Komli Ad Network Review

Komli is a ‘premium’ ad network from India. I thought of writing this review mainly because 35% of my reader community is from India or Indians settled abroad. It is probably useful for others as well because that is the same cause for which Komli stands – they are targeting up to 40% of the international ad traffic that is India bound.

What exactly is Komli?

Komli started their operations in 2006 and what they offer is a CPM ad network program and hence not exactly an AdSense alternative. Focusing only on Pay-Per-Impression advertising is probably the best workable model in India. There are not too many online ad networks in this country yet and hence they are positioned well to capture a good market. There are however, new players like iBibo who are soon going to venture into the online ad space.

Sign-up process

The sign up process with Komli is extremely simple. You just need to fill out a one pager providing your site name, address details and estimated traffic. They will get back to you within one business day with the approval. One of the things I liked about their welcome mail is that there were two simple PDF documents attached to the mail that explains neatly how to set up your ads and also how to use the reporting features.

Ad-script creation and usage

The ad setup page or ‘Tags’ page as they call it, is one of the simplest I have ever seen. You just need to select the ad size and you get your script ready. There couple of advanced settings as well, which they could have explained well on this page itself, but in most cases you won’t use them.

Once you paste your ad code on your pages, on that instant itself you start seeing your ads. This is another good thing where major players like AdBrite take up to three hours before ads are shown. The reason here is very simple – Komli is not a context-aware program and hence no need of crawling and caching your site before ads are served.

Reporting features

Although revenue reporting again is mostly a one-page affair, they could have done away with a number of checkboxes that the user has to select to see the revenue reports. It looks like; it is designed for developers rather than layman. However, the good thing is that what you get to see first is a nice dashboard that shows your revenue trend and eCPM (estimated Cost Per thousand impressions)

The story so far?

I started using Komli only 48 hours back. Although, it is such a short time to evaluate the returns, I had a chance to compare it with AdBrite as both appear on one page. At the moment the eCPM from both are not vastly different (Much less than $1.00 per thousand unique impressions) and obviously not the best you can get. However, they have two CPM products for publishers off which I could not utilize the high traffic ‘Premium Network’ – Probably that is better in terms of returns.

As for the payment, Komli has both check and PayPal options for you to receive your eanings. The minimum payout is $20 or INR 800 and there is a 45 days of delay (Net45) before the monthly payments are sent out.

What I liked and what I didn’t

The approval process, setup procedure and customer support have been very friendly. However if they have to maintain leadership in the local market they also need to improve a couple of things:

The ad serving speed is not really the best – Mostly my Komli ads get loaded 2 seconds after that of AdBrite etc. Also, I found that some banner ads don’t have the desired quality in terms of their design and clarity. Unfortunately there is no control for publishers of the ‘performance program’ to control what they want to display nor they are any category or keyword selection possible. The good thing, though is that they have no adult or rated ads served on to your site.

Also, I would have liked to have a referral program from their side which could have given additional boon to the affiliates. I shall post more about Komli as I start getting more results and in the meantime you may visit Komli.com or compare it with other ad networks using D$ Comparator

Update: Later, I realized that the eCPM figures mentioned above are not in USDs but in Indian Rupees. Hence earnings from Komli is pathetic indeed. Read the comments below for more details.


  1. Ajith,

    Thanks for your kind review.

    I am the CEO and founder of Komli. We are really focused on helping publishers make money from their inventory in India. Your comments about where we can improve are duly noted and we’ll take a look.

    You made an interesting point about the monetization of Komli and AdBrite being similar. A couple of thoughts there for you:
    1. Give it some time (as you yourself mention), it can generally take a bit of time for our optimization engine to determine how ads are performing on your site, and then to optimize the returns.
    2. These payouts are definitely related to the visitor trends on your site. You mention that 35% of your traffic is Indian related. Komli (we hope) is better than anyone at monetizing your Indian traffic, but not as good at monetizing your US or other country traffic (sounds like you like AdBrite for that). One suggestion for you would be to examine PubMatic, the leader in ad network optimization, and a product we recently released to market. PubMatic helps you optimize your ad inventory across leading ad networks automatically, so you maximize the value of your inventory. In addition, PubMatic very shortly will be launching geo-targeting (geography targeting) capabilities. What this will let you do is automatically send your India traffic to Komli, your US traffic to AdBrite, your UK traffic to another ad network, etc. I bet you will see pretty significant lifts in your overall revenue with that.

    Anyways, thanks for your kind review and we look forward to working with you over the long term.

    Amar Goel

  2. I have been using Komli Ads in my site for sometime now. Yea the sign up process was easy and the ads are mostly India-based. Yet to learn more on the eCPM and revenues.

  3. Thanks for sharing about Komli. Need to check them out. Coming to Pubmatic I have been using it for quite a while now and its pretty good. Lets you sign up for different networks and also manages all of them. Even has ad optimization where they rotate ads and then display the most successful ad formats for higher CTR.

    • Great moser… So you must be making some good money out of pubmatic optimized ad distribution. If you have some great ideas about the best ads for our kind of setup, please share them.

      Thanks, Ajith

  4. Good to see there is such a service for people in your country only.. I bet you guys can make the most of it..

  5. Thanks i sign up for komli ads since 20 days but not Add tha ad code in my website, but affter readeing your’s comment Mainly mr. Amar Goel, thank you sir.


