Make money from your blog – PerformancingAds review

A couple of weeks ago, the team at Performancing launched their newest blog advertising solution by name the PerformancingAds. Performancing has been experimenting around with various Ad services for a couple of years now and hopefully they will make it big this time around. Though I had prepared this review a few days back, I thought waiting until it started showing some results and the following are the findings from the initial trials.

A totally new concept and why?

The PerformancingAds brings in a new concept altogether by merging the traffic needs and monetary aspects of blogs. In other words, it is a solution invented by the bloggers for bloggers. So every aspect from traffic exchanges, appearance of their website and the ad blocks properties themselves have the emphasis of typical blogs’ and bloggers’ needs.

How does it work and what are the key features?

The PerformancingAds solution works as follows:


  • As mentioned earlier, only bloggers can sign up as publishers and only 125×125 square ads (text or image) are permitted. You can choose three top categories to describe your blog.
  • You need to have a single sign up to use the new system as an advertiser, publisher or just to use it for ad exchange
  • Simple ad exchange program available whereby you earn credits for displaying others ads and use those credits to advertise your blog. This can bring in good quality traffic to your blog
  • You can set the price for your own ad spaces and it is a flat rate system on a weekly basis. i.e. When you specify that you want to sell your ad slot for $5, that is the amount that the advertisers pay for a week. PerformancingAds keep 40% of that ($2 in our example) as their commission.
  • All ad spaces are placed in their marketplace from where the advertisers can book them. Once the ad is booked for the agreed bid price, the publisher has the chance to reject it within 24 hours. If not rejected the ad will run for the following week
  • Publishers have the chance to design their ad regions (one single ad or a number of ads in a single block) to suite their blog themes. More ads in a block will ensure rotation among ads. A blog can have multiple such regions defined
  • The ad can run on any blog platform that supports PHP (they have recently added a Javascript version of the ad as well) and there are easy-to-install plugins available for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal blogs.
  • The referral program is very attractive whereby each publisher or advertiser that you referred will fetch you $10 and in addition 5% of the ad revenue for life from your advertiser referrals.
  • All payments are done via PayPal and on a monthly basis (Current month’s earning will be paid on first week of next month)
  • There is no minimum traffic or other ranking requirements for a site to sign up with PerformancingAds

First impressions

Though I started using the PerformancingAds on this site about ten days ago, there was no response at all for the first few days from any potential advertiser. Then I reduced the default ad slot price ($2.50 per week per ad) gradually until I received a booking for $1.00 a week. PerformancingAds does not allow you to price your ad slots for less than $0.50.

As for the ad exchanges, I am yet to see any good response. Perhaps, a lot of advertisers and publishers are still under experiments with this solution. Also, more established blogs must be the initial target of the advertisers before tier II blogs get their turns.

The user interface for publishers and advertisers is fairly simple. However, if you are in doubt, there is not much help available though there is a FAQ page that does not answer everything.

As for the marketplace for advertisers, I found that it is very hard to search for certain categories of blogs that you want to advertise. They should have provided some advance search interfaces as well to spot that exact blog that you want to advertise on.

Simplicity of the whole system is the best thing about PerformancingAds. By sticking to only one ad size for text as well as image ads, they have made a whole lot of things easier. Also, the same account acting as advertiser and publisher is a good thing. The sign up process is faster and so to get started it does not take even a day! Having a great referral program is the other major advantage of PerformancingAds.

On the negative side, they could have made the whole website a little more intuitive and searchable. Also, it is yet to show any major impact in terms of fill rate and booking of the ads by advertisers. I searched through the marketplace and found that even some great blogs with very high traffic is not having enough fill rate. May be things will soon change when they have a better user interface to search for ad slots. Also, the ads of various Performancing offerings keep on getting displayed, if you don’t have any advertisers signed up. This will earn credits for you that you can use for ad exchange.

Tips for publishers

  • Start with the ad exchange option from day one itself so that it will increase your traffic credits
  • Use more than one region so that the highly visible hotspots can be used for monetizing and less visible or below the fold slots for ad exchanges
  • You can restrict the ad rotation by creating an ad block with only one ad

If you liked what you just read you may sign up with PerformancingAds now and start earning money and generating traffic for your blog! Also, please let me know how your experience with PerformancingAds has been.


  1. Additional comments:
    There is a ‘search sites’ feature in the marketplace which is reasonably good. So the ad slots can be searched for alexa rank, categories and price which is good 🙂 I had somehow missed this as the majority of the review content was written sometime back. Sorry for that…


  2. Hi Ajith,

    Thanks for showcasing this new ad program. It sounds hopeful. Currently I’m not running any ads on my blog, but if I do, I’ll definitely consider this one.

  3. Thanks for your reassurance Barbara. If you are not running any ads,how do you make money out of your blog? Or is it like, you don’t want to monetize, your blog yet?


  4. Thanks Ajith. Just signed up yesterday with them. Have not had time to play around with it yet. Just created two regions to display ads. Ajith, was wondering where is the option to reduce the pricing on the ads from the default $2.50 or can it be done only when creating the zone. Let me know if there is any option to edit or the way is to delete old ads and create new ones with a new pricing structure.

  5. Rajeev, you can change the default ad slot price anytime by editing your regions. When you quote a price for an add region that price is uniform for all 125×125 banners in that region. So you need to fix it at the region level.

    If you need to have two different pricing for two banners nearby, you need to define two regions for the same but then rotation will not be guaranteed!

    Cheers, Ajith

  6. I’m having trouble with Performancing ads reporting – it’s so hard to tell if the ad on your site is a free exchange ad or a paid ad – they don’t tell you hardly anything in the control panel.

  7. Their reporting system is absolute rubbish. I can’t tell if I’ve made a cent from referrals (I had 3 referrals last count). I’ve emailed them but have never received a response. For that level of service, I don’t know how they can justify keeping a 40% cut!

    swollenpickles’s last blog post…Dirty car wash vacuum sex

  8. @Bankruptcy, @swollenpickles, you said it! My ad exchange credits suddenly became zero for no reason. I lost a couple of bucks from my previous ad regions when I deleted them… and mostly there’s no explanation as to how I get my referral bonus 🙂 The reporting system is simple but certain things are not explained there…

  9. Unless one has a somehow established site, he cannot sell ads through this network. He’ll have to wait quite a long time or sell the ads for a very low price. Their referral program is quite attractive, as you mentioned, for everybody though.

  10. @papia, Well you are almost right. I managed to get 6 or 7 bids in about 2 months trial – and hence for upcoming blogs it’s an issue 🙂 But isn’t something better than nothing… The referral program is good however, I have not got any payments out of it as yet. Not sure ‘how’ do they calculate when somebody qualifies for payment. This is one thing that’s not very transparent.


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