MVAV Media – CPM Paid-To-Promote Network for small blogs

There are not many CPM networks that are willing to approve publisher accounts of blogs or websites that does not have significant amount of traffic. In most cases, the Pay-Per-Impression programs would approve only those sites that meet 1000 unique visitors/2500 page impressions per day as minimum traffic requirement. Also, for many premium CPM networks, traffic alone is not the criteria but the site or blog should have unique content as per their norms.

With the CPM networks showing their back to small blogs, these bloggers are forced to revert to Paid-To-Promote (PTP) networks that promise decent eCPM rates. One such product is the CreditBurner PTP network that I had reviewed sometime back. Yet another similar product is MVAV Media’s CPM program.

While CreditBurner offers a number of advertisement options including CPC ads, full page ads, banners etc, MVAV is a relatively simpler network that currently supports only the traditional banner size of 468×60. It is claimed that their CPM rates reach as high as $6 depending on from where the traffic is originated. According to MVAV Media, traffic from US/UK/Canada/Australia gets paid really well.

How does the MVAV PTP program work?

  • Anybody with a blog/site can sign up with their program. There are no major site requirements in terms of content or traffic
  • Once you sign up and if you have not heard from them for 24 hours, you need to send a mail to in order to activate your account
  • Once approve, you can add the small piece of script to your site and immediately start earning by displaying their PTP banner
  • There is no minimum earnings requirement before you can request for a payout. They pay a couple of times per month and all payments are made via PayPal (You can even request for a $0.10 payout!)
  • They have an excellent multi-tier referral program. All referral traffic will earn you 10% commission up to five levels

If the above description sounds interesting, you may sign up with MVAV now! You may also compare MVAV with other similar products by using this link.


  1. My 2 cents… 😆 literally…

    I wanted to check out how low it can go when it comes to a payout request… Here’s my latest MVAV payment proof.

    MVAV payment proof

  2. Was thinking of changing my adsense suppported blog to cpm but I certainly don’t like the look of that two cents. In the two and a bit months that I’ve been running it I’ve aggressively marketed my blog to about 150 visitors a day and currently have a grand total of 14.77 pounds to show thanks to adsense. A small start but not two cents!

  3. @ Duwain, adsense has no competitor so far, but Paid to Promote is not a bad network to generate some revenue till you get accepted by adsense or by some top cpm network.

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