Make Money Online via Forex Trading (for Beginners)

Easy forex trading with eToro

If you Google for ‘forex trading’ you may find plenty of online forex trading platforms. I found that eToro was pretty good due to the following reasons:

  • You can open an eToro forex trading account with as low as $50 initial deposit
  • On top of your first time deposit (FTD) they will add a welcome bonus of 25%. i.e. if you start an account with $1000, they will add $250 and hence you are already starting on profit. The bonus has a cap of $1000 (There are companies who give even 100% bonus but beware of their hidden costs)
  • No hidden costs or brokerage charges
  • You get a personal account manager (PAM) assigned to you if you start an account with at least $500. This means that you will get regular phone calls on trading ideas based on global economic and forex news
  • Leverage up to 400 times and it allows micro-lots (see Forex terminologies below)
  • eToro provides an excellent web based trading tool as well as a fast desktop based trading tool
  • You can add or withdraw funds via PayPal. This may be one of the major criteria for bloggers who already have their blog income in PayPal. Many other platforms don’t support PayPal transfer
  • Excellent customer support – via phone, email as well as live chat
  • The practice account to get used to forex trading is very good and uses realtime data

If interested you may sign up with eToro by clicking the banner below.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs on Forex Trading

The following are some of the frequently asked questions on FX trading:

Why many of the Forex trading companies are in Cyprus?

Cyprus (or even British Virgin Islands etc) is the place where many of these online Forex trading firms are setup and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a European Union (EU) country and hence Euro based economy. The low cost of living is another factor while being very near to Europe (it’s more like a Eurasian country) and it boasts world class infrastructure for businesses to get started there. Another important factor is that the investors can withdraw money without much tax implications.

Is forex trading legal in India?

As far as I know, the Reserve Bank of India does not allow any resident Indian citizen to trade on Forex unless he or she does it through Indian participatory banks. That too they allow mainly USD-INR pairing. Hence I would suggest Indians to stay away from Forex trading. However, if you are a non-resident Indian, there is no issue. The other option is operate with the accounts of any friend or relative abroad. Needless to say, most other countries permit foreign exchange trading by individuals.

Forex glossary

Base currency: The primary currency that you are trading or interested in. e.g. in a EURUSD currency pair, Euro (EUR) is the base currency and USD is called the quote currency

Counter currency: Same as the quote currency or second currency in a pair

Buy price (Ask rate): The price at which a buyer can buy a pair

Forex: Foreign Exchange or FX

Leverage: Leverage the loan from your broker that allows you to trade 100 or 200 times of your capital. E.g. it is possible for you to buy 10000 USDEUR with even $100 by applying the right leverage size. This can potentially increase your gains multifold but has the risk of loosing as well.

Lot: Lot is the standard unit of trading. Typically the standard lots are 100,000 units, mini-lots are 10,000 units and micro-lots 1000 units.

Open position: Your current holdings or trades that are not closed yet.

Pip: Pip (or Point) is the smallest price change that can be made on a currency pair quote. For most currencies (except for JPY combinations), the pip is usually a basis point or 0.0001. Hence the price movements are always in units of 0.0001 and smaller values than that. It may be noted that most forex quotes are in four decimal places.

Sell price (Bid rate): The price at which a pair can be sold

Short Position: Going short means that you are opening sell order hoping that the prices of a currency pair will fall. Later you can close that position at lower prices thereby booking profit.

Spread: Difference between the current buy and sell prices.

Stop Loss: The automatic closure price specified just in case your pair moves the other direction than expected. The stop loss order makes sure that you are protected from further losses by automatically closing the open positions at that specified stop loss price.

Forex Tips as shared by experts

  • Never invest too much initially, start with smaller amounts
  • Use stop loss effectively to limit your losses
  • Never use high leverages initially. Stick to x5 to x25 range max. Never leverage 100 or 200 times until you become a pro
  • Practice a lot on the practice trading account before putting your real money
  • It is better to start trading on Silver or Gold rather than directly jumping into currency trading. The same platform allows you to trade silver/gold.
  • Never take emotional decisions. If your pair is loosing, just exit by booking losses. If it’s going up, exit at the pre-decided price rather than waiting for more

Click here to start practicing forex trading for free!

