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Update (01-Oct-’09): CreditBurner is merged into BlueAdvertise!

CreditBurner is a PTP network (Paid-To-Promote). They have a wide variety options to choose when it comes to ad types that the publishers can display on their blogs or websites. I had a 10 day long trial with CreditBurner and the following is my view on this network, based on my experience with their CPM banner ads alone.

Sign up Process

The sign up for publishers is extremely fast as you can get started as soon as you enroll. There is no major site requirement in order to become a publisher with CreditBurner and moreover their simple sign up form does not even ask for any site information where the ads might get displayed. As a publisher, you just need to provide your name, email address, snail mail address and PayPal/EGold information to get started. There is a signup credit of $0.35 for every publisher.

(The English version of their website – probably maintained by Non-English speaking people – is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and that is the first thing one would notice.

Ad types supported and conversion rates

CreditBurner supports traditional banner ads, full-page ads, PopUnders and Link Ads. In addition there is something called a Treasure Ad that places a small treasure box on your website. I did not quite try this as I didn’t understand it much (It is more like playing a treasure-hunt game where you collect points, by opening up the treasure box, which in turn gets converted to money).

Credit Burner

A publisher can place a combination of banner ads, link ads, PopUnders and treasure boxes. Only one banner ad is allowed per page though text ads can be more in number. A PopUnder along with banner will yield maximum CPM, according to them!

As per CreditBurner, the banner ads get a CPM rate as high as $1.10 for level 1 traffic and $0.75 for level 2. These levels are based on the country where the traffic is generated from (List of Level 1 and Level 2 countries are available on their website). The PopUnders claim to yield $1.20 to $2.40 CPM rates and the full-page ads $1.00 to $6.00. The CPC rates are also pretty promising for Link and Context ads. The CPM is
not based on page views but on Unique Visitors. From my 10 day trial I found that my effective CPM rates were between $0.18 and $0.20 for 1000 page views and around $0.40 for 1000 unique visitors for overall traffic in flow. I have about 40% of my traffic coming in from the US and 30% from India which are Level 1 countries in their eye. I found that the returns were much better than my other CPM ads (AdBrite etc) but probably not as good as many of the premium networks. But if you have a few referrals this can dramatically increase as you get 10% of the referred publishers’ earnings as well.

The CPC ads are a bit difficult to customize as there are no visual tools available. But I did not use these text ads yet as I am pretty happy with Bidvertiser on that front.

Payment Process

The payments are done every week either via PayPal or EGold. You can get a payment as soon as you earn a minimum of $2.50 which is quite convenient as you get paid earlier than most other networks.

What is not so good?

The first thing you notice (after the poor English on their website) is the quality of banners. The banners are not very elegant looking and looks as if they were done by amateurs. This is an issue probably associated with many other PTP networks as well. Also from my short experiments with various ad sizes, I found that the earnings don’t really differ between bigger ad blocks (such as a 160×600 skyscraper) and small banners. So it is ideal to place a 468×60 banner somewhere near the footer area as even the location of ad does not play any role in the earnings! Another thing I did not like about CreditBurner is the fact
that they will actually cancel your account if you are idle (not displaying ads) for more than a week or so.

Overall Recommendation

CreditBurner can give you very good returns if your site has a decent number of daily visitors. It is not a complete replacement for your CPM ads but rather complement them. There are premium CPM ad networks that pay higher but again many of them don’t even approve sites with medium traffic. Another plus point is the weekly payments!

If the above review sounds good, you may sign up with CreditBurner and start earning!


  1. I earn from some ptp sites. I got payments by doing very little work. I joined 1st ptp programs which are other than creditburner. Then i joined a TE that gave me 1 million hits for signup. I added my site on the TE, I also put some opoonderd to get reverse free visits. Now, I have complete fully automatic system. I call it The moneyhoney system. 🙂

  2. it seem that creditburner has been running by other company now.

  3. It is still worth sticking on to them as they have one of the best CPM rates. Even, I am suffering from the same issue but hope to get the payment coming

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