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Though I don’t want to focus too much on specialty jobs here, I am writing this post to logically complete what I discussed in a very old post on this site. Also, check out a more recent post on legitimate data entry websites.

Online money making is for everyone! But there are a number of jobs that you can find online but can be executed in either online or offline mode – Data entry jobs are one of those categories. In fact, the amount of money one can make through legitimate data entry jobs is as good or even better than many of the permanent data entry jobs.

What does it take?

All that you need to have to find a data entry job is to have an Internet connected PC and a valid email address. In some cases the employers might want you to fill in your other contact details such as phone numbers or permanent mailing address which makes sense. You should be good at typing to make more money and you don’t need to be a pro in Internet or online technologies.

How does it work?

Once you sign up with these sites, you will be assigned the jobs – sometimes downloaded online, some times via CDs posted to your address or if you have a good Internet connectivity you can work directly online as well. Once you complete the job and validated you get paid instantly. In most cases the payment is per page of entry done – it can be $5 or $10 per page. It is not a difficult task to make $50 or even hundred per day, if you want to make it your main job.

Where to get Online Data Entry contracts?

If you search in Google for ‘online data entry jobs‘ you will find a number of them. Though I haven’t personally validated them, I found the following links exciting enough.

Net jobs for all
Get a Freelancer
365jobs4u (Updated 14 Jan 09: Scroll down to see comments on 365jobs4u!)

They also have a number of content creation – technical writing etc – jobs listed there on the above mentioned sites. In addition, there are several forum threads such as the Digital Point Content Creation and Services threads that provides a lot of freelance opportunities for data entry

Tips To Remember

  • Never settle for peanuts – You deserve to get paid at least $5 per page and there are a number of offers out there that hardly pays 50 cents per page
  • Try completing in small portions initially and get paid. Don’t wait to deliver in bulk – many of them try to find silly reasons to reject. Do it this way every single time even if you get used to a particular service or employer
  • Ask for recommendations from your previous data entry assignments and use that to get more contracts

Good luck with your work from home options and let us know if you find some great employers online in which case we can write more about this topic here 🙂


  1. Wud like to try my luck on “Work from home” options as well 🙂

  2. Hi Deepa,
    You can make a lot of money from bulk data entry jobs but needs to spend time. Taking part in online surveys is the easiest (less time consuming) way of making money 🙂

    Will talk to u you on this.


    • pawan kumar :

      hi there

      ms. this is pawan kumar from india .i m in very very big trouble please help me…please do not be scared i m not asking money for you,,,,i m just asking you that i want a data entry job or any work which i can do from my home because mam i have sufferred a very very huge loss in indian share market and for this i decided to work hard and hard and i will do day night one and make my loss in profit

      please please help me and tell me where i can find a work which i can do from my home..its may be data entry work or any other computer job

  3. Vidya,

    I found this interesting and new, would give it a try. Thanks for the links. Keep up the good writing.


  4. Hey Vidya,

    Most of these sites ask us to register by paying around $40 – $50. Are these reliable websites? Lemme know.


  5. hey praveen,
    The links provided were only with the intention of giving you some clue on how this stuff works. You should never sign up for an online program that asks you to pay something up front.


  6. Data entry work is a solid foundation for your future home based business. The best part of data entry jobs is that the job is easy and simple to do and you can put in as much time as you want and earn money just by sitting at home.

  7. jeevankumar.s :

    online dataentry work is a fastest growing business . iam very intresting to join your company. please give me more information about this job

  8. Most of the survey companies that make you pay money to join are a scam… this includes paid shopper programs.

  9. Arun | BE Folks :

    you have missed

    both are the best. and their fee is low compared to the other sites.

  10. Arun,
    Thanks for these references. I will be editing this post soon because it’s receiving quite some search hits. Will add these as well


  11. Tiffany Kellett :

    Hi. I have been searching for a home job for a long time. i saw that is on the list. Please do not use tis site. They charge you then they let you work for them for about a month and a half. Then they terminate your account, and they never pay you. I don’t have any experience with the other sites listed, but 365jobs4u is a scam!!!!

  12. Tiffany, thanks for your feedback… This post is evolving based on feedback from experienced people like you. I have already updated the post with reference to your comments…

  13. Hi,
    I just saw your page. I wanted to inform you all that there are lots of fraud website which you pay and join, you type(especially ads), and only few of them will be accepted and the remaining wont even be in the Pending part. So, Please don’t believe online paying sites…(there are lots in net today).

    And there is the mention of “Net Job for all” site….

    I can’t really make of, what this site is doing…I’m “one” of the first few members who have joined in that site…and till now there are no forms, not even referral links in the members area…All Balances are at their BEST..0!

    So, Please don’t waste your time in registering with this site as it is being CONSTRUCTED!

  14. How many pages should I submit at a time so it won’t get rejected.
    I ask because you say don’t submit in bulk

  15. i want to earn with data entry,,,,plz tell me the free and easiest way…………….i will b very thx full to u…….

  16. Ritesh Mahalwar :

    hi,my self ritesh.
    i am running the call center in bhopal….But presently only for outbound process….
    i am searching any kind of work for data entry…….plz

    call me:9893270275 as soon as posible…..

  17. nagendra prasad :

    i want to work offline data entry job so give me the information about this plz cal me 8519982642


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