Happy Money Making!

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  1. Please tell me in marathi about Forex Trading,

  2. Forex Trading is one of the riskiest investment if you are not having the complete knowledge. Its better to avoid trading if you do not have a strategy. Fear and greed are two major elements needs to be checked while trading. If you have a good technical and fundamental understanding of the markets you can earn a decent returns on your investment.

    For Indians forex trading is not permitted as per the RBI guidelines. But as of I know, there must be at least few thousands of people have accounts with overseas brokers and trading regularly. In fact, there are few brokerage houses actively promote the forex trading in major Indian cities.

    However, RBI permits commodity trading and having an account with brokerage houses like etoro, avafx etc one can start trading with commodities like Gold, silver, Crude Oil, copper etc .

    There are few good articles on Forex trading, which is a collection of top articles on various subjects on Forex Trading.

  3. Hi Ajith,

    Thanks for sharing this article, very useful for FX traders. I have been trading from 2 months and opened an trading account with I made an investment of $5000 USD and made some profit to. However I have never requested to 4XP for withdrawal as I will withdrawal when I will have pretty big amount in FX account. You said in the article that Indian do not do currency trading so will I face any iSsue from banks???

    Many thanks!!!

    • Hi Mahesh,
      Banks WILL ask for a ‘reason’ for deposit but there’s no reason specific to Forex I think. I am not sure about this. In my opinion, you should try withdrawing smaller amounts.

      By the way, though Indians are not supposed to do currency trading, I have seen 1000s of them doing it. RBI is getting stricter and have made it clear that it’s illegal. Perhaps, it’s time to stop trading altogether!

  4. Hi Ajith
    Thanks for this informative article. Does eToro charge for their software? if not how do they make their money?


  5. I would think of smaller pieces of money coming in – something like $1k to $2k at a time and no more than couple of such transaction a month. Well, at the end the whole legality of this business is still questionable. I think government at some point should come hard on this activity (and hopefully when they do that, they will open up forex trading opportunities for residents with Indian participatory banks)

  6. Hi,
    Is this currency trading illegal. If its illegal, what are the actions taken by RBI to avoid this. Somebody help me.

  7. I am an Indian citizen . As you specified RBI don’t allow the Indian citizen to do Forex trading .Is there is any other option to do this.

  8. It is illegal to do forex trading in India and its a non bailable offence,, can anyone share your views

  9. No use as Indians are not allowed to do any kind of Forex Trading…

  10. ajith i want to know about this trading

  11. Hi Ajith ,

    One of my friends say that he is going to singapore with all his accumulated wealth from indian stock market investments and trading and is going to open up a proprietorship kind of business and trade in forex with the help of technical analysis which he has been practicing since last 6 years and is pretty good at it. He will first become an NRI and then open up NRE/NRO accounts. Is this really legal as I had a debate with him and he said it is legal but as per RBI guidelines trading in forex international currency pairs is illegal as far as i know. Kindly throw some light in clearing my doubts.

  12. Hai Ajith
    I have been trading forex since 2011 July found no difficult in transferring and withdrawing and my broker is Windsor a good from Cyprus and earning a lot invested more than 80 lak will there be any problem as I am indian

  13. Hi ajith,

    How to minimize the losses in forex? How analyse the market to get profit?

    • Well, I am not an expert in technical analysis. Learning a bit of technical analysis is the key to make more profit. And keep changing your stop losses each time the price goes up or down. A lot of people make the mistake of not changing stop loss values thereby losing money in a sudden fluctuation.

  14. hi,
    how to do legal forex trading in india? OR can NRI do legally ? if i want to migrate to another country for only forex trading purpose , for which type of visa i want to apply ? any consultancy in india?

  15. Article is very useful. To start trading it’s very useful to have some knowledge. Thanks to article such as yours it’s much more easier to understand what is forex trading and don’t do mistakes.


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