Make money with AlterGold

AlterGold is the newest online money transfer service just like PayPal, E-Gold, StormPay, AlertPay or Western Union Money Transfer. This segment of services has been ruled by PayPal for a very long time until other players pitched in but it is still relatively untapped market.

What’s new about AlterGold?
AlterGold offers one of the lowest transaction fee structures. In most cases it is 1% of the transaction fee (Business accounts pay 1.5%) to receive and there is no fee to send money. There is no minimum service fee for personal accounts and it supports more than 20 different currencies as of today. AlterGold is really a good news for certain Asian countries such as India and Pakistan where receiving money from abroad via other services has always been painful!

With AlterGold, you can use your debit ATM cards to withdraw money worldwide and you can also transact via mobile. Money can also be withdrawn using services such as E-Gold or Liberty Reserve. The maximum amount you can hold in a personal account is $1000.00 where as business accounts do not have this limit.

The best thing about AlterGold is that one doesn’t need to be an AlterGold user to send you money. Another feature is that you can allow multiple people (like your spouse, friends, co-owner of business etc) to access your account with separate passwords and with enforced access restrictions.

What is in it for us?
We don’t write about AlterGold for nothing, right? AlterGold offers one of the best referral schemes in this category of services. The referral programs may change from time to time and as of now the payout is as follows:

. For every personal account sign up you get paid $5-$10. i.e. $5 each for first ten accounts and $10 per referral from 11th one onwards. Sign up now!
. For every business account referral signup, you make $5.00 and for every referral by your referrals you make $2.50. It is a two-tiered program and hence a money-multiplier program
. For every transaction done by your referral’s business account, 10% of the transaction fee comes to your wallet.

In short, you don’t need to transfer money via AlterGold to make money, but just keep referring people. To sign up with AlterGold and start making money click here or the image – by the way, that is my own referral link 🙂

Good luck with AlterGold !


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  2. I’ll try it now. Thanks

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  3. Update: AlterGold site is experiencing some trouble when I checked it again today after a long time.

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