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On June 6, 2010
Last modified:June 24, 2013


This has to be the Best $97 that I have ever invested in a WordPress plugin. Works like a charm to convert the keywords in blog posts into affiliate links. I can vouch for this baby from MaxBlogPress for I have personally benefited from it.

Update on 1-Apr-2013: Although the $30 discount offer is expired from MaxBlogPress, we will still send you a rebate of $20 now for the $97 Multi-license version. After the purchase, just contact us with your order details and PayPal email ID for claiming your rebate. Please note that our offer is available only when no other discount offers are available from MaxBlogPress (i.e. Our rebates are only for those who purchase the product at the original price of $97 for unlimited sites usage. The single blog licenses are still available at $37 without any rebate).

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75% of my blog income comes via affiliate sales and this may be the case with majority of the established blogs – Make money online blogs or otherwise – unless someone is a devoted and single-minded AdSense fan.

When it comes to making money out of the content of a blog, the first name that comes to my mind is the Ninja affiliate plugin from MaxBlogPress that converts your blog post keywords into affiliate income with absolutely zero effort. Today’s post is a short review of this awesome affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress blogs and an unbeatable $30 discount offer on the ninja affiliate plugin (for the next five days for DollarShower fans and with 60 days money back guarantee!. See the offer link below!)

maxblogpress ninja affiliate plugin

What is Ninja Affiliate Plugin all about?

The ninja affiliate WordPress plugin comes from the house of MaxBlogPress that has produced some exceptional plugins such as the famous stripe ads. What the Ninja affiliate plugin does is to convert some of the keywords or key-phrases in your blog posts into affiliate links there by giving you non-intrusive opportunities to generate greater blog income (You can notice the plugin in action on this blog post itself)

The following are some of the salient features of this plugin (Watch the video here for more details):

  • Keywords can be easily added and managed along with affiliate links
  • You can group keywords (e.g. have a ‘hosting’ group and add ‘shared hosting’, ‘dedicated hosting’ etc under that group)
  • You can decide on the number of affiliate links per blog post
  • Control how many times per post, a particular keyword needs to be shown as affiliate links
  • Link cloaking and custom status bar text – Don’t scare your readers with those complicated affiliate URLs
  • An option to insert available links directly into your blog posts while editing new posts
  • Possibility to exclude certain blog categories and pages from showing affiliate links
  • Apply styles to your affiliate links the way you want them
  • Simple to understand click reports that shows the number of unique clicks, raw clicks per keyword

Affiliate link cloaker-editor

And all the above features to make easy affiliate income with a one click install plugin is available for just $97. But wait, for the next five days we are offering you a 30% discount on the Ninja affiliate plugin. In other words you can get this amazing affiliate marketing plugin for just $67 for limited time. You may click the link below to avail this offer, currently available only through us.

Yes, I want the Ninja Affiliate Plugin for just $67 Now!

Why pay for an affiliate plugin?

Because good things don’t come free! Of course, there may be free link cloakers and keyword farming plugins available out there but none of them gives so much control over how your keywords (and how many) need to be converted into affiliate links with their performance reports. And more over the $67 you spend could be as well recovered in your first affiliate sale itself.

(The single blog usage license cost only $37)

Happy Money Making!

This has to be the Best $97 that I have ever invested in a WordPress plugin. Works like a charm to convert the keywords in blog posts into affiliate links. I can vouch for this baby from MaxBlogPress for I have personally benefited from it.


  1. It looks like a good deal but I reckon I will have to wait until my traffic increases before considering it.

    One question, as I do the occasional paid post and they require that you don’t include any links other than their own, can you turn it off for selected posts?

    • @Sire, yep…more traffic, more money for sure 🙂

      It’s possible to avoid linking from pages and selected post categories. So the key is to post your paid reviews under a particular category and exclude them from ninja affiliate settings.

  2. Thanks Ajith, that makes a whole lot of sense. I’ve seen this advertised before but I like the way you’ve tackled it in this post so I’m going to give it a Tweet.

  3. I have used Ninja affiliate plugin for other blogs and it converts very well.

    Happy to see that your revenue is 75% from affiliate sales 🙂

    • @Tinh, thank you for the endorsement.. So far, I have liked the plugin. I think one needs to put only 3-4 keywords linked per page so that it doesn’t look very odd. If we take care of that, it should really convert I belive.

