Make money by reading emails

Not all of them are SCAMs! It is really true that Internet marketing companies pay you for reading emails. I have myself verified at least three such programs and though the return is less (without referrals) these programs really work. Reading emails doesn’t mean that you have to read 100s of them per day – it’s usually one to five emails per day which shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes. Most of the programs offer you $5 or $10 sign up bonus as well which is pretty good and the real benefit start coming in when your referrals are making money.

How does it work?

Advertisers pay Internet marketing companies heavily to reach maximum number of online customers. Email marketing is just one of the basic channels of their marketing program. Once you sign up with one of these marketing companies, they start sending a couple of emails per day to your inbox (in some cases you have to log on to their site) and accordingly pays you for going through the ad content. Many times along with reading emails you will be asked to participate in short surveys etc which fetches extra money (Can be 50¢ to a few dollars per survey). Basically, these companies are sharing part of the money, that they receive from advertisers, with you and that’s how it works.

What does it take?

1. Email account to sign up as well as to receive daily mails to read
2. Internet connection
3. Free to open PayPal account if you wish to receive your payments faster. Without a paypal account you could still receive your earnings by check.
4. Five to ten minutes per day to read the mails (and make sure that your emails are not filtered out by your spam protection or Internet security program)

What’s good? What’s not so…

The moneymaking programs by reading email don’t necessarily spam your mail box. As I mentioned earlier, you receive only a few mails per day from these agencies. Compared to the daily spam mails that comes without any payment this ‘paid spam’ may not be that bad. However the earnings from one single program may not be that encouraging (peanuts is the better usage here!) and hence one may sign up with three or four such programs based on the email reading capacity per day. You could make a lot more if you use their referral programs or utilize other paid offerings like filling up forms, participating in surveys, playing online games, reviewing products etc. I will talk about them in another post.


  • If a particular program start sending spam mails to you block them immediately and cancel your account (Most of them have the facility to cancel the account without further spam)
  • Make sure that you keep the paid email open for at least a few seconds (30 secs or so and in some cases even 1 minute). If you just open them and close immediately, you may not get paid. Many programs track the time spend on their ad emails via timers
  • Referrals can fetch you more money than what you actually make by reading your emails
  • Before signing up with any program read their FAQs thoroughly
  • Do not have too long inactivity period (not reading any mails for days together) in which case some of them actually ban your account

Recommended programs & Sign up links

The following are some of the programs that I would recommend as I have personally verified them (No payment requested yet, will update you with proof when that happens). Some of them sends you payments only by check whereas others support money transfer via paypal.

Inbox Dollars ($5 for sign up, 3¢-4¢ per mail, upto 3 mails per day)
Send Earnings ($5 for sign up, 2¢-5¢ per mail, minimum 50¢ per survey)
Paid Email ($1 for referrals, minimum 5¢ per mail)
Matrix Mails (Sign up bonus as per choice, $1 for referrals, minimum 5¢ per ad mail, up to 10 ads per day, need to read mails via their inbox)

InboxDollars and SendEarnings are one and the same but they provide separate sign-up and billing services.

Please let me know if you have come across more such programs in which case I would take up a review on such programs. Also please note that get paid for email reading is meant for beginners (only) who are not used to advanced money making programs such as affiliate programs or ad publishing.


  1. Update on 17th Sep 2008: Please note that most of programs mentioned above are no more functioning the way they used to be. Hence we are not recommending any Get-Paid-To read email products any longer

  2. sir, tell me how you got the google ads in your blog

    • @Vinod, You have to first get a Google AdSense account by applying for the same by visiting . Not all blogs or websites get approved by Google. Once you have an adsense account, you can login to your account, design ads and put the code on your website or blog.

  3. Sir, my blog is disaproved by google two times..for adsense account but if u see some ads will display in google that you can buy google adsense account in Rs.399 in 2hrs or Rs500 in one hrs…..Is this scam?

    • @Vinod, there seems to be many such offers like “adsense account approval in one hour” etc but I do not know how good are they. And if your site is already disaproved there’s a very good chance of Google banning your new adsense account purchased via these programs. Anyhow, it may be worth spending 399 bucks and see if it works.

  4. r these email paid programs still existing, kindly recommend some of these sites as my wife is a home maker(beginner) and lot of time is being wasted at the residence. expecting an early reply. thnx for ur kind gesture

  5. Reg Adsense approval by paying money: I know of a person who offered his services to a couple of my friends. He delivered his promise.
    Instead of trying to make money by reading emails, one can try social media cash programs which involve in ‘liking’ FB pages, ‘retweeting’ tweets etc. They pay much better.

  6. Dear sir,
    i am want to create a free website that making earn money. kindly request can you help me.
    because iam hemanta ,from orissa i want to make a free earning your tips is require.kindly help me.
    Thank you

    • Hi Patra,
      Don’t look for such short cuts to earn money. You would be wasting time. Instead, learn some skills such as blog commenting, directory submissions, social media marketing that can fetch you a decent sum.

  7. this website is good and very good


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