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On June 26, 2012
Last modified:December 10, 2012


A useful plugin to beautify your WordPress blog feed thereby increasing click-back to blog and conversions

BMBVB is not exactly the abbreviation of any new Bollywood movie name as it might sound. It’s the short form of the new plugin called ‘Bring My Blog Visitors Back’ from the MaxBlogPress stable.

I have been a huge fan of some of those plugins by MBP – especially the Ninja Affiliate Plugin that drives some good affiliate sales for me on my blogs. Ninja by far has to be the best paid product that they have ever produced while I tend to like some of the free plugins such as the MBP stripe ads. After the Ninja plugin, they had the so-called Subscribers Magnet which I used only for reviews (as I do not build a list) and I thought it was a decent plugin for list builders as well. But does the new long named sibling BMBVB as good as the previous kids? I doubt that – especially for its proposed price tag.

What’s MBP BMBVB all about?

Well, as you already know most of the MaxBlogPress plugins are all about increasing traffic, building the prospects base (list) and monetizing the blog. The new plugin is pretty much around the same theme which claims to increase blog traffic dramatically via the RSS route (What is RSS?)

As you know there have been several attempts to monetize RSS feeds by means such as feed ads, RSS footer plugins (that can embed affiliate links) etc. However, this particular plugin is talking about beautifying the RSS feed in such a way that the RSS subscribers of your blog will be tempted to click on those links provided there to land back on your blog.

Well, in theory this sounds good. However, can you expect that much of traffic back to the blog via these enhancements? I doubt, because RSS by design and definition is meant for passive reading. As an example, I have around 600 RSS subscribers via Feedburner and may be a few hundred more via other readers. When I check my Feedburner statistics, hardly a dozen people take some action on a daily basis from the RSS. This may be due to the fact that I do not update this blog daily. If that was the case probably the action rate would have been something like 10% or more. In order to help them take more action, what ‘MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin’ does is to include the following in your feed (You can check it in action on my blog feed)

  • New header and footer for the post feeds (I have not enabled header yet)
  • The most recent comment included under each post (‘Click here to comment’ prompt if none exists)
  • 5 Related Posts under each post – I found this feature very good
  • Social icons – Already existing feature with Feedflare etc

maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back

With the above set of features, I am still wondering if there may be any significant traffic to the blog as compared to what it’s today. Definitely, there may be a few clicks coming our way but can it make that big a difference? I doubt.

However, it may be true that for those blogs that are updated at least once a day, there may be some increased traffic. But before making a purchase decision of this $97 plugin ($67 on pre-launch), you have to analyze your current traffic and current RSS subscription count to see if it can help at all.

The plugin also attempts to save you from scrapers though I am yet to figure out how.

Overall, I must say that I am a little bit disappointed with the features behind the fancy name. I was expecting a lot more from this successful WordPress plugin development house.

Some improvement areas

The following is my genuine concerns about this new plugin.

1) Since some of my posts already have manually embedded ‘Related Posts’, including them as part of the new plugin feature would make the feed look a bit funny. Also,

2) Social icons provided are just 4 – Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumble. So far, there is no option to customize for anything new or even style the existing ones.

3) Since, there are a lot of related posts added (which is good for genuine content syndication), any scraped site would also contain as many links to my site which results in even more spam.

4) I believe that the plugin works best in the full text mode and not excerpt mode as excerpts wouldn’t make any of the add on content (e.g. Related posts) complete. Also, if you are syndicating only excerpts, anyhow the readers have to click back.

Despite all the above concerns, (on top of related posts feature) I liked the fact that, now I can remove any RSS footer plugin, Feedburner feedflare etc and expect the feed to work well on almost all feed readers. And on top of AdSense ads for feed, I could add some relevant affiliate links either on header or footer of each post feed. That’s pretty much my thoughts.

Overall, I am a bit disappointed with the new baby from MBP. Of course, if it was a free plugin or even a $20 plugin, I would take it any day. At the moment, at $67 (on pre-launch) price tag, I think it’s a bit overrated. That is, assuming that they haven’t planned any major feature that is yet to come. Or may be they plan to come up with a single license version priced at $20 or so?

You may Check out the MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back plugin site for more details.

(Launching on July 12th)

A useful plugin to beautify your WordPress blog feed thereby increasing click-back to blog and conversions


  1. Did you see any difference in traffic by using this plugin? I just saw that the product is live for purchase and costs 67 bucks. Was wondering if it’s worth it after reading your review.

    • Geoff,
      I didn’t see the usefulness of this plugin yet – may be because the number of RSS subscribers are hardly 600 in my case – if it was 60000, perhaps things would have been different. Still, the pricing is very high I think.

      And about the comment of Mike Hall. I just took a look at the plugin mentioned below. looks like Mike Hall (or the person hiding under that name) seems to have stolen ideas from MaxBlogPress and started his own company – because his plugin was launched shortly after MBP announced theirs. And similar to MBP Subscribers Magnet, he has got Immediate List Building Pro which’s again launched soon after MBP’s announcement of their product. Very bad content and idea stealing I would say. Btw, I am yet to confirm who stole whose idea 🙂

      (Not that MBP’s idea on this plugin was great, but I really liked their Ninja plugin and Subscribers Magnet to some extent)

  2. Hi Geoff ,

    I have use this product month ago when it was first available on the market. But i found plugin NOT able to do good stuff.

    On replace i found free plugin ‘Readers From RSS 2 Blog’ and was surprise to see this plugin doing all stuff for FREE which i have paid for and the PRO version offering me more then i can possibly imagine.

    So for me ‘Bring My Blog’ is not for a bloggers, I SUGGEST all bloggers to use ‘Readers From RSS 2 Blog’ which is FREE and does all stuff you are paying for.


    • Mike, I just checked out your ‘free’ recommendation. Actually it’s not free, the free one is limited in features – if you want to have the full set of features for unlimited sites you’ll have to pay $97 – that’s even $30 more than the MaxBlogPress plugin right now.

      Ajith, I agree that the ‘MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors’ price is a bit steep. I’m still going to buy it, because I like the features. I must say, though, their sales video is a joke. A real turn off that almost made me skip the purchase. The plugin features are good, but the way they sell it is full of flawed logic, unproven assumptions, and ridiculous promises how the plugin is going to benefit. Hard to believe anybody would buy based on this annoying video.

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