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Take The Globe (Sep 2013: link removed as they have discontinued the business) is a relatively new advertisement initiative. It is not an ad network but more like a Get-Paid-To view ads program. I have known the person behind this effort via the DP forums when I wanted to purchase some initial traffic to this blog (In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ad link is still displayed there)

How does it work?
TTG is for both advertisers and ad-viewers. Advertisers with TTG are usually those who purchase traffic to their websites – not necessarily quality traffic which give them referral sign up, ad clicks etc – but more like human hits with the intention of improving alexa ranking, CPM ad impressions etc. TTG makes sure that their ads are displayed at least for 20 seconds without which the viewers don’t get paid. Basically they work with a different segment of advertisers.

Normal members (Ad viewers) are those who click and view the ads and get paid for the same. The payment per click is as follows:

Payment per click: $0.005
Clicks by your referrals: $0.0025

There is also something called a premium membership for which you have to pay an amount for signing up. Though premium members get paid double as much as what the normal ones make, I did not find it compelling enough. For practical money making purpose, normal membership will do. The number of ads you can click per day is not restricted though I got to see only around 50 ad links or so during my first few logins.


The minimum payout is $10 and all payments are done via AlertPay (a payment service like PayPal) only. If you don’t have an AlertPay membership, you may sign up with them using this link or the banner below. An AlertPay account is handy for future use as well.

How to sign up with TTG?
Sign up is a very easy process where you need to just furnish your name, email address, alert pay email and the id of person you referred you. As soon as you sign up, you can start making money by clicking ad links and referring your friends. TTG make sure that each and every sign up is done via an existing member only and hence you have to provide this information while signing up. You may use my TTG id – edassery – to sign up or alternatively click here (link removed as the business is discontinued).

You can read a number of testimonials with proof of payments at their website. Looks like making a couple of dollars per week during your free time or as a background activity may not be an issue where as with a few referrals your earnings actually multiply (I am not talking about 100s of dollars)

Happy ad clicking and let me know if you actually made some pocket money out of it…


  1. Thanks for sharing. Will check it out. Even the my blog is worth badge is cool. Will have to check that out too.

    • It’s not really for experienced bloggers 🙂 For those who don’t have a blog or website, but wants to make some small amount of money without much effort, this may be of some help



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