Moving to Chitika Premium after AdSense ban

Yesterday, my Google AdSense account got disabled for no apparent fault of mine! After having my AdSense account for more than two years, it was really shocking to see this kind of action from Google. When I dug into the click pattern, I observed that somebody had click-bombed one of my other blogs where AdSense was present. At one point this blog had 25 clicks from the same number of impressions.

While awaiting the result of my appeal to the Google AdSence support team, I decided to move to Chitika Premium ads. I had used Chitika eMinimalls a couple of years ago but this one seems to be a more attractive proposition and an AdSense alternative as it focuses only on search traffic.

AdSense vs Chitika Premium

The Chitika Premium ads are nothing but their eMinimall Pay-Per-Click ads with the only difference that they are shown only to the search visitors from US and Canada. And Chitika claims that they pay a premium for this kind of relevant search traffic. I am yet to see any good results but I trust them because in the test mode with various keyword combinations, it showed some appealing ads like the one given below.

chitika premium ad

The Chitika ads have always been text plus graphics packaged inside a rectangular border. However, in the past, they somehow lacked the context relevancy as compared to what AdSense rendered. The Premium version seems to solve this issue to some extent. However, while Google Ads can fit anywhere, by the nature of Chitika Premium ads, I believe that they need to be placed on top of the page for better Click Through Rate (CTR).

The overall look of the ad is still pretty much the same as it was two years ago. Also, in many cases the rendering of the borders is not proper giving the page that carries the ad an incomplete look. Despite this, I believe that, if placed properly, they can be very effective as they all start with a very intuitive question to the search visitors.

The ads can be customized for any color and most commonly used fonts. The border, however, cannot be taken out. There are also a wide range of sizes that fit most of the blog themes.

The main advantage of Google AdSense is that it converts for all kinds of traffic (search, social media, direct…) from around the world. Chitika Premium, by definition, restricts to the search traffic and that too from North America alone. This will definitely result in reduced number of clicks but hopefully they get better Earnings Per Click (EPC)

PPC experiment continues…

As my PPC income has always been very low, it did not really hurt me much when I was slapped the AdSense ban. After all, I did not have too many AdSense blocks on my blogs. However, the ban has kind of forced me to experiment other PPC networks like Chitika Premium though I believe that Google AdSense is still the best.

Have you ever tried Chitika Premium? If so, what has been your experience?

Happy Money Making!


  1. Chitika was once a good ads program but now they are not. May be Chitika Gold premium account holders get high CPC but for silver account it does not.

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