Migration of FeedBurner to Google account

feedburner-google-migrationA FeedBurner account and its proudly displayed feed count chicklet has been primary promotional requirements for any blog for a few years now. Since Google’s take over of Feedburner last year, they have been working on integrating the FeedBurner services completely into Google and it seems they are ready with it now.

What does this mean to you? You are left with three to four weeks before you move your FeedBurner services to one of your Google accounts. Google plans to complete the migration process by the end of February 2009 and after that timeframe all FeedBurner accounts will expire. Fortunately the migration process involves only a few clicks and Google does the entire dirty job while you sleep. This post explains the steps involved in FeedBurner to Google migration, things to consider while migrating and some tips for advanced users who are using the awareness API.

How do I migrate my FeedBurner account to Google?

Very simple! Log on to your FeedBurner account, and click ‘Move my feeds to Google’ link on top of the screen. You will be asked which Google account you want to move it to. You just need to enter this Google Account ID and password (if you are already logged on, even better) and proceed to the next step and you are done!

Depending on the size of your content (number of posts), it may take from a few seconds to several hours. In my case it took hardly 5 minutes.

Things to remember while moving your feed account to Google

  • If you intend to use AdSense for feeds, please make sure that you move your feeds to the same Google account that is used for AdSense publisher account. If not, you cannot put feed ads and I am telling from the first hand experience!
  • If you are already using Google AdSense feed, it means that your feeds were moved (manually) to a Google account sometime last year. In this case you don’t need to do anything now!
  • Once moved to Google, your blog feed may be changed from feeds.feedburner.com/myfeed to feeds2.feedburner.com/myfeed. You may need to change your Subscribe to RSS image links and URLs to reflect this
  • Also, it is advisible to change your FeedSmith Plugin settings to reflect the above URL, though Google may take care of it automatically even post Feb 2009
  • If you don’t migrate before the end of Feb 2009, your feed subscription hits may throw Page Not Found! errors and hence will have the risk of loosing your RSS subscribers. Also it may have impact on other plugins like CommentLuv (just an example) depending on their internal logic of obtaining post feeds
  • Once the migration is completed you can access your feed account features (analyze, optimize, publicize, monetize etc) via http://feedburner.google.com/

Post migration, the following URLs will point to your feed though only time will tell which URL will be permanently provided by Google.


Awareness API usage for Advanced Users

A lot of people have been using the Feedburner Awareness API to build feed analysis tools or to show custom feed count. The awareness API has not been working very well during the past few months for feeds that were already migrated to Google Proxy (like the second URL above). Fortunately, Google has fixed this issue recently and all that you need to do is to change the Awareness API service access URL and no other change in your existing code!

I had helped Daniel with a scorecard logic for his last episode of the Blogging Idol competition and internally the scorecard had a piece of code something similar to the sample below (Sample code here). To make it work with the new Awareness API, I just had to change a single line of code. You may also use this piece of code to display your own FeedCount probably with different styles.

get google FeedBurner feed count programmatically via php

Thanks to Google who made this entire migration automated and peaceful. Google promises that many problems that FeedBurner had (like drastic drop in feed count once in a while) will go away with this migration. Google has also started working on some good feed analytics features as well. Feedcount chicklet still has some short term issues but it is a matter of a couple of weeks before Google fixes that (or you could use the code snippet above to get the actual count)


  1. I migrated my feed from Feedburner to Google Account in Dec’08. I receive FeedMedi alerts sometimes indicating some problem with the feeds. I receive a next email stating everything is allrite! Not sure why this is happening?

    Ultimately, my feed is working and shows adds.

    Read 2 Know’s last blog post… Microsoft issues Emergency Fix for Browser Flaw

  2. But I don’t know why my feed count is showing very less. Is there any problem?

  3. Very good. I just migrated my feed last week. And I was immediately nervous that I had lost my subscribers when my Feed Count plummeted. But it recovered in a couple of days.

    One thing that you should also remember to do is to update your email subscription form with new code.

    Shirley’s last blog post… Your FeedBurner Subscriber Count Is Not Accurate

  4. @Harish,

    Thats common problem with feedburner.You don’t need to worry about that..it will automatically set right with in couple of days or so..