      • I have just concerned about loading time when Ninja created a lot of links and I will limit to max 3 tags or even 1 only. Thanks

        • @Tinh, yeah – 2-3 links per post may be ideal. By the way, I doubt if number of links affect performance. When I looked into the WP database, the Ninja plugin actually make a copy of the post and render that copy directly.

  4. It look like a combination of SEO Smart Link and Gocodec. Will try to check it out soon but first I want to build a bigger community around my blog.

  5. nice this post

    • Before this installing this plugin into my blog I have been using a free plugin which works same but never gives you a guarantee that it will work long lasting. And that was something makes it dull, I immediately have removed it from my blog the time I saw it wasn’t working well.

      Few days back I installed Ninja in my blog and it provides everything that it has promised me will give at the time of purchasing. I’m just enjoying the plugin now. Will write a review on it very soon in my blog. Now, let others get the benefit of this plugin by entering into the giveaway running in my blog.

  6. I am very happy see Adsense again on your Blog Ajith :).

  7. Hi Ajith,

    Indeed happy to see AdSense back on your blog.

    BTW how helpful or even necessary is this plugin? Apart from the automating part I believe a freebie like Pretty Link will also do the same. Pretty Link has a pro version too at 97USD for unlimited sites and 37USD for a single site.

    I’ve never bothered about cloaking, but when really necessary then I’ve just used Pretty Link.

    • @Rajiv,
      Ninja affiliate plugin is supposed to be one of the best in this category. I cannot distinguish yet between the number of sales it generates v/s other links on my blog but I see a lot of click throughs.

      Btw, I do not do cloaking as well. I just use a redirect URL from my blog itself. However, cloaking is supposed to arrest referral link theft.

      • If you are not doing cloaking and just using it for beautifying the link or even for tracking CTR then Pretty Link is a good option for those who cannot pay for the Ninja.

        I do use the MBP ping plugin and its certainly recommended, but the Ninja I have yet to try.

  8. i want to try a free plugin before i buy this any recommended

  9. Looks like a good plugin to try. I found some the best plugins you have to pay for. I mean 30$ isnt alot guys. Everybody complains but see this as an investment into your business, not just a random expendeture.

  10. I’ve been thinking about buying the Ninja Affiliate plug-in. But I see that the discount offer has expired.

    Any idea on when there will be another discount for this product? Soon as I see a working sale link, I’ll probably buy it.


    • @Dave,
      Sorry for that… They usually give discount coupons for only 5 days. You may look around for any other blogs having the offer now (or even set a Google alert)

      • Thanks for the quick reply Ajith.

        That’s a great idea about the Google alerts. I have a couple already set for news stories. But I hadn’t though about using it for shopping discounts.

        Your blog has been really helpful. I’ve added it to my bookmarks. Thanks again.

  11. Hi Ajith. Do you mind if I ask one more question about this plugin?

    How are the plugin updates handled? Is it a simple “one click” update like most standard WP plugins? Or do you have to visit the MaxBlogPress site and download the updated plugin and then upload it to your plugins folder?

    I’m asking because I’m thinking of using the plugin on numerous sites. And manual updates can be very time consuming.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Dave,
      Sorry but I do not have any experience in upgrading this plugin yet 🙁 But I took a closer look at the data saved by the plugin. In fact, it’s creating a copy of wordpress blog posts with the ninja links inserted. This along with the links/keyword definitions can be backed up and restored via the plugin admin page. Though the plugin might be providing safe automatic upgrade, I would use their backup feature first so that all my affiliate link definitions are safe.

  12. Ordered Ninja affiliate plugin on August 14th and received rebate on September 12th as promised. Thank you!

  13. Ajith makes good on his refund offers, so if you are going to purchase the Ninja Affiliate plugin then it only makes sense to save money by getting it here.

  14. Received my rebate, thanks Ajith! Bu the way, the software is great, I’m using it on 3 different blogs.

  15. hello, i have sent you an email, just wanted to know if tihs offer is still available. if it is please email me then i will buy this plugin


  16. I cant even get their site to load keeps saying database errors and the such


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