of a short-lived trend, rather than a business that’s being built for the long over-haul.

  4. I am in the blogosphere from past three years. I have never thought of quitting blogging, as it has become my passion. During my three years of journey, I have seen lot of people, who called quits for blogging just after few months from their start. I too agree with the five points that you have mentioned. Apart from those, I think there can be lot of other factors which can compell the bloggers to call quits. Two such things, which I like to mention here is ‘Lack of Focus’ & ‘Lack of patience’. If we are not focussed on a particular topic or a set of related topics it becomes difficult to maintain the blog in the long run. And I have also seen people who try to make lot of money in a very short span of time without even bothering about the quality of the content.

  5. @Matthew, you are absolutely right. Many times short term goals (especially money part) make people blind and they tend to cash in as much as possible in short time and move on. Usually, that is the case with younger generation (Rajaie acquitted :D)

    Talking about that…
    @Pras, you said it. Lack of focus is a definite reason. I have seen people starting a blog with a certain subject and suddently write about virtually anything either to create more content or the new topics have become hotter (read: keywords)

    Thanks a lot for your views

  6. Yeh, personally I don’t like the idea of stopping anything. Instead, I often ‘reinvent’ things that have stopped being useful or enjoyable, like my personal blog.

    Shirley’s last blog post… Google Maps’ Street View Helps Fight Crime!

  7. @Shirley, In fact, I have not stopped contributing online for the past ten years or so… It will exist in some form or other – like code snippets, forums, personal sites, blogs… but I should admit that I didn’t have a particular blog or website maintained for more than 3-4 years. My personal domain is existing for about 10 years now 🙂 but only used for mail services now…

    You never know, I might think of writing in some other niche by the year end 🙂


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