Cash in on your Long Tail Keywords using the HitTail Tool

More traffic to a website usually means More conversions and hence More money! Needless to say, if you want to have sustainable traffic to your website, you MUST focus a lot more on increasing your organic traffic (i.e. visits from search engines) than other traffic sources viz. social media driven or referral traffic.

Since search traffic is all about keywords, your success primarily depends on tapping into the right keywords. Unfortunately, top keywords usually mean very tough competition (thanks to Google for making us realize that) and that’s why it makes sense to focus on the so-called long tail keywords. I have been using this wonderful long tail keywords tool called HitTail (check out their website) since last three or four weeks and I am already impressed with what it offers in terms of identifying the right long tail keywords to target and creating action points for my content with respect to those keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

To drive home my point on long tail keywords, let me give you an example. Let us assume that your company wants to market a new cola brand. There are two marketing strategies (may be even more) that you can think of for driving your campaigns:

  1. Directly take on the big names – i.e. Coke and Pepsi – and try to grab their market share
  2. Work with the larger market of other beverage drinkers who forms the rest of the market – i.e the people who drink bottled water, juice, tea or coffee. This is a huge market opportunity that comprise of 80% or 90% the people who are probably not still tied to a brand

The first method is all about spending a lot of money and effort to take on the competition. The second approach, though, is about diversity and tapping into a much larger market with less competition to derive pretty much the same end result as the first method.

Going by the above example, long tail keywords are that huge number of low competition keywords that offer you a larger pie of traffic opportunity (70% or 80%) than what the cream layer of high competition keywords do. You may take a look at the picture below, to understand long tail key words better.

long tail keywords
Pic 1: Long Tail Keywords explained

Why Long Tail Keywords?

Well, we already learned that the top search keywords (middle band in the picture above) are way too competitive and hence expensive to acquire. The cheaper alternative is to do a bit of long tail SEO or optimize your content to tap into the long tail search phrases.

In short, here are some good reasons to go for long tail key words:

  • 70-80% of organic traffic opportunity lies there
  • Low cost of acquisition
  • More sustainable traffic for long term
  • Less vulnerable to Google algorithm updates

Hit-Tail Long Tail Tool

In simple words, HitTail is an analytics tool that provides you information on which all long tail keywords you could target in your content based on your organic, social and referral traffic pattern.

Then the question is why not use Google Analytics to understand your site’s long tail traffic?

Well, it may be possible to do the same in Google analytics but it’s way too cumbersome, right? What HitTail does is to make your life very simple by providing you the right suggestions that you can add to your TODO list of content to create next. You can see the following screenshots to get a glimpse of what HitTail can do.

Hittail suggestions
Pic 2: HitTail Long Tail Keyword Suggestions

hittail keywords traffic summary
Pic 3: HitTail Site Keyword Traffic Summary

HitTail extracts the information presented above (sorry, I had to mask my keywords) via a little script added to your website or blog – just like any other tracking script works – and by matching the obtained keywords with the long tail keywords trend on the overall Internet search traffic.

HitTail on a WordPress blog

Adding the HitTail tracking script to a WordPress blog is very easy. You can either copy paste the HitTail script to your footer OR use the little HitTail WordPress plugin to do this job for you.

This small tracking script doesn’t add any lag to your website and hence it’s business as usual for your website until HitTail comes up with its first findings. Usually, within 24 hours of adding the script, you will start getting suggestions on typical long tail keywords that your visitors are searching for.

The suggestions can be converted to TODO list that you can track. Well, there is even an option to purchase custom written articles based on these suggestions but I haven’t used that service.

Long Tail SEO is the way to go

With Google Pandas and Penguins hitting websites from time to time, long tail keywords are becoming all the more important. Those who were once obsessed with top search keywords are now talking more about including long tail variations in their content than keyword stuffing of top search phrases. With tools like, Hit-Tail, the research aspect of long tail keywords becomes a lot easier.

During my productive use of HitTail for the last three or four weeks, I have actually put into action some of the suggestions that I received and I can already see some improvement in terms of website traffic. With proper usage of long tail keyword suggestions from the tool, I am hopeful of getting 20 or 30% more traffic to this blog.

You may take a look at the HitTail website to avail the 21 day free trial of this paid service. By the way, this is not a paid review not it contains HitTail affiliate links.


  1. It sounds like a very good SEO tool. How does it show all search keywords since Google is hiding most of them?

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