  6. @me. please note that unless you have a very high traffic blog this CPM ad network is not going to earn much for you. But your site seem to be the right niche for what Komli stands for – i.e. India bound traffic

  7. Ajith,
    Thanks a lot for this review.

  8. Hi Ajith,
    Thanks for your review… I have had a horrible experience with them too.. I joined them after seeing that they have an alexa rank of 576 and so I thought they must me the first good Indian network.. I could see good reporting and thought the reports were in cents and dollars.. but after a week I realized they were in paisas and rupees…. I was so irritated that I could not believe myself… they are really pathetic without a tinge of doubt.. how did they reach 576 alexa rank being such a horrible network .. I have been associated with dozens of ad networks for years and this was the least payment I have seen from any ad network.. they pay in rupees only when the conversions occur.. but a conversion should give at least 20 rupees at the least… what does 2 or 3 rupees make sense for each conversion…it seems komli is trying to make a fool of the Indian publishers… maybe a new publisher who is using free blog on blogger etc. can even be fooled and start using them.. but webmasters like us who have been active for years and own several dedicated and VPS servers and dozens of other shared hosting cannot think of such a low paying network… even if I drive huge traffic in my sites I will never be able to pay even one of my dedicated server rental from the komli earnings leave apart anything else.. pathetic network with pathetic payments indeed.. advise everybody who wants to become a serious webmaster to stay away from them

    Amar if you are the founder and CEO of this network, then have you never ever had the experience of any global ad networks. Do you understand what 50 paisa means…. only 1 cent.. and please realize what a conversion of 2 rupees means…. only 4 cents.. do you think any advertiser would pay only 4 cents to komli for a conversion.. either I must be a fool or I have never seen anything throughout the years I have been an active webmaster if I believe that any advertiser would pay only 4 cents for a conversion …. go to any of the top affiliate networks like cj, linkshare, SAS etc. and check them out.. you might check their whole network and I can guarantee you will not find any program (out of their thousands of programs) who pay even less than 40 cents for a conversion… so are you making us a fool to believe that you are paid only 4 cents for a conversion… keep the CPM at least 5 rupees and at least 20 rupees for each conversion… what does 1 cent CPM and 4 cents conversion even mean.. make the publisher as well as the advertiser feel important and do not make internet marketing just a joke… I would not recommend komli to any publisher at all unless they increase the publisher payment rates significantly (at least 8 – 10 times the present rate)

    I would like to correct one more thing for newbies to this network… they are not paying just less than $1 for one thousand impressions but their CPM rates are 1 cent for one thousand impressions… only 1 cent i.e. only 50 paisa 😀 .. it sounds funny but its true .. they will pay around 8 cents per thousand impression if most of the clicks on those banners convert to sales too (are we playing affiliate network.. lol) …. Ajith please correct the rates in this post because I dont want anybody else to be fooled by komli .. If you still done believe me check this report

    Komli payment report

    He has got a much better luck than me … I recently ran 2 komli banners + 1 popup and what did that give me .. only 9 rupees with 10000 impressions and 1 conversion… sounds funny but it is true … I got so much irritated within a few days that I removed them completely from my website … can anybody justify 18 cent for 10000+ ad impressions and 1 conversion (9 rupees ~ 18 cents).. are they joking with publishers or am I going to remain a fool to keep their banners running …. I advise everybody to remain away from this horrible ad network named komli .. thanks Ajith and please correct the rates in the post .. I will provide you with proof if needed

  9. @Zaman, thanks for your feedback… In fact, I stopped using it long long back after seeing the CPM rates…

    Will also correct the rates.

  10. Thanks for the Information. But Which Publisher to Use if Komli is not a Good for webmaster Except Google Adsense?

  11. Thanks for stopping me from using Komli

    Investment´s last blog post… SBI Magnum Tax Gain-93 fund declares 28% dividend

  12. After having a overall impressions of 1Lakh+ for website, and lots of conversions. How much did i earn.

    JUST 299.99RS. Lets say it reaches 300, but when would it ever lead to 800 when i can get out of this pathetic network. even digjam offers 4rs for a dell conversion.

    It was very sad that i wasted my 6 months with komli thinking that my website was bad. But, after reading this blog i feel really hopeless and sad.

    Please tell which is the best adnetwork to use.

    Is google ADSENSE the best ?? please tell

  13. I am starting a textile company in India and looking for an Indian ad network. Prior to reading this review, Komli was at the top of the list. But now I will have to take a pause I believe.

    Any advertiser’s review will be extremely helpful.

  14. I personally liked Komli services.
    Last month I got about 2,200 Rs/- from komli.
    While I got 55$ from google adsense.
    From ozone media i got 2,800 Rs/-

  15. Problem with komli is it takes 45 days to be paid..
    But even adsense is taking 45 days..

    while ozonemedia takes 3 months

  16. plz tell some good indian ad network
    i have daily visits 150+
    pageviews 300+

  17. Hi i have a relatively new website (6 month old), where i have taken service of Komli ad network. I dont have much idea about other ad networks and d related payement system. so please someone suggest me ny gud ad-network for my website.
    website link is http://www.orkut4all.com
    thanx in advance

    • @abinash, without having a good number of visitors (especially from North America), you may not make much. I would say at least 500 visits per day (majority from search) might make some reasonable money

    • I am thinking about going ahead with Komli. And i saw komli ads running on your website. Could you please tell me how much are you earning through it right now?


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