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Selling ad spots is the most traditional form of advertisement and money making option for those who own a website. It feels like, the web banners – especially the 468×60 banner – existed for age now.

buysellads-reviewWhen it comes to ad sales on a blog, one can either (1) opt for a complete on-premise option such as OIOPublisher ad manager which automates the whole thing or (2) outsource the headache to something like and mint money. In this post I shall review the awesome BuySellAds product.

BuySellAds Review

I have been with private ad sales for more than 1.5 years now and the OIOPublisher ad management software did a wonderful job for me until recently. However, when my marketing efforts reduced due to lack of time, it was getting more and more difficult to get good advertisers at the right price. That’s when I decided to try out BuySellAds and I must tell you that I managed to fill five slots out of seven in a matter of 10 days. is a very simple and straight-forward blog ad network where bloggers sell their ad spots and advertisers purchase the same. The BuySellAds currently features close to 2000 publishers (bloggers) and more than 1000 advertisers. Hence there’s enough opportunity for you as a blogger to make money blogging.

Listing your blog on BuySellAds is free and fast process. After submitting your blog their and designing an ad zone, you can wait for advertisers to grab your ad spaces. BuySellAds requires you to install a javascript based tracking code on your blog so that they can report the number of page impressions generated by your blog for the benefit of advertisers. Ads are available in popular ad sizes such as 125×125, 180×150, 200×125, 260×260, 300×250, 728×90 or even a custom size of your choice. There can be image ads, image+text ads or text ads alone.

BuySellAds plus points

In my experience, the following are some of the major advantages of BuySellAds.

  • It gives you tremendous visibility for your blog where as if you sell on your own, you need to do your marketing as well
  • 25% cut kept by them is one of the best especially when you compare with BuySellAds competitors such as PerformancingAds, for example
  • PayPal payout option, and that too twice per month (two cashout requests per month). Though, there’s a minimum payout restriction of $50, they aren’t very adamant on that rule. It’s really small publisher friendly
  • Multiple banner sizes and flexible content options (image, text or mix of both)
  • Instant approval and listing, unless you have some rated content on your blog
  • Open listing and hence you can find out what your competitors are charging to arrive at the optimum pricing
Improvement areas

Though, this is by far the best blog ad network, I also faced certain issues which are improvement topics for the BuySellAds team.

The following are the issues I noticed.

  • Though designing of an ad zone is easy, it is not very easy to change the styles. There’s no visual editor and hence you have to type in CSS if you want to change the default looks of ‘Advertise here’ zones
  • When you have some open slots, they don’t align with the filled ad slots in the IE browser. Check out this blog on IE
  • The ad server is slow and hence ads (javascript based) are loaded after most of your content is up and with a noticeable delay
  • There is no option to show your own ads in case there are open slots. This is bad, because if two slots are free, you may not want to show ‘Advertise here’ twice. There’s an option to restrict it to one, but then it disturbs the styling
  • If an advertiser purchases an ad and later he changes the target URL you get notified to approve the same, which is good. But if he redirects it to elsewhere, the publisher cannot prevent it. The publsher cannot even cancel the ads without taking out the entire zone. This has happened to me, check out one of the banners on the sidebar – it redirects to nowhere since last few days
How to make more money with BuySellAds?

The following are some tips for you as a BuySellAds publisher, of course, based on my short stint with them.

Start with a smaller bid price for your ad slots as compared to your competitors with similar number of page views.
Start with fewer slots such as 2 of 125×125 slots so that there are not too many empty slots. Keep adding more, as and when it gets filled
Give it some time (2-3 weeks) for advertisers to notice you. The advertisers filter the listings by page views and keywords and hence, you need to wait till the page views are approximately calculated
– Use proper sales description for your listing (e.g. top right, above the fold etc)
– Keep your stats manually updated using the Update status button.
– Stick to most popular ad sizes
– Use as many keywords and tags as possible in your listing


In my experience so far with private and blog ad sales, there’s not really a better BuySellAds alternative for mid-size and small publishers. Even when you grow big time as a blogger and in terms of traffic to your blog, you may still use BuySellAds. You can see ad spot listing price as high as $2000 per slot there. Once you are confident of selling on your own, you may discontinue with BuySellAds to save that 25% cut but I would not do that soon.

