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There are a number of free tools that are available online in order to check the backlinks to a particular website. These backlink checkers usually query the respective search engine services via their exposed APIs to get link back information. However, most of them do not present the details retrieved in a way that we can understand them and consume for further link building.

This is where LinkDiagnosis comes handy. Using this online tool and its addon for Firefox you can get a detailed view of the backlinks to your site and get information such as PR of the linking page, link strength, keywords used, relation property of the link etc.

Main features of LinkDiagnosis

The following are the main features supported by LinkDiagnosis:

link diagnosis

Detailed Backlinks check (Link Diagnosis)

You can use this feature to dig into the details of your back links for anchor tags used (keywords) for linking, quality of the link (good/bad), link strength, page rank, total links from the linking page etc. It takes a few minutes before the tool fetches in all the data (after your enter your URL) but it’s worth the wait. The backlinks data that it fetches in can be sorted as well as exported to CSV format. This is an amazing way to find out the wrong keywords used while building links and more importantly to find your competitors’ backlinks etc.

Link Diagnosis requires a Firefox add in order to render all its analytical information. The analytics that it shows include the Page rank distribution, link types analysis etc.

LinkDiagnosis backlinks view

Site Diagnosis

Site diagnosis basically scans your sitemap.xml and provides you information on those pages that are ‘good’ in Google’s books. Good pages essentially means those pages that are actually well indexed by Google and has a valid PR. This is a simple mechanism to check all your internal pages that have valid PRs.

Page Age

This is a feature that you can directly invoke from your browser using the context menu while you are on a web page. Somehow, this part has not been giving proper results for me.

Overall Link Diagnosis a great handy tool to help you with your link building and SEO Optimization!


  1. Tx. Will check it out. Does look interesting.

  2. I will check this one out. Looks like it will be quite useful. How does it compare with yahoo site explorer?

    • It uses Yahoo site explorer data. I’ve just gone and downloaded & and have restarted Firefox and can’t quite figure out where to find it off my toolbar, so I can’t really rate it, unless using it straight off the website. I want to see it in action.

  3. I just tried link diagnosis for my own website. It is the first time, I was able to see what is the PR of back link pages but with a problem. It showed that I have only 500 back links, in fact i have more than 300 back links. So, the report is not complete.

  4. i checked my blog stats here…it is showing 14 backlinks while one other service (BACKLINK WATCH) shows more than 100 backlnks…why the difference

  5. That’s an incredible tool man. Thanks for sharing. Am gonna spend some time with it right now. The data it provides seems quite unique compared to many existing tools.

  6. Hey Ajith thanks for sharing this great site! I’m trying to do an analysis for my blog, still in progress now.
    Anyway, the thing that attracts me from your explanation is the inbound link that shows nofollow and good links, it’s interesting to know that how’s the performance of our inbound link.

    Thanks again for sharing this tool! I’ll be sharing the result with you guys then..:D


  7. Oh..seems that the site need some upgrading on the firefox in order to get the full report such as PR on the inbound link and etc. I’ll be upgrading that later and find out the real report. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing Ajith!


  8. hey, nice think you gave me. thanks

  9. I gave it a try and it actually does the job of several of my tools. I usually have to acquire a list of backlinks then grab the PR of each link with a separate program.

  10. Thanks Ajith for this cool site info

  11. Ajith,

    What is a link strength?

    i.e the “strength” column in the “Backlinks” and “Top Pages” section of the report output.

    • Ramesh,
      As I understand, Link strength is a quotient of the page rank of a page to its outbound links. I had read somewhere a formula to determine the link strength (in theory) but can’t find it now.

  12. I usually use But I just found out that it is not quite reliable. Some people still succeed to deceive the tool. I once bought 2 PR5 domain and then it turned PR0 the very next week…I was sooooooo dispointed…

  13. It is very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
    I’m new to the blogging business and looking forwards to learning how to conduct marketing research on different social media like Twitter.
    What you’ve offered in your post is very helpful. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog.
    Looking forwards for your new posts. Keep working.

  14. Ajith,

    This is great…

    I will definitely check it..

  15. Just tried it out… Though doesn’t look great.. looks gud!!

  16. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this tool here.

  17. Thank you all for your comments… The tool has some limitations like the number of links it shows from a domain etc. but whatever it provides itself is of great value, I think. You can correct many of your backlink anchors, validate what competition has etc.

  18. I have used this tool several times, but it is good only for some superficial analysis, as backlinks analysis is not only about finding out what was the keyword, and what PR of the source page was. It doesn’t count, f.e. the important parameters on domain authority, IP relation, availability in Dmoz, etc. But once again, for a basic analysis should be enough.


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