    I need to take that move yar… But people complaining about loss of count in migration..

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  5. I hate it! Feedburner is so ugly! The subscribers are flactuating…

    qarla’s last blog post… Dingdong Dantes will be featured on AXN Channel

  6. Hey there. I am so far behind the times. I just blog. I sat up a Feedburner account when I began. Do I need to change anything? Ugh….help?

    Cricket’s last blog post… The light burning

  7. Hi Ajith,
    really useful post. But how about a post about how to increase rss subscribers? My conversion from traffic to feed seems to be too low.

    binaryday’s last blog post… Why do you Blog?

  8. oops…I “set” up not “sat” up. One of those days.

  9. The move really was quite simple. I had to change the url for my feed and email subscriptions in the sidebar and also updated the Feedsmith url. The subscriber count dropped dramatically for a couple of days and then went back to what it was before the move. (not up, unfortunately). I’m curious to see if the service really does become more reliable.

    Kim Woodbridge’s last blog post… How to Style a Sticky Post in WordPress 2.7

  10. @Read2Know, if the feed and ads are working, everything is fine. As for the feed count, there still seems to be a replication problem. Probably it’ll be fixed soon.

    @Shirley, yep, thanks for reminding to update the subscribe via email script as well 🙂 Other places to correct are your feed aggregation/feed directory accounts, social media, forum signatures etc.

    @Lax, don’t worry too much about the displayed count. That part will be fixed soon.

    @qarla, Google promises to fix the issues related to FeedBurner soon with this migration completed.

    @Tammy, you nust need to log on to your FeedBurner account and initiate the migration as mentioned in the first part of the post.

    @BinaryDay, I think almost every blogger has written about that topic 😀 Do you still want me to write?

    @Kim, Yep it’s a very simple automated process. I hope too that Google may provide more reliable statistics on feed…

  11. Ajith,
    I will google it again. The last time I googled, I ended up completely confused. Looks like I missed out on something 🙂

    Binaryday’s last blog post… Why do you Blog?

  12. oh! i thought it’s only happening to me..

    qarla’s last blog post… Rayver is "kinikilig" on Sarah Geronimo!

  13. Mines seems to have gone through rather painlessly, time will tell I suppose.

  14. That’s good that the migration went well for all of you. I am however stuck with a problem for this migration. When I click on the move account link I get this message:

    The following feed URIs are already in use: IslandCrisis-DarkPassionOfKurtAvish.

    The only option I have is a link to return to feedburner dashboard. Anyone can help with a solution to this problem please?


    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Dance of the Dragon at KFC Vacoas

  15. My migration was flawless, and I am using that API to display the feed subscriber number :0 thanks!!

    Raju’s last blog post… “This Site May Harm Your Computer” – Google Bug?

  16. Blog for Bloggers :

    I actually was prompted to migrate my feeds today, I pressed the continue to my account button cause I just didn’t feel like migrating but I guess im gonna have to now 😛

  17. @BinaryDay, good luck with that 🙂

    @qarla, Nope we are all in the same boat…

    @Dennis, yep for me as well it was not as bad as a C-section… Just normal 🙂

    @Kurt, I guess you had tried a manual migration via a request to feedburner sometime back during the beta program of AdSense for Feeds? I see that your target URL (click here to check) already shows a frozen feed from October last year. Obviously they did not do a clean job in the manual migration process. I guess you need to contact Google on this.

    @Raju, congratulations on that…and be careful with the feed count API access. If you have thousands of visits per day, they could ban your IP. Instead, use a programming logic to cache that number and do a single update at a particular time of the day!

    @Ardit, you want to be with FeedBurner for one last night or what? hahha…

  18. @Ajith: Thanks for the details. Yep I tried a migration request some time ago when I learned about the adsense for feed but nothing worked out. Any specific address or page for which I can contact google for this specific one please? I am always lost when I have to contact them as there are TOOOO much pages and TOOO much different contact pages lol.

    Kurt Avish’s last blog post… Joyshan on Blogshot with Kurt!!

  19. @Kurt, try out the FeedBurner help center (http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/) The forum users there are helpful 🙂 If you search around, you might get a support email address there though I am not hopeful of getting faster response from email support request.

    Try forums and groups on that page.

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