Happy Money Making!


  1. I have been using Buysellads from long time and I must say it’s an amazing network for publishers and advertisers. This alone system is making almost 450$+ for me…

  2. Due to my blog being a broad range of topic one, they didn’t approve it 🙁

    Well I understand it coz advertisers prefer niche and targeted advertising. Will try them on my new blog Icy Tips later once the blog is more popular and I have more articles there.

    Not finding enough time to update for the time being.

  3. Past week I submitted my blog, which was relatively new, but got it my blogs picking up and my alexa is increasing day by day..would like to ask you, how much pageviews does it require to get approved or when is the right time for me to submit again ? (Below 100,000 Alexa ?)

  4. Ajith, I have just now registered and added my blog.

    lets hope my blog gets approved…

    Thanks for the review.

  5. BSA is really good. Im earning good from it. It is better than other networks.

  6. Its a good article, me too just started bsa ads, not got any ads yet :(.

  7. Ajith, you seems to be doing well with BuySellads now, most of your banner slot have been sold out, cool! I’ve been using BuySellads quite a few months and it brings me about $150 per month.

    Keep up the great work!


  8. @Harsh, yep, I saw your earnings stats – more than impressive… 🙂

    @Kurt, yeah, it happens sometimes with news driven content because any niche specific targeting may not be possible in that case. Good luck with Icy tips.

    @Mani, I think once you have more than 10K page views, it makes sense – not to mention the fact that they give some weightage to Alexa, social bookmarks etc.

    @Nihar, good luck with your approval. At the same time, if there are too many cricket related content, I am not sure if they will approve.

    @Ricky, good to know that you are already earning with BSA 🙂

    @Anish, it will definitely defintely work if your traffic stats improve. In the mean time, try reducing the bid.

    @Lee, doing fine with BSA buddy. Glad to learn that you are doing great with BSA as well. I have seen some unique banner positioning in your case 🙂

  9. What are you taking about. They suck big time man. They will not approve you unless you have tons of traffic. They suck big time.

    • @Singh, they are pretty good network – with the limitations I mentioned. And it doesn’t need tons of traffic – something like 5 to 10000 visitors per month would do 🙂

  10. I made only $30 from BSA but it is truly an amazing network indeed

  11. BSA is really good, but am not able to sell slots easily! Used BSA before 5-6 months also, at that time I sold two 125×125 slots for 40$.

    AdvertiseSpace is also a good competitor for BSA. They also have Affiliate program. 🙂

  12. Just hearing about buysellads. Can we revceive our earnings in nigeria? cos i dont have a paypal account.

  13. They require 100k traffic a month. That’s really hard for a relatively new website.

  14. i am trying hard to get it..dont when alexa will recognise my blog also confused about no-index link lol

  15. Yes, this looks like a nice alternative when we need to have a total control on earnings. Other PPC based networks can be uncertain, hence this one is the best. Thanks for the info anyways.

  16. i tried it several time but they never approve me.. for any of my blog.. 🙁

  17. I think BSA is very godd, but they didn’t approve me.. I don’t know why?

  18. I have just started with BSA, but I am still waiting for my first purchase. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait too long.

  19. Shanaya Aggarwal :


    I am Shanaya, I have many long term sports blogs, which are getting some good amount of traffic, but somehow, I am not able to get Adsense approval and also, Infolinks are not doing any good.

    And recently, I asked many about BuySellAds, and most of those said, that BuySellAds will not approve my websites.

    But I still want to get approved by this network as I am dying to monetize my sports blogs, so what I should I do to get approval from BuySellAds?

    Looking for quick response.

  20. Hello Ajith,

    Very detailed post, but I have some queries. I am looking to sell ad spaces on my blogs and for that I guess BuySellAds can be the best place, but I have tried applying for it, but getting an approval is difficult as I have been rejected 2 times.

    I have also tried Adsense and Infolinks on my sites, but they do not work well, so I think selling ad spaces will get me more income, but not finding a way to do so as BuySellAds not approving, may be because my daily traffic is bit less, although I can meet requirements when I combine traffic for all blogs, Will it work?

    Is there any possibility that I can contact BuySellAds team and can get manual approval after showing all my sites?

    Or I can go with any other ad space selling network? Please Suggest few names which you have tested and are trusted to work with?

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