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Dean of has put together a list of top Make Money Online (MMO) blogs. This is a voting based list where the readers pick what they think as the best MMO blog on the planet. I think, Dean’s list is still being built but it is open for voting already. Needless to mention, DollarShower figures in the list and you know how you could help me out (Visit Dean’s MMO blogs)

More MMO blog lists

Make Money Online BlogsThe first master list of Make Money Online blogs was introduced by the erstwhile 45n5 – now known as the DigitalProductReporter (Update 2013 October: Site discontinued). The DPR list has close to 400 MMO blogs listed there and the rating mechanism is purely based on individual blog’s ranks and statistics. So we have a pure voting based list and a blog credentials based list.

Yet another massive directory of MMO and internet marketing blogs is the WTB (Winning The Web IM) list. What Gyutae has compiled is a categorized list of MMO, Blogging Tips, Internet Marketing, SEO/SEM, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Copywriting blogs. This list contains top 350 blogs and they are rated on several ranks & stats as well as user votes (The voting feature doesn’t seem to work of late). DollarShower is listed in the Blogging Tips category there.

There may be other sources such as technorati or MyBlogLog tags where you can find more MMO blogs. Also, AllTop blogging category has many of the leading make money online blogs listed.

You might want to bookmark some of these blogs and/or the entire list for future reference.

Your favorite MMO blog?

I had asked this question sometime ago, but would like to do a survey again. Which according to you is the best MMO blog at the moment that actually provides you some realistic tips to help you make money.

Happy money making!


  1. I vote for Problogger and I sense a next time around I’m more favorable to vote this blog also.

    It’s because this give me an informative tips and ideas to a make money online endeavor.

    Cathy from How to make money fast online´s last blog post… Free Ebooks Access

  2. Harish | Blogging Kid :

    Hey great ! so its going to be the third one. Interesting. Thanks for the mention Ajith !

  3. I cant say I am the biggest fan of this list. As with any voting based systen, there is way to much room for manipulation.

  4. Yep. You had my vote already. Hope to see you in the top 10 soon.

    Ramesh Natarajan´s last blog post… 4 Effective Methods to Disable SELinux Temporarily or Permanently

  5. arrggh, seems my blog is missing there, gotta remind dean. 🙂

    Melvin´s last blog post… Lurking On Forums, Good or Bad?

  6. @Cathy, of course I am not competing with Darren for the #1 spot 😆 Darren is the star and others are mere satelites. Thanks for considering D$ though

    @Harish, you are welcome. Some of the blogs listed there are great

    @Tom, the voting system has its own limitations. However, I saw that there are actually some people who genuinely vote for you. For example, I had something like 12 votes even before I came to know the existence of this list (Not to forget about 100 negative votes 😆 )

    @Ramesh, thanks buddy… To be in top 10 itself is a long journey 🙂

    @Melvin, In my case, he inlcuded me in the list and I was informed 🙂 Good luck with your blog…

  7. Just voted for you my friend…

  8. Voted for Dollor Shower

  9. Thanks a lot Curious Little Person and Anish

  10. I own the blog A couple years ago I visited one of these top blog, make money online lists, that’s where I signed up for the majority of the blogs I read. It was a great web site, glad to see more people are putting together these types of lists. They are interesting.

  11. Wow great list,

  12. Hi Ajith: Just voted for you. I am sure you will be rising up quickly — watch out Darren!

    Raj Krishnaswamy´s last blog post… Thermal spray metallurgical engineering jobs

  13. @Daniel, yes, these lists are handy to get to know more about innovative ways of making money online

    @Mohan, thanks

    @Raj, thanks for the vote buddy… I will try to keep a check on Darren 😆

  14. Thanks for the info Ajith. WIll head over to the site and see the list and vote yours.

    Nihar´s last blog post… How to submit Website / Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools

  15. Some of the blogs in the top 20 have got only one or two post in the last 2 – 3 months….I wonder on what basis is the list put up …No credit taken away from you Ajith , congrats on the inclusion

    ZK@Web Marketing Blog´s last blog post… SEM Marketing with SEMRush

  16. I am well acquainted with Gyutae Park from winning the web’s offering, and has been on his blog many times already. Dean Hunt is an unknown to me, so I am heading over there straight away to go peruse his offering.

    ZK raises a very valid point, however, and that is that blogs with very little action on them over the past few months are still ranking in the top 20. Surely the lack of action will cause them to slide in the rankings?

  17. @Nihar, thanks for your support.

    @ZK, Yep, some of those who have made money and riding on recurring affiliate/auto pilot income, don’t blog any longer. They are probably still considered great 🙂

    @Jacques, as I mentioned above, they may not be great blogs in terms of fresh new content, but probably they have some timeless content on MMO topic. Having said that, I do not completely believe in the voting system.

  18. Richael Neet :

    The best MMO blog, no doubt is Problogger, but I like reading Dollarshower and The Money Making Blog, authored by a friend of mine, Khena.

    Can John Chow be considered a MMO blog?

  19. well..good post..I voted for you in the voting list.. 🙂

    Tushar´s last blog post… Inspiration for ICM

  20. I’m one of the MMO blogger too, but I’ve few favourite MMO blogs in my list too. Darren from Problogger, Daniel from DailyBlogTips and Garry Conn, I’ve learned lots of blogging and make money online tips from their blogs.
    Ajith, you have a nice MMO blog too, I’m sure you can be one of the favourite MMO blogger in my list later too. 😀


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